TNA iMPACT Results – March 10th

We open the show with a recap of last week’s big event where we found out Hulk Hogan won the lawsuit and is now 100% owner of TNA, Kurt Angle ruined the Jarrett renewal ceremony, and Sting made his surprise(?) return to beat Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Title.



We’re still in Fayetteville, and it’s time for our show opening promo with new World Champion Sting, who is STILL carrying around that ridiculous belt. He says he’s felt like he’s accomplished a lot of things throughout his career, but he knows that he couldn’t have done it on his own. From the first time he stepped in the ring, the fans have supported him every step of the way, and he thanks them for that. He’s also thankful for Jeff Hardy, and he’s not on board with Hardy’s personal philosophy, but says that he’s one of the greatest that he’s ever faced in the ring, and one day when he gets his head screwed back on straight, he hopes he’ll give back to the fans for everything they’ve given him all these years.

Hulk Hogan’s music hits, and he and Eric Bischoff come out applauding Sting’s speech as we take another look back at last week. Hogan says it’s good to see Sting again, but it’s weird that after the history they’ve had, they had gone their separate ways the last few months. He always knew that they’d end up back in the ring together where it all started, and he’s got to give Sting credit because he saw this coming the entire time and he tried to warn everyone, but when nobody listened to him, all the momentum fell in Hogan’s lap. When that happened, Sting took his ball and went home, and now that he’s back he’s a day late and a dollar short, and the fans don’t need another hero because they’ve already got Hulk Hogan. Sting says he’s right that he quit and went home, but he didn’t quit on the people, he quit on the thought of having to deal with Hogan, Bischoff and Flair and having to deal with them making his life hell every day. The more he sat at home, the more a fire burned inside him, and it was the same fire he had the first time he wrestled Flair, the first time he dropped Bischoff on his head, the first time he stepped in the ring with Hogan, and the same fire that told him he wasn’t going anywhere. He’s got another job to do, and that’s to take back what never belonged to Hogan, and that’s this right here. (indicating the belt)

Ken Anderson’s music hits, and he steps into the ring to join the power luncheon. He says that he’s obviously not spoken clearly or loudly enough, so he says that he wants his rematch, with the key word being “MY” rematch. Since Hogan’s little bitch Jeff Hardy just happened to lose it to this guy (Sting), Sting becomes that guy for him. He doesn’t care what Hogan, Bischoff, Immortal, or the network wants because everyone here knows who he is, but he doesn’t think they’ve been formally introduced, so his name is MISTER ANDERSOOOOOOOOOOON…ANDERSON, and he is AN ASSHOLE. Sting smiles at Anderson, but now Jeff Hardy’s music hits and he strolls out because he’s got some thoughts he’d like to share as well. He’d first like to let Fayetteville know that they can kiss his charismatic ass, and in case we don’t know, he’s the Antichrist of professional wrestling and he was robbed because he had no chance to prepare for his opponent, and the line for a title shot starts behind him.

Okay, now Rob Van Dam’s music hits and he comes out to throw in his two cents. He can’t believe what he’s hearing because this all started when he got stripped of the title because the guy he trusted the most nearly got him killed. He’d have already gotten the title back if a certain special referee with an agenda and selective vision wasn’t involved. RVD doesn’t know where Sting’s been, but it takes balls to walk in after four months and declare that he’s calling the shots. Hogan says nobody calls the shots around here except him, and Bischoff says that after hearing all this and being the opportunist that he is, we know that Jeff Hardy faces Sting for the title and RVD will face Ken Anderson in a grudge match, but tonight we can have a little grudge match with Ken Anderson and Jeff Hardy teaming up to take on RVD and Sting.

Okay, we knew this was coming: we go backstage where the Beautiful People get into it with Angelina, Sarita, and Cookie. They talk until I zone out, and then Velvet tells Angelina that her girlfriend better be on the same page as them tonight or Velvet and Angelina are going to have problems.

Up next: Samoa Joe faces the Pope!

