TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 11/12/14

We start off with a video package looking back at last week’s chicanery as MVP stole Bobby Lashley’s title rematch and lost, then we go to the arena. Bobby Lashley is backstage and catches Kenny King arriving at the building and asks where MVP is. King says he doesn’t know, so Lashley grabs him by the arm and repeats his question. King pulls his arm away and says he doesn’t know and to chill out. King walks off and Lashley throws stuff around.



James Storm comes out with Sanada and Manik and says he gave somebody the chance to pledge to the revolution, but his time is up and he wants his answer now. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards come out to the ring and Eddie starts to tell Storm that no matter how many times he asks, the answer will be the same. Davey pulls the mic out of Eddie’s hand and says he can talk for himself and make his own decisions, and he thought about how a lot of the things Storm said make sense, but the conclusion he came to is that Storm is out of his mind. Davey is a wolf, and his answer is no. Storm is very sorry to hear that, and he unleashes his gang on the Wolves. He chokes Davey with his bullrope, then ties up Davey’s ankle with the rope. Eddie is out after taking a beating from Manik and Sanada, then Storm takes a chair and smashes Davey’s knee with it. Davey screams in pain as TNA officials run in to break it up and herd Storm and the Revolution to the back. Storm heads to the back, but comes out with the long-forgotten briefcase for an anytime, anywhere shot at the TNA World Tag Team Title. He knocks Eddie out with the briefcase, then relentlessly beats Davey’s knee with it. He shoves the briefcase at the referee and tells him to count, and the bell rings!

TNA World Tag Team Title Match: The Wolves vs James Storm & ??????

Not sure who Storm’s partner is in this one, but he’s in the ring beating up Eddie so I guess we’ll find out in a bit. Storm goes for a quick cover on Eddie, but Eddie kicks out at 2, so Storm hits the Eye of the Storm and grabs a microphone. He tells Eddie that he told him to stay out of it, but Abyss’ music hits and the Monster himself comes stalking out. Gee, I wonder if anyone believes he’s going to help the Wolves. He tears his jacket off and stares Storm down, then Storm tells the Wolves to meet the newest pledge of the Revolution. Abyss tags in, chokeslams Eddie, and flattens him with the Black Hole Slam. He tags Storm in instead of going for the cover, and Storm slowly comes in and pins Eddie for the win.

Winners and New TNA World Tag Team Champions: James Storm & Abyss

Storm picks Davey up and gives him the Eye of the Storm as well, then leaves with both belts over his shoulders and his crew in tow.

Madison Rayne vs Taryn Terrell

Terrell jumps Madison as soon as she gets in the ring and pummels her senseless. Madison tries to catch a break on the floor, but Terrell comes out and takes Madison right out with a crossbody off the ring apron. She picks Madison up and rams her into the apron, then rolls her inside. Madison asks for a time out and tries a cheap shot, but Terrell catches the boot, spins Madison out, and takes her out with a clothesline. Terrell goes to the second rope, but Madison pulls her out by the ankle and Terrell hits the mat hard. Madison catches Terrell in a three quarter nelson (those of you who only know the move from pro wrestling probably know it as a cravata) and tosses Terrell to the mat for a couple of two counts. Madison chokes Terrell on the middle rope, stops to wave at the fans, then whips her to the ropes and takes her down with a double chop to the throat. Madison humps Terrell’s head into the mat, then just drills her with a kick to the chest and covers for 2. Madison puts Terrell on the second rope, but Terrell boots her in the chest and comes out of the corner with a clothesline. Terrell makes the fiery babyface comeback with a series of clotheslines and a neck snap for 2. Madison cradles Terrell and puts her feet on the ropes, but Terrell kicks out anyway and snaps Madison over with a vertical suplex. Terrell goes to the top rope and tries a crossbody, but Madison moves and Terrell hits hard. Madison cradles Terrell with a handful of tights, but the referee catches her and stops the count. Madison quickly regains control with some boots to the head and goes for the Rayne Check, but Terrell gets out and hits a weird version of the Ace Crusher for the win.

