TNA Impact Wrestling ‘Genesis’ Results for 1/26/17

Here are the results from yesterday’s (Thurs. January 26, 2017) TNA Impact Wrestling ‘Genesis (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



Bobby Lashley and Eddie Edwards are shown arriving to the arena earlier today for their 30 minute Ironman match.

Reby Hardy is on the stage with King Maxel strapped to her back. She is playing the piano and The Broken Hardy’s make their way to the ring. Brother Nero is holding his briefcase from last week’s Race for The Case match. Broken Matt gets on the mic and introduces the fans to “Genesis”. He talks about him and his brother being the greatest tag team in space and time. Matt asks his Brother Nero if he has any information to reveal. Nero says that he has the # 1 case and that he will use it next week on Open Fight Night. He suggests to the creatures, that it may be time for him to go after The TNA World Title again. But first, Nero wants to ask Matt what The Seven Deities think. Matt says that he received a very vivid premoneeetion from The 7 deities recently. Matt says that in the visions, he saw how they helped evolve the tag team wrestling scene. Matt says that while he was eating green beans. The premoneeetion became very clear for him. That they must start a revolution. That they must go and acquire every piece of gold that there is. The DCC’s music hits and they make their way to the ring, to confront The Hardy’s. James Storm takes the mic and says that he knows a lot about Revolution. Storm makes fun of The Decay and what they did to them last week. Storm says that their group also has a briefcase just like The Hardy’s. He says that they want to show The Hardy’s, why they are The Death Crew Council. Out comes The Decay. They head to the ring. Steve is on the mic. He says that they want to kill 2 birds with one stone. He challenges The Hardy’s and the DCC. Storm says that they are in. Broken Matt accepts the challenge and all 3 teams start brawling. The Hardy’s clear the ring, and the show goes to it’s first break.

The Hardy’s (c) vs. The Decay w/Rosemary vs. The DCC w/James Storm

Back from the break, Bram and Matt Hardy are going at it in the ring. Hardy gets isolated in The DCC’s corner and double teamed. Bram misses an elbow drop on Matt. He then backs into the ropes and Crazzy Steve tags himself into the match. He starts biting Bram in the corner. Bram battles back and gets Steve into his corner. Eddie Kingston is in and beats down on Steve, inside and outside the ring. Storm interjects himself in the match by spitting beer into Steve’s face at ringside. The DCC controls the next few minutes of the match. Crazzy Steve finally fights out of trouble, and hits a Russian leg sweep on Kingston. Steve makes his way to his corner to tag Abyss. The Hardy’s try to lean into the ring and tag themselves in but they don’t succeed. Abyss is in, He goes after both DCC members and knocks them down with a double clothesline. Jeff Hardy is able to tag Kingston to get into the match. Jeff fires up and takes down Abyss. Jeff heads to the ropes and tries to spring off of them but Crazzy Steve kicks him in the ribs, and Abyss knocks down Jeff with a clothesline. Abyss calls for a chokeslam on Jeff, Bram reaches into the ring and slaps Abyss to tag himself into the match. The DCC all triple team Brother Nero. Broken Matt tries to come save his brother but the ref holds him back. Brother Nero eventually overcomes the odds and tags in his brother Matt. Matt hits a side effect on Eddie Kingston. Steve runs in illegally. Matt grabs him in a side headlock. He then hits a running bulldog on him, and clotheslines Eddie Kingston at the same time. Bram runs into the ring and knocks down Matt. Abyss is in and brawls with with. Matt grabs Bram and throws him over the top rope. Kingston hits Matt Hardy with an STO, and covers him for a near fall. Kingston then heads to the top rope, Crazzy Steve spews him with mist. Matt picks up Eddie Kingston and deletes him with a twist of fate for the victory.

The Hardy’s defeat The Decay & The DCC to retain the TNA World Tag Team Titles

Drew Galloway is backstage. He talks about phase 2 of his current plan. He says that he is going to defend his newly won Impact Grand Championship tonight.

Back from the break. Braxton Sutter and Laurel Van Ness are going on a dinner date. Sutter has been forced into this and shows no enthusiasm for this. When both are seated for their dinner table. Laurel Van Ness snaps her fingers for wine. Braxton remarks about having to drink a lot tonight.