Samoa Joe vs The Pope

Pope comes out of the crowd and nails Okado, Joe goes out and chases him around ringside and into the ring, but Pope catches him coming in and tries to hit him with the chain, but Joe ducks and beats Pope down in the corner. Joe with a running elbow and leaping enziguiri in the corner and Pope goes down on his face. Joe with more jabs in the corner, but Pope reverses a whip into a back elbow and gets a kneeling uppercut. Joe pops back up and gets more jabs, an inverted atomic drop, and a running boot, followed by a senton. Joe whips Pope hard into the corner and catches him coming out with a snap powerslam for 2. Pope begs for mercy, but Joe smacks him in the face and goes for something, but Pope gets an STO for a very close 2. Pope pulls off the top turnbuckle and the referee does nothing, but Joe catches him with a uranage suplex. Finally the referee gets distracted putting the top turnbuckle back on and misses Pope punching Joe in the face with the chain, but turns around in time to see Pope cover Joe and count three.

Winner: Samoa Joe

Bully Ray is backstage and the Mystery Cameraman asks him where he’s going, and he says wherever he wants. Tommy Dreamer stuck his fat ass where it doesn’t belong and calls him the martyr of the wrestling business, but if Dreamer wants to get involved in his business, he’ll be out waiting for him in the parking lot.

Madison Rayne comes out with Tara and she says the reason the girls in TNA are called Knockouts is because that’s what happens every time one of the girls get in the ring with her. She’s getting bored with the competition in TNA, so once again she’s issuing a challenge to any girl on the planet to come out so she can make them famous. This week’s challenger is…

Knockouts Title Match: Madison Rayne vs Roxxi

Madison attacks Nikki as soon as she gets in the ring, ramming knees to her face and slamming her to the mat. Nikki boots her in the face on a backdrop attempt and runs her over with clotheslines and a back elbow, but misses a big boot and gets shishkebabed on the ropes. Madison with a charge but Nikki catches her and hits a spinebuster for 2. Madison with a chinbreaker but Nikki gets a schoolgirl rollup for 2 and goes for the Barbie Crusher, but Madison slips out and hits her twisty neckbreaker thing for the win.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Madison attacks Nikki after the match and then HARDCORE COUNTRY hits and Mickie James S-L-O-W-L-Y trots down the ramp, nails Tara, then gets in the ring and Madison heads for the high ground so she can exchange angry looks with Mickie.

Tommy Dreamer says that if Bully Ray wants to fight him in the parking lot, he’s going to go out there and kick his ass. He goes to the parking lot and tells Bully Ray to get his fat ass out there now.

Bully Ray is out in the parking lot calling him a coward and saying he knew he wouldn’t show, and yells for Dreamer to come out and play. He doesn’t show, but Devon comes out and attacks him, and Bully Ray tries to roll away but Devon yells at him for what he did to his kids and rams him into the side of a truck, then takes a parking cone and bashes him in the head with it. He calls Bully Ray a son of a bitch and puts the boots to him, then pounds on him with more rights. Ray tries to get away but Devon goes after him and rams him into the fence. Bully Ray pleads that it’s been enough, but Devon grabs a chain and starts whipping him with it as some guy in a suit watches on from the background. Bully Ray begs for mercy again and says they’re brothers and to think about it, and Devon says he’s thought about it and gives him one last shot with the chain, then goes and grabs a sledgehammer from the truck. Dreamer finally shows up and tells Devon that it’s enough as Bully Ray begs Dreamer to tell him to stop. Dreamer holds Devon back as Devon calls Bully Ray a bitch. Some security guys comes out and helps Bully Ray up, so Bully Ray suckerpunches him, calls him a piece of crap, and tells him not to ever put his hands on him, then takes the chain and whips him with it before picking up a section of guardrail and just SLAMMING it on top of the poor guy. That guy earned his money tonight.

Time for our next match…

Angelina Love, Velvet Sky & Winter vs Sarita, Cookie & Angelina

Angelina (from Jersey Shore) starts out with Velvet and Sarita grabs at Velvet from the outside, allowing Angelina to take her down and attack her, but Velvet gets the advantage and starts slamming her head into the mat. Everyone runs into the ring and eventually Robbie E comes in and grabs Velvet to let the girls go after her. Winter comes in and says no, let me nail her, then lays out Cookie and Sarita. Angelina sneaks up behind her, but Winter turns around and Angelina freezes, allowing Velvet to roll her up and get the win.

Winners: Velvet Sky, Angelina Love & Winter

Velvet sticks her ass out of the ring and slaps it at the evil Knockouts.

We take a look back at last week as Kurt Angle talks about how he used to like Bart Scott, but he disrespected him by getting in the ring. Ken Anderson mocks Bart Scott for what happened, and Angle said that if there is an NFL strike next year, that he’ll be waiting for Bart Scott in TNA.

