TNA iMPACT Results – October 28th

We open tonight’s show with a montage of Jeff Hardy’s psychoanalytical promos and some of his recent attacks on Ken Anderson.



Before we head to the Impact Zone, we start out backstage where Mickie James and Tara are having a brawl backstage at catering where they couldn’t get more than two minutes into the show without mentioning their history in WWE. The cameraman gets knocked out so all we see is Tara getting knocked on her ass and then getting dragged out into the parking lot where, luckily, we have another cameraman. Mickie gets the upper hand on Tara when Madison Rayne comes out of nowhere and attacks Mickie from behind. Mickie fights valiantly, but can’t overcome the odds. Madison and Tara go for a double suplex on the concrete, but the Beautiful People come out of nowhere to make the save. BUT WAIT! Now Sarita comes running in and jumps in as well on Madison and Tara’s side. Hey, where are Taylor Wilde & Hamada? You know, the Knockouts Tag Team Champions? Angelina and Madison brawl out of the back as Velvet Sky works Sarita over with a broom and chokes her on the steps up to the broadcast booth. They head all the way up the steps and Velvet tries to suplex Sarita to the floor, but Sarita blocks by kicking Velvet low, and Velvet sells it like a guy. Tara and Mickie continue to duke it out backstage and make their way out into the crowd where Mickie tosses Tara into a wall and then over the guardrail, and follows her with a Thesz Press over the rail and to ringside. They head in the ring where Tara gets the upper hand and the other girls follow them into the ring and continue brawling, but now Ric Flair comes out with Overzealous Security, but as Flair comes in to try and calm this down, Mickie punches him in the face. Flair makes like he’s going to punch Mickie so Mickie nails him two more times. Flair grabs a mic and asks them all what the hell they’re doing, and tells Mickie that if she ever slaps him again he’s going to make a woman out of her, and asks her who she thinks she is, his ex-wife? Good line. The brawl breaks out again, so Security pulls them apart again. Flair says if they want to fight, then they’re going to fight: he makes the Beautiful People & Mickie James against Sarita, Tara, and Madison Rayne. He says no more right now, so they start fighting again.

Cue the new opening, and tonight we’ll see Jy Lethal take on Robbie E, and if Robbie wins, he gets a title shot at Lethal at the next PPV. Also, the Motor City Machine Guns defend the World Tag Team Title against Generation Me and Ink Inc in a three way match, and Jeff Jarrett takes on Ken Anderson in a Chain Match.

We head backstage to the Pope, and he’s…WALKING! And he’s got a casket with him. Is it a dead guy who wants to pick a fight with an MMA guy? Find out…after this!

We’re back, and we get a video package

Ric Flair is in Eric Bischoff’s office and thanks him for sending him out with six chicks who treat him like his ex-wife and Bischoff says he’s the man for the job. Flair asks where Hulk Hogan is tonight, and Bischoff says he’s off conducting Immortal business. Overzealous Security makes the mistake of laughing at Bischoff’s little crack, and Bischoff asks them what they thought was so funny and, more importantly, where they were last week when Kurt Angle tried to kill he and Flair. He says that if Angle gets that close again, they’ll both be looking for a job. At that moment, the head trainer comes in and asks if Eric’s really going to make Ken Anderson wrestle tonight with a concussion, and Bischoff says that he talked it over with Hogan and Flair, and the match is definitely happening. Flair asks the trainer where he was three weeks ago when he was getting sliced up in his match with Foley, and the trainer says there’s a difference because this is head trauma and the NFL is making a lot of moves to protect their athletes against injuries like this. He says that Dixie wanted to do more to protect her wrestlers against concussions, and Bischoff says that Dixie’s gone, and he doesn’t care about protecting anyone. The trainer says he doesn’t condone this and walks out.