Winner: Taryn Terrell

Good match, definitely better than that first match they had that just totally fell apart. More like what I expect out of them.

Bobby Lashley comes into Kurt Angle’s office andwants his rematch with Bobby Roode, but Angle says Roode is off tonight doing promotional work for the company. Lashley tries to stare Angle down, and Angle says he wouldn’t try that, but Lashley says it’s what Angle wants, and walks off.

Manik finds the Indian dude backstage and says it’s time for him to meet a very powerful man. He pats Indian Guy on the back and they walk off.

Kenny King is in the ring to talk about a few things, like MVP and Bobby Lashley. He says it doesn’t mean anything that MVP isn’t here because he’s on a photo shoot, but Lashley is pissed off at the fans, that fake charlatan Kurt Angle, and he’s really pissed off at Bobby Lashley. The good thing about Bobby Lashley is he’s good when he’s pissed off, and he’s going to get that World Title back soon. But he wants to squash this thing with Sgt. Chris Melendez, so he wants Melendez to come out and talk to him. Melendez comes out with Ken Anderson to a big USA chant. King says people call him unpatriotic because of what he did in New York, but he loves America but thinks Melendez is a fraud. Anderson takes exception to that because Melendez is a hero and an inspiration (another USA chant), and he volunteered to go to Iraq and have his leg blown off so King can come out in that ridiculous outfit and run his mouth. King tells Anderson that God gave man one mouth and one a-hole, and he’s not sure which one Anderson is using right now, but he’s talking to peg leg. King says Melendez hasn’t earned the right to say he can compete on the same level as Kenny King. He came out here alone, so if Melendez agrees to let his little blond girlfriend sit at home, they can settle this. Melendez says that Anderson and the people believe in him (another USA chant), and when he steps in the ring with Kenny King and they square off again, King will learn why he doesn belong here and that he’s better than King. King says that he learned at a young age that role models are like Santa Claus: they don’t exist. He smacks Anderson in the head and runs.

Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell are backstage whining to Kurt Angle that Havok keeps beating them up, so Angle makes a three way match between the two of them and Havok for next week.

Elimination Match: Jessie Godderz, DJ Z, Velvet Sky & Angelina Love vs Knux, Crazzzzzzzzy Steve & Rebel

They should just have Knux go in and squash Angelina and Velvet right off the bat. It’s legal, right? But they decide to play nice and let Angelina go at it with Rebel, who has like thirty econds of experience to Angelina’s decade or so. Rebel gets the early advantage regardless, but tries a split move and Angelina dodges and dropkicks Rebel in the face for 2. Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy Steve smacks Angelina on the ass, and Angelina is so shocked that Rebel comes in with a schoolgirl rollup for 3.

Angelina Love is eliminated.

Knux comes in and cartwheel dropkicks Jessie for 2, Jessie tries yanking Knux down but Knux kips up and nails Jessie with a crossbody. DJ Z cheapshots Knux and blind tags in to hit a crossbody, Knux catches DJ Z, but Jessie dropkicks Knux and then holds his leg down from the floor so DJ Z can pin him.

Knux is eliminated.

Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy Steve small packages DJ Z and eliminates him.

DJ Z is eliminated.

Velvet goes for a sunset flip on Rebel, but Rebel uses her flexibility to reverse to a really bad rollup for 2. Velvet distracts the referee so Angelina can spray hairspray in Rebel’s face. Velvet hits In Your Face for 3.

Rebel is eliminated.

DJ Z slips back in and nails Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzy Steve, then Jessie repeatedly presses Steve and gorilla slams him. Velvet tags in and covers Steve, but Steve kicks out and gets a makeout cradle on Velvet for 3.

Velvet Sky is eliminated.

Jessie comes in and clotheslines Steve, but Steve rolls over Jessie with a sunset flip for 2. Steve tries a Frankensteiner, but Jessie powers him up and hits the Last Ride. Jessie looks pissed, but does a nonchalant one hand cover and only gets 2. Jessie stomps the heck out of Steve and puts him on top for a superplex, but stops to pose and gets shoved off. Steve comes off the top and F’ing SPIKES Jessie with a tornado DDT to score the last elimination.

