TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 3/13/15

We start off with a video package looking back at how the Eric Young-Bobby Roode, Brutus Magnus-Bram, and Ethan Carter III-Spud friendships all fell apart, and now all three pairs of former friends will face off against each other tonight! And we don’t waste any time getting into the action tonight…



Last Man Standing Match: Eric Young vs Bobby Roode

They start slugging it out as soon as they get to the ring, and Roode is a house of fire as he unloads on Young, giving him no breathing room as he dumps him to the ring apron and dropkicks him to the floor. Roode goes out after Young and sends him careening into the barricade and the ring apron, but Young goes to the eyes to shut down Roode’s momentum. They fight their way up the aisle where Roode suplexes Young on the floor, then lets the referee count. Young makes it up before 10, so Roode charges all the way up the entry ramp and clotheslines Young, then drops him chest first onto the barricade to set up another count by the referee. Roode sets up a table at ringside, but Young fights him off and takes the brawl back inside the ring as we go to commercial.

We’re back and Young is still in control, hitting a neckbreaker and then dumping Roode out to the floor to hit another. He lets the referee count, but Roode makes it back to his feet and starts firing back on Young. Young whips Roode into the ring steps and then goes for a piledriver on the steps, but Roode backdrops Young all the way to the floor. Roode gets ahold of a chair, so does Young, and they both swing simultaneously and knock each other’s chair to the floor, then a double clothesline takes both men out. They both make it back into the ring and trade blows, but Roode puts his head down for a backdrop and Young hits the piledriver. Roode looks out as the referee counts, but he stands in disbelief as Roode again makes it to his feet before the 10 count. Young gets his chair from ringside and drills Roode in the lower abdomen with it, then smashes the chair over Roode’s back to lay him out and start another count. Young drops the chair and shoves the referee out of his way so he can point to the crowd as he sets up a piledriver on the chair. Roode stops that with a big shot to Young, then he gives Young a piledriver on the chair. Young somehow makes it to his feet and the fight continues. They wind up out on the apron where Young tries a piledriver through the table, but Roode pops out and gives Young a Roode Bomb through the table instead. Both men are down on the floor as the referee counts, but Roode manages to struggle to his feet and gain his balance against the ring in time to beat the count.

Winner: Bobby Roode

Awesome match, they told a great story here and I liked how they built to the big spots. Now, is THIS finally the end of the feud?

Brutus Magnus and Mickie James are arriving at the building, and Magnus will face Bram later tonight. Also, Spud takes on EC3 in a hair vs hair match. We go backstage to Jeremy Borash giving Spud a pep talk. Spud says he doesn’t care if he gets his ass kicked or gets his head shaved, because he scored a major personal victory just by standing up to EC3. EC3 thinks the bad guys win, but Spud wants to prove that good guys like he and Borash win in his world. Borash shakes Spud’s hand and tells him to go get EC3.

We look back at Drew Galloway’s promo and match from last week, and then Galloway makes his way out to the ring with a mic in hand to address the fans. He says he feels the passion from the fans of real professional wrestling, and he says he used to feel the passion when he came here to see the matches as a kid. Galloway goes out into the crowd to be among the people as he continues to talk about how the fans used to dictate what we saw until certain people came along and forced their way on the fans. He asks the fans who wants to take back professional wrestling (everyone pops for that), and he says that brings him to MVP, who thinks he can play got, manipulate the system, screw Bobby Roode and Bobby Lashley, and shove his Beat Down Clan down everyone’s throats. MVP has challenged him to a match tonight, but MVP comes out with the BDC in tow to respond before Galloway can continue. He tells Galloway that at one time he was “chosen” because he has everything it takes to be a champion except a brain, because he was too stupid to realize what he had done and who he did it to. But now Galloway has been chosen again, but this time it has been by the BDC for a beat down. Once upon a time they were drinking buddies and he used to like Galloway once upon a time, and because of that, he’ll ask the BDC to head to the back so he can beat Galloway’s ass by himself. The BDC does indeed leave, and MVP approaches the ring as we go to commercial.

MVP vs Drew Galloway

Galloway just unloads on MVP at the bell, hammering him down in the corner, but MVP cheapshots Drew when the ref tries to step in and returns fire. He flattens Galloway with a running boot to the face for 2, but Galloway fires back and opens the front of MVP’s jumpsuit, exposing his bare chest to lay into him with chops. Galloway ducks a clothesline and hits a running boot to the face, then he signals to the fans that he’s putting MVP away. He takes too much time going for the Future Shock and gives the BDC an opening to run in and attack Galloway.