We go to the ring with the Pope, who has his casket at ringside. He wants to speak to the Congregation, and they Amen back at him. He says there is a monster on the loose, and this monster is full of all kinds of evil spirits of demonic proportions, but Pope is okay with that because he trains to pimpslap that monster over and over again. Pope says that he thinks it’s time we do something about that, so it’s time to take Abyss and get that 6’7″, 350 pound monster, throw him in a casket, and send him back to Hell. Hey, speaking of Abyss, he’s in the crowd with a mic, and he tells Pope that he hates to interrupt this sacred vigil between him and the Congregation, but he comes with standing orders from Immortal: Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff have instructed him to extinguish the flame that is “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero. Make no mistake about it: when they meet, the only thing Pope’s going to need is a priest to administer his last rites, and as for all the pathetic and ignorant sheep that comprise the Congregation, they too are no longer safe. You never know when or where, but he is coming for all of them, one by one. He then grabs a couple of fans out of the crowd and drags them to the back and Pope, being the great guy he is, goes over the guardrail and chases after them.

Jeff Jarrett is backstage and says he had no idea how high up the stage was when he threw Samoa Joe off of it, he’s only been here since day one. But he’s got a way of making it up to him: he’ll see him in the ring at Turning Point. But as for tonight, he’ll see Ken Anderson in the ring and tells Anderson that he should bring some Aspirin.

We’re backstage with Ric Flair and Matt Morgan, and Morgan asks Bischoff if he really said Anderson would have to wrestle with a concussion tonight, and Flair said yes because this is pro wrestling. Matt Morgan says it’s more important than he’s giving it credit for and there are a lot of studies about concussions, and those studies weren’t around in Flair’s day. Flair said every day is his day, and whatever Hogan and Bischoff put down for Anderson tonight, Fortune is going to support it. Flair says to forget they had this conversation and walks off. Morgan doesn’t look convinced.

X Division Champion Jay Lethal vs Robbie E

Lethal runs into the ring and furiously goes right after Robbie and Robbie tries to bail to the floor, but Lethal hits a dive and wipes Robbie out. By the way, there’s all kinds of street signs and barricades and stuff at ringside, since I guess there’s a lot of that at the Jersey Shore, so Lethal suplexes Robbie onto a street sign on the floor. Robbie recovers and nails Lethal, then sets up a pair of street barricades in the aisle. He took too long though, and Lethal hits a wicked chop and then picks Robbie up and crotches him on one of the barricades. Lethal sits on top of Robbie and punches his face in, then rolls him back in the ring and eats a knee to the face when he tries to follow him in. Robbie with a back elbow and covers for 2, then rips his shirt off and grabs a kendo stick and stalks Lethal with it, but Lethal nails him, grabs the kendo stick, and cracks it over Robbie’s back. Lethal goes outside and grabs a trash can and puts it over Robbie’s head, then takes the kendo stick and cracks it into the can and Robbie goes down like a ton of bricks. The crowd chants “one more time” so Lethal picks Robbie back up and hits another kendo stick shot to the can. Lethal goes up top but Cookie grabs the ankle and sprays her hairspray into Lethal’s face, and Robbie quickly capitalizes and hits a neckbreaker for the win.

Winner: Robbie E

We go backstage to the Beautiful People, who are having their usual intelligent conversation as they discuss their upcoming match. Velvet leaves, and when Angelina looks back in the mirror, Winter is behind her again. Angelina says she’s really starting to creep her out, and Winter says there’s nothing creepy about it because it’s the Universe bringing them together, like fate. Winter asks her if she believes in fate, and Angelina says no she doesn’t, and Velvet Sky comes back into the dressing room and Angelina turns to point out Winter, but once again, she’s not there and Velvet thinks she’s crazy.