Winner and sole survivor: Crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy Steve

We don’t waste time digesting that one before we go backstage where Borash is telling Eric Young that it still hurts but the swelling is going down. Spud comes in and asks how Borash is doing, then offers to be in Young’s corner tonight. Young says it’ll be good to have someone watching his back for a change when he faces Tyrus one-on-one later tonight.

We look back at earlier tonight when James Storm and Abyss won the tag title, then we go backstage where Storm tells Abyss that he’s been here as long as he has and he’ll guide him toward the truth. Manik brings the Indian Guy in and Storm spits at him and tells him there’s a price to be paid for his salvation, and tells Manik to get him out of here. He whispers something in Manik’s ear and sends him off, then whispers something to Abyss, who does an evil smile.

Tyrus vs Eric Young

Eric uses his speed to outmaneuver Tyrus, but tries to slam him and Tyrus puts the brakes on that and hammers Young. Tyrus hits an avalanche, eats Young’s elbow on the second try, but Young tries a move off the second rope and Tyrus just shoves him backward into the corner. Young rolls to the floor and EC3 wanders over to him, but Spud runs over and tells EC3 not to touch him. Tyrus brings Young inside and Young hits a jawbreaker, but he tries another slam and Tyrus falls on top for 2. Tyrus hits a t-bone suplex, another avalanche, and an over-the-shoulder Cutter. EC3 tells Tyrus to drag Young to the corner, so he does and goes to the second rope for the Vader Bomb. Young moves out of the way and Spud rallies the fans as Young makes his comeback. Young takes Tyrus off his feet with a flying forearm and finally hits the slam, Spud nails EC3 when he tries to grab Young, and Young goes to the top rope. Tyrus nails Young and goes up for a superplex, but Young fights Tyrus off and hits the top rope elbow for the win.

Winner: Eric Young

Boy, are they making Tyrus look like crap or what? Bad enough he got pinned in the tournament, now he got slammed and pinned clean by the joke champion. Bobby Lashley makes Tyrus look even more useless by coming in and spearing both Young and Spud, then he gets a chair and Pillmanizes Young’s arm with it. Then he keeps the chair on Young’s arm and puts him in the Crippler Crossface to send a message to Roode, but Austin Aries runs out and chases Lashley off with a chair of his own. Aries gets a mic and says if Lashley wants to go around jumping people from behind, he’ll be proactive and challenge Lashley to face him right here tonight. Lashley tells Aries that he’s got it as he backs up the ramp.

Brittany is backstage with Sam Shaw and says she has something to tell him, but he probably won’t be happy. Shaw asks what it is, and Brittany says Gunner came onto her. Shaw gets his KILL look on his face and stalks away as Brittany smiles after him.

Samoa Joe comes out as we see video of him getting hauled out in an ambulance last week after getting injured in the match against the Hardys, and Joe says he’s not medically cleared to compete tonight and for quite some time. When he won the X Division Title, his goal was to reinvigorate the greatest division in TNA because it’s the division about no limits, innovation, and the division for the true wrestler for the true wrestling fan. The fans support TNA week after week and the wrestlers competing for the best title in wrestling, and they deserve better. He’s not one to shy away from making difficult decisions, even ones that hurt, so he’s vacating the X Division Title tonight. He’s sure another champion will be crowned, but that title is a beacon to him because he will go home and get better, and whoever wins that belt, he will be coming for him.

Next week: Low Ki, Manik, Crazzy Steve, and DJ Z will go at it to fill the vacant X Division Title!

We look back at last week’s dust up between Bram and Magnus and Tommy Dreamer and Devon. Bram is challenging Dreamer to a one-on-one fight next week because his time is up and the pipes are calling.