Winner: Drew Galloway by DQ

The BDC work Galloway over 3-on-1 and set him up for MVP to hit the drive-by. Low Ki goes to the top for the double stomp, but MVP tells him to hold on and tosses Galloway out to the floor. He and King hold Galloway against the post, but Joe stops Low Ki from nailing him. Ki is pissed, but Joe hands Low Ki a pipe and Ki drills Galloway with it, busting him open.

Mickie James comes into Magnus’ dressing room to check on him before his match tonight, and tells him to remember what the doctor said. Magnus says he knows he needs to protect the head and neck, but he has to end this with Bram tonight. Mickie wants to be out there with him, but Magnus tells her to stay in the back because he needs to deal with this.

We see a video package building to tonight’s EC3-Spud match, then the mystery cameraman asks EC3 if Spud has a chance of breaking the streak tonight. EC3 says he’s been undefeated for 16 months, and has beaten legends like Sting, Angle, and Bully Ray. Spud is nothing, but he wanted this match so bad they had to come to his home country to do it, so when he is laying beaten and shaved bald and his mother is reduced to tears, he wants Spud to remember that he wanted this. He says sorry to his old friend, because tonight is not his night.

Bram vs Brutus Magnus

They start the fight in the aisle during Magnus’ entrance, and Magnus takes Bram around the ring ramming him into the barricades. Bram jumps Magnus as they come into the ring, but Magnus doesn’t slow down, hammering Bram and clotheslining him back out to the floor so he can now whip him into the ring steps. Back into the ring where Magnus drills Bram with a boot to the face, but Bram shoves Magnus off into the corner and connects with a lariat to the back of the neck. That rattled Magnus, and Bram quickly capitalizes by repeatedly ramming the back of Magnus’ head into the mat, then dragging him to the edge of the ring to do it on the apron as well. Bram is like a man possessed as he hits a neckbreaker, and Magnus tries for a slam but just collapses under Bram’s weight. Magnus finally connects with a dropkick off the second rope, and Mickie James comes out to ringside to cheer her man on as both men fight to regain their feet. Am I too jaded if I’m thinking heel turn by Mickie the instant I see her out there? Bram and Magnus trade punches and Magnus connects with a series of clotheslines. Magnus connects with the top rope elbowdrop and then picks Bram up to go for the kill, but Bram mule kicks Magnus in the ding ding to earn himself a DQ.

Winner: Brutus Magnus by DQ

Mickie James climbs up on the ring apron and tries to get in the ring, but the referee holds her back as Bram gets a chair and brutalizes Magnus with it. Bram gets the cue ball and a zip tie out from under the ring, and zip ties Magnus to the ropes. He picks up the cue ball, shoves the ref out of the way, and hovers over Magnus as Mickie climbs into the ring and tries to cover Magnus up. Bram yanks Mickie to her feet by the hair, and Magnus is going nuts trying to get ahold of Bram. Mickie slaps Bram, but he gets her around the neck and says he promised to take everything Magnus cared about away. He says he’ll let Mickie go, but only if Magnus kisses his foot. Mickie screams at Magnus not to do it, but Magnus grudgingly obliges and kisses Bram’s boot. Bram has a good laugh and releases Mickie to her humiliated fiance.

Brooke Tessmacher is backstage, and she’s…well, she can do anything she wants. She’ll face her ex-boyfriend Robbie E after this break!

The Beat Down Clan is backstage and MVP says the blood is just beginning to flow, then Low Ki shows the scar Galloway caused and says he told him he would come collect, and then Samoa Joe holds up the pipe and welcomes Galloway to TNA, and says sorry for getting a little rough.