We go to a video package looking back at last week as Eric Bischoff sowed the seeds of paranoia in Rob Van Dam, causing RVD to suspect even his EV2.0 family of plotting against him. We go right into the ring with EV2.0 where Tommy Dreamer says that RVD hasn’t returned any of their calls, emails, or tweets, so he asks RVD to come out to the ring. RVD obliges, and Dreamer says that they’re going to end this now. They’ve known each other for 15 years, Sabu’s uncle the Sheik trained him, when Dreamer was going through his own personal hell, RVD told him to come to TNA and helped him get in the door. What happened last week with Sabu was an accident and he knows it. RVD says he doesn’t know who he can trust because Jeff Hardy had him opened up like a frog being dissected for science. Dreamer says this is what Bischoff wants and they’re a family, and instead of being divided, they need to come together, and what happened with Abyss was all Hardy’s fault, but Hardy’s always been weird and now he’s a scumbag. This is Bischoff we’re talking about, and he’s been trying to them for years, not just here but even going back to their old company. Raven starts smiling and RVD asks him what’s so funny, so Raven gets a mic and tells RVD that Bischoff is like him: a super genius. He’s got RVD exasperated, but they’re his friends so he should forget Bischoff. RVD says he knows Bischoff has a stooge and he’s looking at him, and he goes nose to nose with Raven. EV2.0 tries to pull them apart, and Ric Flair comes out with Fortune. Flair makes fun of EV2.0 for fighting each other, and presents Fortune as a well-oiled machine, not a bunch of dysfunctional punks like them. He says they need to focus on Turning Point where Fortune takes on EV2.0 for the last time, but RVD and Raven need to kiss and make up because they’re facing AJ Styles and Frankie Kazarian tonight. Flair tells them to tell their story walking because it’s AJ & Kazarian against RVD and Raven tonight. Williams looks unhappy for some reason, but before that gets resolved, we’re at commercial.

We come back and we’re backstage with Fortune, and Kazarian tells Douglas Williams that he’s a spoilsport who complains about everything. Williams says that with all due respect, he beat Kazarian for the X Division Title. Flair says that Fortune are the power in this company and they can’t allow these guys to drive a wedge between them. He takes Kazarian out of the match and puts Williams in, so it’ll be Williams and AJ against RVD and Raven. Flair asks James Storm why he’s drinking a beer and Flair isn’t, and we expect them to ice him, but they don’t.

Mickie James & Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne, Sarita & Tara

The Beautiful People and Mickie jump Madison’s team on their way to the ring, and a huge brawl breaks out, so AGAIN Overzealous Security comes out and pulls them apart. Earl Hebner wants two girls in and everyone else out, so we start with Angelina and Madison and Hebner rings the bell. Angelina lays Madison out with a series of clotheslines, so Madison tags in Tara, who immediately eats a chinbreaker. Angelina tags in Velvet and they hit a double Russian legsweep and Velvet covers for 2. Velvet gets a chop and a big flying headscissors for 2 and tags in Mickie, who goes up top and then thinks better of it and drops into the ring. Tara tags in Sarita, who shoves Mickie, so Mickie responds by stiffing her with a forearm and gets a flying headscissors. Mickie with a neckbreaker for 2, but Tara kicks Mickie in the face from the outside and Sarita rolls her up for 2. Madison tags in and chokes Mickie on the ropes, then does that move where she repeatedly humps her opponent’s head into the mat. Tara tags in and hangs Mickie over her back by the hair, but Mickie recovers and hits a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Angelina. Angelina with a series of clotheslines to Sarita and goes for a slam, but Tara nails her from the outside, so Angelina tags Mickie, who hits a Thesz Press off the top onto Sarita and nails Madison and Tara off the apron. They come running back in and nail her anyway and go for a double backdrop, but Mickie tosses Tara to the floor and nails Madison, and Velvet hit a DDT on Sarita for 2. A Pier Six brawl breaks out and Mickie hits a DDT on Madison, then turns around and Tara catches her with the Widow’s Peak. The Beautiful People come in and double kick Tara, but Sarita nails Angelina out of the ring and hits a Tiger Driver on Velvet Sky for the win.

Winners: Madison Rayne, Tara & Sarita

The Pope is backstage looking for his fans and he hears a damsel in distress screaming, and goes running off after the voice as we go to commercial.

Okay, we’re back from commercial and the Pope has finally found Abyss and the members of the Congregation, and this leads to a backstage brawl between Pope and Abyss as the Congregation members run off. Pope goes to whip Abyss into the wall but Abyss reverses and sends Pope into the wall, then he picks him up and chokeslams him into the wall and does it again. Abyss looks over and sees Pope’s casket that he had at ringside, and he opens it and slams Pope into it and then closes the lid and goes looking for Janice. He wonders aloud where his baby girl is, then finally finds her and uses her to bash a huge dent into the casket. He slams Janice into the casket over and over and then tips the casket over and screams victoriously.