No DQ Match: Sam Shaw vs Gunner

Brittany distracts Gunner on his way to the ring so Shaw can jump him, Gunner tries to fight back but Shaw rams him back-first into the ring apron and then smashes his skull into the post. Shaw takes a wild swing with a chair and Gunner ducks and hits a fallaway slam on the floor. Gunner grabs the chair and uses it to massage Shaw’s abs, but Brittany distracts Gunner again and Shaw dropkicks the chair in Gunner’s face. Shaw goes for the choke, but Gunner breaks it by ramming Shaw into the corner. Shaww dodges a charge and fires right hands into Gunner’s midsection, but Gunner reverses a whip and backdrops Shaw into next week. They go out to the floor where Gunner f’ing BASHES Shaw over the back with a chair, but then Shaw elevates Gunner and hotshots him onto the ring steps. Shaw sends Gunner inside and tries to suplex him out of the ring onto the steps, but Gunner reverses and suplexes Shaw in. Gunner slams Shaw hard, then gets yet another chair (the ring is full of them now), hammers Shaw with it, and throws it on the pile with the others. Gunner puts Shaw on top for a superplex, Shaw tries to fight out, but Gunner hits the superplex. Both men hit the chairs actually, but Gunner makes it up first, he goes for the finish but decides to mess with Shaw more just to piss Brittany off. He takes Shaw to the apron and powerbombs him on the steps, then tells Brittany “THAT’S WHAT YOU GEEEEEEEEEET!” He rolls Shaw inside, tells Brittany that Shaw is a piece of crap, then Brittany follows Gunner into the ring and kicks him in the ding ding. That was quite a punt. Brittany tries dragging Shaw on top of Gunner, but Gunner is up and grabs Brittany’s ankle. Shaw recovers and hammers Gunner with the chair, tells Brittany that he’s got this, and promtly gets picked up and F5’d onto the chairs. Gunner covers and gets the hard fought win.

Winner: Gunner

Great brawl, match of the night so far.

Austin Aries and Bobby Lashley are backstage, and they’re…WALKING! The main event is up next!

Bobby Lashley vs Austin Aries

Aries quickly hits the IED right off the bell and goes for the brainbuster, but Lashley easily blocks and reverses to a big gourdbuster. Aries dodges a charge and rolls Lashley over, drives a series of knees into Lashley’s skull, and gets the big man in the Last Chancery. Lashley easily gets out of that, Aries gets him on the floor and tries a slingshot crossbody, but Lashley catches him. Lashley tries to ram Aries into the post, but Aries slips out the back and rams Lashley into the post and then hits the IED against the guardrail. Lashley rolls inside and Aries comes off the top with a missile dropkick, but Lashley just brushes it aside and hammers Aries with a big back elbow. Lashley rips Aries’ head off with a huge clothesline as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Lashley just launches Aries over his head with a belly to belly suplex. Then he does it a bunch more times. Think Lesnar-Cena from Summerslam except release belly to belly suplexes instead of Germans. Aries is just dead as Lashley waits for him to get to his feet, but Aries somehow manages to get his boot up and then goes to the top. Lashley recovers quickly and hammers Aries with right hands and goes for a top rope release suplex. Aries fights Lashley off and this time connects with the missile dropkick. Aries hits a series of forearm and elbow strikes, Lashley blocks another brainbuster attempt, but Aries with more strikes and actually drops Lashley to the mat with a big roaring elbow. Aries hits a neckbreaker over the middle rope to drive Lashley to the floor, and then nearly puts Lashley through the guardrail with the heat seeking missile. Aries rolls Lashley inside and goes to the top, but Lashley recovers and shoves Aries off the top and onto the ring steps. Lashley picks Aries up and just launches him back into the steps, then chucks him across ringside. He sets up for the spear on the floor and nails it, but then just dawdles around ringside and the referee counts both men out.


Lashley keeps up the assault, press slamming Aries onto the entry ramp and then trapping Aries in the Crippler Crossface. Aries is out as three referees try unsuccessfully to get him off, and he finally releases and chases them off before looking into the camera and calling Bobby Roode’s name as we call it a week.

Source: PWInsider

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