Brooke Tessmacher vs Robbie E

Robbie uses his agility to dance around Brooke, then ties up and shoves her clear across the ring. Robbie’s crew came out to play his corner team like this is a boxing match, and Robbie goes over to sit down on a stool they brought out and get sprayed down and watered by his corner team between each move. They go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock that Robbie easily wins, but Brooke twists out and gets a side headlock, then just drills Robbie with forearms and chops, then sits down in his corner stool and sprays herself with Robbie’s water. Angelina jumps on the apron to distract her and allows Robbie to take Brooke down, then he goes back for another refresh in the corner before coming off the second rope with an elbow. Brooke moves out of the way, then takes Angelina out with a slingshot dive, and comes off the top with a crossbody. Robbie catches her and Angelina distracts the ref so Robbie can hold Brooke for a dropkick from Jessie, but Brooke moves and Jessie nails Robbie. Brooke knocks Jessie out to the floor and gets a jackknife cradle for the win.

Winner: Brooke Tessmacher

This made for a fun little intermission before the main event. Speaking of which, the Ethan Carter III-Rockstar Spud feud concludes (so they say) after this commercial break!

We see a series of video packages hyping next week’s title match between Bobby Lashley and Kurt Angle, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Hair vs Hair Match: Rockstar Spud vs Ethan Carter III

This crowd is going NUTS for Spud, who tears right into EC3 when the bell rings. Lots of intensity tonight, huh? Spud stomps EC3 down Steve Austin style in the corner, and EC3 tries to catch a bit of room out on the floor, but Spud keeps up the pressure and goes right out after his former boss. Spud sits EC3 in the barber chair placed at ringside for the match and gives him an Ole Kick, but EC3 manages to nail Spud as they head back into the ring. They trade blows, but EC3 takes Spud’s head off with a roaring lariat as we go to commercial.

We’re back and EC3 is still putting a whooping on Spud, but Spud dropkicks EC3 to the floor and takes him out with a somersault dive off the top. Spud rolls EC3 back inside and EC3 distracts the referee while Tyrus comes out to ringside and powerbombs Spud on the floor. EC3 takes his time bringing Spud back in to go for a cover and Spud kicks out at 2. Ken Anderson comes out to level the playing field by taking Tyrus out with a Mic Check, but EC3 comes out and knocks Anderson out with the arm brace. Spud comes out and EC3 hits him with the brace too, busting him open. EC3 literally smells blood, and rams Spud back and forth into the corners and then just pummels Spud with right hands and a clothesline. Spud’s face is a crimson mask as EC3 hits a Stinger Splash, and Spud just collapses as Jeremy Borash looks on intently at ringside. EC3 dumps Spud right at Borash’s feet and mouths off at Borash as he continues to brutalize Spud. They head back inside and Borash comes in and low blows EC3 behind the ref’s back, then disappears again as Spud hits a Stunner and covers for 2. Josh informs us that they need to adjust for the blood for Destination America, and indeed the screen flips to greyscale whenever we see the blood pouring down Spud’s face. Then we suddenly don’t. I dunno. Anyway, EC3 repeatedly smashes Spud’s face into the mat but Spud isn’t feeling anything, tears off his bowtie, and gets his second wind as he starts to mount a comeback with charging forearms and a Shining Wizard. Spud gets the testicular claw on EC3 and hits a leaping enziguiri, and we’re back to greyscale. Carter blocks Sliced Bread #2 and knocks Spud on his back with the brace again and covers for 2. Spud is a (full color) bloody mess as he tries to pull himself up on Carter, but Carter casually hits the 1% and covers for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

That match was awesome, I really enjoyed the story they told and they did such a good job building to it for so long that I really cared to see who came out on top. EC3 says Spud has the most heart and determination he’s ever seen in professional wrestling, and he’s done some heinous things to him, and he ruined their friendship, but Spud just proved that he belongs in Impact Wrestling and that he could be a World Champion. He’s not going to shave Spud’s head tonight because he proved himself in front of his hometown and proved he’s a man, and he doesn’t expect him to take it, but he wants to shake his hand. Carter extends his hand and Spud shakes it, then Carter raises his hand and holds the ropes for him. Spud goes to leave, but Carter nails him with the arm brace AGAIN and tells him it’s time to pay. He hangs Spud in the Tree of Woe and gets a razor, asks Spud where his friends and his family are, and for some reason we go back to black and white as Carter shaves Spud’s head, then we’re back in color as the head shaving continues. Carter finishes by taking the mic and telling everyone to take notice that this company and this industry is his now. Carter walks off as a bloody Spud is left hanging upside down in a pool of his own blood.

Next week: Kurt Angle faces Bobby Lashley for the first time ever, with the TNA World Title on the line!

Credit: PWInsider

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