We go to the locker room where Ken Anderson is with Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, and Eric Bischoff, and Anderson talks about how they must be ribbing him, and he knows Hogan hasn’t been around much, but he and Hardy aren’t exactly buddies and he might just take him out. Hardy gets offended by that, but Bischoff says that for as big of an asshole as he is, Anderson is outnumbered and RVD doesn’t like him much either so he should use his head and think about what he’ll do out there. Hogan tells Hardy that it’s the nature of the beast and it’s strictly business.

We go to a video package looking at the Flair-Fortune split and Fortune’s confrontation with Hogan last week, and then we’re off to the ring for our next match…

Three Way Streetfight: Ric Flair vs Matt Hardy vs AJ Styles

Before the match starts, Ric Flair tells AJ that he’s in Flair Country, but AJ says Flair’s in TNA, the house that AJ built. Flair says he prematurely lost his temper last night, then tells the crowd that he slept with all their mothers and fertilized Fayetteville, so AJ needs to get on his hands and knees and kiss his ass in front of everyone. AJ tells Flair to shut up and says he doesn’t have all night, but Hardy cuts him off and says he doesn’t know him, “kid”, but before he and Flair destroy him, he wants Kid to know that he doesn’t know what he’s been through in this business but he’s been through miserable times and he wouldn’t wish it on anyone, even him, but he does understand AJ because he was once like him. Hardy says he became a victim of all the negative aspects of the business, and he once had aspirations and goals until he realized it was never about what he wanted, it’s about what the system wanted, and AJ will learn that, but what happens tonight won’t be personal…kiddo. AJ says he understands that, but he doesn’t like him or his brother, then he goes after Hardy and puts the boots to him as we go to commercial.

We’re back and the streetfight is now officially underway. AJ tries to grab at Flair on the floor, but turns his back long enough for Hardy to hit a clothesline and Flair comes in to put the boots to AJ. Flair misses a bunch of elbowdrops and AJ tosses Hardy to the floor then tries a kick at Flair, Flair catches the boot but AJ hits an enzigiuri and gets Flair in the figure four. Hardy gets back in the ring and hits the yodeling legdrop and covers AJ for 2. Hardy mouts AJ and drills him in the face with right hands, then tosses AJ to the floor where Flair pokes him in the eyes. Flair tries to ram AJ into the barricade, but AJ blocks and rams Flair in and…you guessed it, FLAIR BLEEDS! AJ keeps jabbing him in the head but Hardy comes from behind and smashes a garbage can over AJ’s back several times, rams him into the guardrail, then rolls AJ into the ring. Hardy grabs a chair and a ladder from under the ring and brings them in the ring. Hardy rams the ladder into AJ’s chest and then sets the ladder up against the ropes and tries to whip AJ into the ladder, but AJ blocks and rams Hardy into the ladder. Flair comes in and lays AJ out with a chop and then works him over in the corner, but AJ fires back with some right hands and Flair does the Flop. Hardy ducks a clothesline and hits the Side Effect for 2 and goes for it again but AJ blocks so Hardy powers him down and tries an elbowdrop but misses. Flair goes after AJ with a chair but AJ kicks him, tears his shirt open, and lays in some chops before hitting the Pelle Kick on Hardy. Now AJ gets the chair and goes for the Styles Clash on the chair, but Flair uppercuts him in the groin and Hardy hits the Twist Of Hate on the chair and allows Flair to crawl over and pin AJ.

Winner: Ric Flair

We go backstage where Sting tells RVD that he got it wrong because Sting thought RVD was part of it since Hogan brought him in. He says he’s sorry, but RVD just says he’s sorry too and walks out.