The New Impact Grand Champion Drew Galloway makes his way into the ring. Drew talks about not caring what anyone thinks of him. How everything he does will be for the benefit of TNA. Galloway brags about beating Moose and Eddie Edwards in his last 2 matches. How he could be TNA World Champ right now. Galloway lays out an open challenge for his title. Moose’s music hits and he accepts that challenge.

Drew Galloway (c) vs. Moose

Round One: Both men get into a slugfest as soon as the bell rings. Moose wins out with some chops in the corner. He charges at Galloway. Drew meets him with a big boot. The pace picks up and Moose hits a flying shoulder tackle. He then hits two consecutive big boots on Drew. Moose powerbombs Galloway and then follows that up with a senton and a moonsault. He covers Galloway for a 2 count. Drew heads to the outside to regroup. Moose follows him out there. Drew and him exchange strikes near the guardrail. Drew gets Moose on his shoulders and drops his neck right into the guardrail. Galloway attempts to suplex Moose on the floor but he reverses and delivers one of his own. Under a minute left, Both men continue striking each other on the outside. Moose hits an apron bomb on Galloway as the clock expires in round one.

Round One Scorecard: All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Moose. He wins the round 30-27

Round Two: Before the round starts. Galloway makes his way up the ramp and teases leaving. Drew gets back in the ring. Moose charges at Drew and rams him into the corner. Moose then hits the “Go to Hell” sky high on Galloway and covers him for a near fall. Moose then hits the game changer on Drew but as he does, Galloway appears to accidentally strike Moose with a low blow when he landed. The ref deducts a point from Drew Galloway for the low blow. Whether it was inadvertent or not. The delay in the round gives Drew time to recover and he hits The Claymore on Moose. Drew covers him for a 2 count. The same move he used to win the title last week. Drew and Moose battle in the center of the ring. Galloway is knocked into the referee. The ref stumbles and back is turned. Galloway this time low blows Moose intentionally. He then hits The Future Shock DDT on Moose and pins him.

Drew Galloway defeats Moose by pinfall in Round 2 to retain The Impact Grand Championship

Back to Laurel Van Ness and Braxton Sutter’s date. Laurel calls this their 2nd date. She says that Allie ruined their thanksgiving dinner. She asks Sutter to forget Allie, and that she forgives him for helping her train to wrestle. Sutter drinks wine directly from the bottle to cope with Laurel during this date.

Rosemary (c) vs. Jade

Jade makes her way to the ring dressed in street clothes. Rosemary then makes her entrance to the ring. She is without The Decay and comes out to their new entrance theme. When Rosemary reaches ringside, Jade flies through the ropes and lands on her. They battle on the rampway, Jade misses a clothesline and gets hit with one instead by Rosemary. She then throws Jade and a trash can filled with weapons into the ring. Rosemary goes to work on Jade with the weapons. First a trash can lid and then a kendo stick. In between, Rosemary attempts to pin Jade for the victory to no avail. She then goes to the outside and gets a bag of tacks out from under the ring. She dispenses of the tacks onto the mat. Rosemary attempts to suplex Jade onto the tacks but she counters out of it. Jade hits a missile dropkick on Rosemary, that sends her crashing into the corner. She follows that up with a cannonball dive. Jade now takes off her belt and whips Rosemary with it. Shen then hits a crawling Rosemary with the kendo stick repeatedly. Jade starts playing to the crowd and pays for it, when Rosemary picks up the trash can and nails her. Rosemary now ascends to the top rope. Jade gets up and throws the trash can at Rosemary. This knocks her down to the mat. Jade then german suplexes Rosemary onto the thumbtacks. She then covers for a close pinfall. Jade now goes for the trash can lid. Rather than use it as a weapon, She ends up using it as a shield when Rosemary attempts to spew her with mist. Jade throws the lid at Rosemary and then kicks her in the head. She covers her for another 2 count. Jade goes outside the ring and brings a table into the ring. Rosemary has now recovered and greets Jade with a suplex, when she returns to the ring. Rosemary now goes under the ring and gets out a barb wired board. She attempts to hit Jade with the “Red Wedding” on top of it. Jade counters and pushes Rosemary on top of the barbed wire. Jade covers Rosemary but she kicks out. Jade now lays the barb wired board on top of Rosemary. She then hits a moonsault on top of the board smack into Rosemary’s body. It takes Rosemary a while to get out from under her predicament. While this is happening, Jade sets up a table in the center of the ring. She sets Rosemary on top of it, and heads to the top. She calls for a 450 splash. Rosemary gets off the table and meets Jade up top. Rosemary superplexes Jade through the table, and pins her for the victory.