We head back to the ring, where Generation Me say that they’re getting a shot at the World Tag Team Title, and it’s not about sitting around playing XBox 360, it’s about me, and it’s not about covering yourself with tattoos, it’s about me. It’s all about Generation Me. Ink Inc come out and Shannon Moore tells them that Matt and Jeff Hardy want their 1998 gear back. They say they represent everyone who gets piercings and tattoos and does what they do to be individuals. The Motor City Machine Guns make their entrance and we’re at commercial.

World Tag Team Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns vs Generation Me vs Ink Inc

Jeremy and Jesse Neal start and have a fast paces sequence that ends with Neal getting a neckbreaker for 2. Neal with a clothesline, but Jeremy gets a back elbow and Max snaps Jesse’s neck over the top rope and gets a quick cover for 2. GenMe with Poetry In Motion to Shelley to send him off the apron, then go back to double teaming Jesse. Gen Me with an assisted dropkick and then Max with a double stomp off the top to Jesse’s arm, followed by a slam and a fistdrop for 2. Max grabs Jesse by the head and talks smack to him before getting a SWEET standing dropkick to the face. Jeremy tags in and chokes Jesse in the corner with his boot, then Max comes back in and they go for the assisted dropkick again, but Neal catches Jeremy in midair and hits a spinebuster before making the hot tag to Shannon Moore, who comes in and cleans house on Max and hits a nice spinkick for 2. Gen Me try to double team Moore by popping him up in the air, but Moore with a double Frankensteiner sends both Bucks to the floor and then backdrops Neal over the top rope onto them. Now the Guns come in and hit a double dive onto the guys on the floor, but Moore comes in with a Lionsault on Max for 2. Now everybody’s in the ring and I just gave up trying to recap this. After a really fast paced series where everyone hit big moves on everyone, Jesse and Moore hit the Mooregasm on Chris Sabin, but Jeremy Buck pulls the referee out of the ring, so Moore dive onto him and leaves Jesse alone in the ring with the Guns, who hit the Skull & Crossbones for the win.

Winners: Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns get their belts, but then Team 3D’s music hits and they come out and applaud the Guns. They get in the ring and Bubba gets a micand says that TNA has the best tag team division in the entire world, leading the crowd to start a TNA chant, and then names Team 3D, Generation Me, Ink Inc, Beer Money, and the World Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns. Team 3D is officially retiring and says it’s not a popular decision, but it’s something they need to do so thanks for supporting them. They said that if they’re going out, they’re going out against the best, and as champions, the Guns are the best tag team in the world today. They’re just waiting on an answer from the Guns, so what’s it going to be. Alex Shelley gets the mic and says that they learned a lot from Team 3D and they’re legends as far as they’re concerned, but now they’re at the top of the ladder and they’re champions of the people, so he asks the crowd if they want to see Team 3D and the Motor City Machine Guns one more time. The crowd cheers of course, so it looks like the match is on.

We go backstage to Eric Bischoff, who I guess is talking to Hulk Hogan, and Matt Morgan comes in to have a word with Bischoff about the chain match tonight. Bischoff seems to think it’ll make for good ratings, and Morgan asks if he thinks putting a guy who’s been concussed out in the ring is a little irresponsible, and Bischoff says no, it’s just part of the game. Morgan says he gets it, but it’s not about the money or ratings, it’s about their well being. Take Hernandez for example: he put Hernandez on the shelf for three months with a concussion and it’s a bigger issue than Bischoff’s giving it credit for. Bischoff says it’s not a safetly issue and he doesn’t give a **** about Anderson’s safety. It’s all about business, and business is good when people do what they’re told when they’re told to do it. As for right now, Bischoff has some calls to make and has Overzealous Security escort Morgan out of his office.

After commercial, Matt Morgan is backstage with the trainer, who is concerned about Anderson’s safety. Morgan says relax, because he’s going to go talk to Anderson.

We go back out to Mike Tenay and Taz, who run down the Turning Point card and then send us to a segment with Jeff Hardy, where he says it’s become more and more apparent to Hardy that he’s been in control of his own destiny. He was always above it all and better than everybody else, and as he catered to the Creatures Of The Night, Eric and Hulk made it clear that their acceptance brought him nothing: not fame or money. He is the here and now and is the Antichrist of professional wrestling: he is Jeff Hardy.