Time for our next match…

Generation Me vs Ink Inc

Beer Money join us on commentary for the next match, and Jeremy starts with Shannon Moore. They do a fast paced sequence as James Storm tells us about how he and Shannon used to travel the road together about 12 or 13 years ago. Jeremy hits a facebuster on Moore and Max tags himself in and goes for a cover, but only gets 2 so he tags Jeremy back in to hit a springboard dropkick for 2. Jeremy with a leg lariat on Moore and Max tags himself in again to cover for another 2. Max puts the boots to Shannon and hits a dropkick for 2, then goes to a chinlock. Moore fights his way out but Max nails him again and covers for 2, Moore gets a small package out of nowhere for 2 and then fights his way out of GenMe’s clutches and dives for the tag but Max catches him, so Moore rolls into a sunset flip for 2 and tags Jesse Neal. Neal comes in and destroys Max Buck then launches him into orbit with a backdrop. Neal ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard crossbody out of the corner on Max for 2, then an atomic slam on Jeremy. Max gets a superkick and sets Neal up top, then tags his brother in and leapfrogs him into the air at Neal, but Neal spears him off the top rope and Moore nails Max, then they hit their fireman’s neckbreaker combo for the win.

Winners: Ink Inc

Max yells at Jeremy on their way to the back as Moore grabs the mic and tells Beer Money that the Book Of DILLIGAF says that there’s going to be new tag champs at Victory Road. James Storm says that they’re going to whip some ass at Victory Road because they’re sorry about Ink Inc’s damn luck.

Ken Anderson is taping up backstage and Jeff Hardy comes in and sits face to face with him. Hardy asks Anderson what’s going to happen out there tonight and if Anderson’s going to turn on him and give him the receipt he’s been waiting for. They’re talking about RVD and Sting, and if he were Anderson, he wouldn’t like the odds of being left alone against them. Anderson says those odds don’t sound great but he’s a little unorthodox in the sense that he’s illogical, and does Hardy know why? Because he’s AN ASSHOLE…asshole.

We go to Pope, who says he’s sick of Samoa Joe and his sidekick, and sooner or later, he’s going to end it once and for all.

We see a recap of last week’s festivities with the Jarrett wedding and Kurt Angle, and then we go backstage to the Jarretts as Jeff said everything was beautiful (even though Karen says Kurt still ruined everything), but Jeff says that after a wedding comes a honeymoon, and Karen gushes as he tells her that they’re going on their honeymoon in Orlando, Florida.

We see a video package about how Frankie Kazarian will be coming to Ultimate X and, after five times in the Ultimate X match, he’ll defend the X Division Title against Robbie E and both members of Generation Me at Victory Road in an Ultimate X match. We then go to Mike Tenay and Taz as they run down this Sunday’s card.

We go to a video package where Sting talked about how he had no desire to get into pro wrestling, but then he went to a show and saw how big it was going to get. He thought he wrestled his last match in 2001, but came to TNA and loved it there…until Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff came to town and ruined everything. He returned last week and won the TNA World Title and that leads us to a backstage interview where Jeremy Borash asks him how he feels about teaming with Rob Van Dam just one week after winning the title. Sting says one of the reasons he came back was because he loved stirring it up, and he apologized to RVD but we’ll see what happens when they get out there. He doesn’t remember how many times he’s been champion, but he’s going to defend the title and continue playing the game in TNA. Suddenly, Ken Anderson runs in and kicks Sting’s ass and says that the TNA World Title is his and he wants his rematch.

It’s main event time!

Ken Anderson & Jeff Hardy vs Sting & Rob Van Dam

Sting of course doesn’t come out since Anderson beat him up backstage, so Anderson rushes RVD and beats him down in the corner as Hardy casually steps out to the apron. RVD gets his boot up on an Anderson charge and nails a series of clotheslines and a springboard jumpkick for 2. RVD goes for a monkey flip but Anderson holds the ropes and RVD hits hard, so Anderson goes over and tags Hardy in by smacking him in the head. Hardy walks right into a spinkick from RVD followed by a twisting legdrop and a leg lariat. Hardy goes for the Twist Of Hate but RVD shoves him off into the corner and follows in with a spinkick and then hits Rolling Thunder for 2. Hardy goes to the eyes and tries to tag Anderson, but Anderson drops off the apron and RVD gets a bodyscissors rollup for 2. Hardy yanks RVD down by the hair and smacks Anderson in the chest, which constitutes a tag and Anderson goes to step into the ring, but RVD accidentally runs into him and Anderson nails him, then Hardy hits the Twist Of Hate and covers. Referee slowly counts 2, but Anderson comes in and stops the count and gives Hardy the Mic Check. The lights go out and when they come up, Sting is in the ring and he beats Anderson down and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, then signals for RVD to go up for the Five Star. RVD obliges and covers Anderson for the win.

Winners: Sting & Rob Van Dam

Sting and RVD celebrate in the ring to close the show.


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