Rosemary defeats Jade to retain The TNA Knockouts Championship.

After the match. Josh Mathews says that women’s wrestling has been taken to a whole new level in the last 6 or 7 months. No matter what particular night that the fans watch it on. Mathews says that tonight’s monster’s ball match just set a new bar for a new standard in women’s wrestling. Gail Kim heads inside the ring to check on an injured Jade. While she is tending to Jade. Rosemary slithers back inside the ring and spews purple mist into the eyes of Gail Kim. Gail writhes in pain in the ring, while Rosemary clutches her title and cackles on the outside.

Moments after Rosemary’s win. She bumps into Brandi Rhodes backstage and makes her an offer in the video below.

After the break, Don West makes appearances periodically throughout this show, in videos where he is hawking merchandise like only he can. He promotes an everything goes sale.

Back to The Braxton Sutter/Laurel Van Ness dinner date. Laurel offers to have Sutter taker her back to her place. Sutter is nearly falling asleep while she is talking. When he hears Laurel’s offer, Braxton abruptly gets up and offers to go pay the bill. Laurel calls up Maria and says that everything is going exactly as planned. She brags about getting whatever she wants and ruining Allie’s life.

A video feature airs of Caleb Konley. In it, He talks about growing up a huge wrestling fan in Georgia. He talks about his dad working The Great American Bash tours back in the mid 80’s and how he was born at that time. He says that he has been around pro wrestling his entire life. He played football in high school but wrestling has always been his passion. Konley talks about wrestling now for 12 years. He promises to become X division champion tonight.

DJZ (c) vs. Trevor Lee vs. Andrew Everett vs. Marshe Rockett vs. Caleb Konley

Some crazy 5-way action kicks things off, and leads to an even crazier spot. 4 of the 5 competitors are locked up in a multi-man neckbreaker. It actually starts off as a potential draping DDT. The wrestlers connect from the ropes to the center of the ring. DJ Z reaches in and brings everyone down with a neckbreaker on Marshe Rockett.

After this move, DJZ attempts to pin everyone after. When all 5 men recover. The high flying begins. Andrew Everett hits a corkscrew dive off the ropes and onto the competitors at ringside. DJ Z then leaps onto them and lands on his feet. Marshe Rockett then takes his turn and flies over the ropes onto everyone. Action back in the ring, The Helms Dynasty teams up on Marshe. He gets caught in a leg sweep/knee kick. Lee covers him for a near fall. Everett breaks it up. The Dynasty members argue. Conley is in and hits a nice looking cradle suplex on Trevor Lee. Everett breaks up the pin attempt with a shooting star press off the ropes. DJ Z runs in and hits a wicked ZDT on Everett for the victory. Everett sold this move like a champ. Contorting his body.

DJ Z defeats Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Marshe Rockett & Caleb Konley to retain The X Division Championship

After the match. DJ Z is attacked by Trevor Lee. Shane Helms throws a chair into the ring. Helms beats down on Z and holds him down for Lee. Trevor strikes DJZ’s left ankle repeatedly with the chair. Lee and Helms celebrate what they have done. Mathews on commentary teases that Lee may use his briefcase next week on Oepn Fight Night. Perhaps against DJZ for the X division title. Now that he has been injured.

The Wolves are shown backstage. Eddie Edwards is preparing for his Ironman match. Davey Richards offers to help Eddie during this match. Eddie says that he doesn’t want his partner to help him. That he earned the title on his own, and doesn’t want to prove Lashley right by getting his help. Edwards pleads with Richards to not intervene tonight. As the show heads to break.

Back from the break, Open Fight Night is promoted for next week’s Impact. Where the winners of Race for The Case can choose their opponents….. The Hardy’s are backstage together. Matt has Vanguard One show Nero his options for next week’s Open Fight Night. VG1 projects images and shows Jeff DJ Z first. Matt calls him a spot monkey. Nero deletes that choice. Rosemary is up next. Jeff says that he already has a demon. Ricky Morton is now shown by VG1 on the large crane from TND. Jeff says he is not possible because he is too close to heaven. Eddie Edwards is now shown by VG1. Nero says that it may be time to be world champ again. Matt starts convulsing and has a premoneetion for who Nero should face next week.