Back to the ring for our next match…

AJ Styles & Douglas Williams vs Rob Van Dam & Raven

Raven comes out first and AJ and Williams jump him on the way in and stomp him out in the corner. RVD’s music hits and he slowly comes strolling out, seemingly in no hurry to help Raven out. He stops for his pyro and rolls into the ring, and is immediately attacked by Fortune. They whip RVD into the ropes, but he ducks over them and nails Williams as Raven and AJ tumble out of the ring. Williams slides back in and nails RVD, but RVD with a kick to the head and Rolling Thunder for 2. AJ nails RVD, allowing Williams to get a rear chinlock and then tag AJ, who hits a slam and the big leaping kneedrop for 2. Tag out to Williams, who gets a front chancery and Raven tries to get in the ring, but AJ runs over and dropkicks him back out to the floor. AJ tags back in and snapmares RVD and gets a chinlock of his own and RVD tries to get out, so AJ just yanks RVD down by the hair. RVD recovers and gets a dropkick to AJ, but Ric Flair comes running out from the back and pulls Raven off the apron and nails him with AJ’s belt. AJ tags out to Williams, but there’s nobody there for RVD to tag, so he lays out AJ and Williams with a couple of spinkicks and goes looking for Raven, but AJ drops RVD throat first on the top rope, and then Williams hits a big European uppercut and AJ with a springboard forearm and goes for the cover, but he’s not the legal man. Williams goes up to the top rope, but AJ tags himself in as Williams comes off the top with a kneedrop, and AJ follows with a top rope splash of his own and covers RVD for the win.

Winners: AJ Styles & Douglas Williams

AJ and Williams have a tense moment over AJ stealing the fall, and then they leave as RVD yells at Raven for not being there for the tag.

We come back to a video package hyping TNA’s upcoming appearance on Family Feud from November 1-5.

It’s main event time!

Chain Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Ken Anderson

Instead of Anderson, Matt Morgan comes out from the back when Anderson’s music hits. It’s after 11, so Impact ends now and Reaction starts. Morgan says he and JArrett are buddies, but nobody listened to anything he’s had to say. He said that Jarrett has been wrestling since he was 16, and has probably wrestled with his share of concussions, but in Jeff’s defense, we didn’t know then what we know now about concussions. He’s a card carrying member of the Sports Legacy Institute and talks about the work they do researching concussions. He says that there’s 50 year old pro athletes out there who have the brain power of an 85 year old Alzheimer’s patient, and when somebody’s had enough, they’ve had enough. Jarrett pauses to consider this, then asks Morgan if he thinks he gives a damn about Anderson’s concussion. He doesn’t care about anybody: Joe, Kurt, Anderson, and after tonight, he doesn’t care about Morgan. The massacre of Mr Anderson is taking place tonight, and there’s nothing Morgan or anybody else can do about it, and he tells Morgan to get out of his damn ring now. Morgan turns to leave, but pauses by the ropes and comes back and grabs the handcuffs. He says he’s right, there’s nothing he can do about Jarrett wanting to do this match, but he can just kick Jarrett’s head in. Jarrett tries to back out of wrestling Morgan, but attacks him and I guess that now we’ve got…

Chain Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Matt Morgan

Jarrett kicks Morgan in the gut and takes him to the corner, but Morgan hiptosses him out of the corner and gets an inverted goozle and slams Jarrett into the top turnbuckle. Morgan with the machine gun elbows and a side suplex and Jarrett tries to run, but Morgan pulls him back into a series of right hands and gets a fallaway slam. Jarrett finally gets to the floor and Morgan goes after him and beats him up all around ringside, but Jarrett yanks on the chain and pulls Jarrett into the ringpost. Morgan comes up bloody and pulls Jarrett into the ringpost himself, and then they head back in the ring and Morgan chokeslams Jarrett, but Jarrett ducks the Carbon Footprint, yanks the chain into Morgan’s groin, and hits the Stroke for the win.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett

Morgan regains his feet and tears his shirt off, and Jarrett turns around into a clothesline. Morgan starts to choke Jarrett with the chain, but the rest of Fortune run in and beat Morgan down in a 4-on-1 attack. They toss Morgan to the outside and wrap the chain around his neck, hanging him.

Source: PWInsider

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