Eddie Edwards (c) vs. Bobby Lashley

Evenly contested first few minutes of the match. Lashley takes control early with a delayed vertical suplex. He sets up for a spear. Edwards counters and sends Lashley to the outside. Eddie then hits the shot of caffeine dive on Bobby. Both men exchange chops and strikes on the outside. They battle to the ring steps. Edwards rams Lashley’s head into the steel steps repeatedly. Action back inside now, Lashley recovers and hits a sidewalk slam on Edwards. He covers him for the matches first pinfall attempt. The show heads to break.

When it returns, Lashley is in control with 21 minutes left. Both men counter in and out of each other’s holds. Lashley hits a spear after several counters and pins Edwards to go up 1-0. Bobby has the momentum now and pounds away on Edwards in the corner. Lashley then hits a neckbreaker and gets a 2 count. He wears down Eddie with a reverse chinlock. Both men back on their feet. Lashley knocks down Edwards with a back elbow. He then beats down on him with several strikes. Edwards finally battles back and hits a blue thunder bomb on Lashley. He covers him for a near fall. Edwards the applies a half crab on Lsshley. Bobby teases tapping out but eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Eddie charges at Lashley but gets caught and Bobby hits an over head suplex on Edwards. That sends him over the top rope. Edwards is clutching his knee on the outside after the fall. Lashley smells blood in the water and goes after him. They head towards the rampway. Edwards tries to battle back but ends up getting powerbombed on the rampway.

Lashley heads back into the ring after the powerbomb and Edwards is counted out. Lashley is now up 2-0 in this IronMan match. Just 15 minutes remain in the match. While Edwards is attempting to crawl his way back to the ring. Lashley’s loosens one of the turnbuckles in the corner to expose the steel. Edwards makes his way back into the ring finally. As the show goes to break. When the show returns, Just 9 minutes left and Bobby Lashely is still in control and up 2-0. Lashley hits a wicked german suplex on Edwards, that turns him inside out. Lashley goes for the spear, Edwards evades him and Bobby crashes head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Edwards covers and pins Lashley. He is now down 2-1.

Both men end up battling towards the rampway again. This time, Lashley attempts to hit a german suplex on Edwards. Edwards lands on his feet and hits the boston knee party kick on Lashley.

Both men are down and make their way to the ring. Edwards races back in. Lashley just beats the clock at 9. Only six minutes remain, Edwards manages to hit another Boston Knee Party on Lashley. He covers and pins him to even up the Ironman match at 2. Only five minutes remain in the match now. Edwards heads to the air and hits another shot of caffeine dive on Lashley. Action back inside and both men head to the top rope. They both battle down to the mat. Lashley spears Edwards and covers him but he kicks out. Lashley now goes for The Dominator but Edwards counters out and hits The Boston Knee Party yet again. This time, Lashley kicks out at 2. We are still tied with 3 minutes left. Edwards heads to the top and leaps off attempting a huricanrana. Lashley catches him and powerbombs Edwards. He then applies a head/arm trap submission on Edwards and gets him to tap out. Lashley is now up 3-2 with 2 minutes left. He now heads to the outside to kill time. He gets by the broadcast table. The Pope gets up and yells at Lashley. He implores him to get back in the ring and win the match like a man. Edwards dives onto Lashley near the broadcast table. Back in the ring, Edwards goes for The Boston Knee Party but gets caught in mid-air. Lashley hits a spinebuster with just 1 minute left. He charges at Edwards to spear him. Edwards catches him and locks him up in a guillotine choke. Lashley frantically attempts to hang on and not tap before time expires. Lashley starts fading. His arm is dropped twice as the ref attempts to raise Lashley’s arm a 3rd time. He can’t reach it because Lashley has it wrapped to Eddie’s body. Time runs out and we got a new champion.

Bobby Lashley defeats Eddie Edwards 3-2 in an Iron Man Match to become The TNA World Heavyweight Champion for a 4th time

Lashley celebrates his victory while a dejected Eddie Edwards is shown to close the show.

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