TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 5/8/14

Bully Ray is driving around Nashville and is on his way to the Impact Wrestling offices. MVP said he can’t touch her at the Impact Zone, so if he sees her anywhere tonight, she’s going through a table.



We go to a video package of MVP’s pep talks to Eric Young through his title win and reign so far, and then Eric Young comes out to the ring to start the show and talk about how he vowed to defend the title on the show every week. He doesn’t have an opponent tonight, so no disrespect to MVP, but he’s going to book himself into a title match and issue an open challenge. He puts the title over as the reason everyone should be in this business, and says to come on out and take their best shot. Bobby Roode comes out and talks about how Eric Young is the champion and that gives him the right to be whatever champion he wants to be. EY has chosen to be a fighting champion, so if he wants to defend the title tonight, Bobby Roode is standing right here and is the man EY should be defending the title against tonight. He’s overcome every obstacle thrown in his way for ten years, but Young reminds Roode that he had his shot last week and lost. Roode remembers what happened, but Roode came very close to beating him, and also had to beat Gunner earlier in the night, so if EY wants to consider himself a fighting champion, he should give him one more shot tonight. Roode says they’ve known each other for 17 years, long before TNA was ever even thought of, and they rode up and down the highways trying to make their name in the business and they did. They signed with TNA at the same time, they were tag champions together, they’re two of the only TNA originals left in the company, and they were the best of friends, but better enemies. They’ve beaten the hell out of each other and gone to war, but for old time’s sake, he thinks they should do battle one more time for the only reason they got into the business: to be the World Champion. If Eric is able to beat him again, he gives his word that he will never ask for this again. Eric says Roode is right: they have a ton of history, and Roode is one of the best professionaly wrestlers in the world, so tonight, they’ll make more history. One more match, Roode vs Young, for the World Title. Roode and Young shake hands and we actually see Roode say thank you to Young, who nods back at his former partner.

We look at Angelina Love’s title win and stripping on last week’s show, so tonight, they’ll face Madison Rayne and Brittany in an evening gown match. That match is up…NEXT!

MVP asks Eric Young into his office and puts him over for being on a great roll and a hell of a fighting champion, but he says that he had something great planned for tonight and he has to call his match with Roode off. Eric says he’s the champion and should be the exception, but MVP says that wrestlers have to have rules and that includes him. He asks Eric what he has to prove and tells him to just take the week off and enjoy that title, and he’ll even make some phone calls and make sure his opponent for Slammiversary is going to be somebody he’s never faced. Eric says Bobby’s going to be pissed, but he’s the boss. MVP says not to worry about Roode, he’ll take care of him.

Evening Gown Match: The Beautiful People vs Madison Rayne & Brittany

Tenay explains that this is under elimination rules, where someone is out after getting stripped…just like it should be. Whatever you say, Mike. Madison and Velvet start us off, and Madison easily outmaneuvers both Beautiful People. Brittany comes to join in, but the BPs bail out to the floor as Madison gives Brittany a look for being so excited to be there. The BPs trap Brittany in their corner and work her over for a bit, but Brittany fires up, runs Velvet over with a clothesline, and hits a Lionsault on Velvet. She goes to strip Velvet, but Angelina trips her from the floor and holds her ankle while Velvet strips her down. Madison is on her own, and we’ll find out if she can hold her own after this commercial break!

We’re back, and nobody moved during the commercial break! How thoughtful of them. Madison quickly dumps Angelina to the floor and goes after Velvet, but Angelina interferes from the floor and gives Velvet the opening to nail her and choke her on the ropes. Madison manages to spear Velvet and yank her evening gown off to eliminate her, and it’s down to Madison and Angelina, who quickly comes in and drops the former champion with a forearm. Angelina viciously unloads on Madison with right hands, then chokes her with Velvet’s dress. Taz says this would have been quicker if this was a cocktail dress match as Madison fires back on Angelina. Madison hits her rolling neckbuster, then she picks up Velvet’s dress and chokes Angelina with it. She uses the dress to whip Angelina across the ring, then does it again. Velvet comes back down to ringside with a towel wrapped around her and flashes the referee, who is frozen in his tracks with his jaw on the ground. Because he’s frozen stiff as Taz says, he misses Angelina spraying her perfume in Madison’s face. He turns around just as Angelina gets the dress off and calls for the bell.

Winners: The Beautiful People

We go to the TNA offices where Dixie Carter is getting the hell out of Dodge. Spud protests that he doesn’t have a meeting on her schedule, but Dixie says he doesn’t know everything and tells him not to let Bully Ray into the building if he comes here. She opens the door and sticks her head out and looks around, then slips outside.

We see a video package looking at the history of the Ethan Carter III-Kurt Angle feud, leading into their match tonight.

Magnus’ buddy from last week comes in and tells Magnus that he got himself an ironclad deal with TN after talking to MVP. Magnus congratulates him, but the guy says he also got MVP to book Magnus into a match tonight against Willow. He walks off, and Magnus wonders what the hell is going on.

Ethan Carter III vs Kurt Angle

Mike tells us that MVP will announce the main event of Slammiversary right after this match as Angle takes Carter down to the mat. Carter gets out and hammers Angle with some heavy forearms, but Angle fires back on Carter and snaps him over with a suplex for 2. Angle ducks a wild swing and hits the rolling Germans, but stops for a moment and holds his knee after the third one. EC3 sure noticed that and quickly takes Angle down and drops a series of elbows on the knee. He yells “YOU’RE HURT!” at Angle, who comes back with some clotheslines and hits the Angle Slam. Angle collapses after hitting the move and clutches his knee, the referee starts to throw the X, but Angle tells him not to stop the match. Angle waves the ref off as he regains his feet, and Carter quickly dives in and clips Angle’s knee and covers him for the win.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Match lasted all of maybe two minutes and was really more of a storyline thing than a match. Angle is laying on the mat burying his face in his hands because he can’t believe what just happened. We’re going to break and might have an update afterward…though we probably won’t since we know who is creatively consulting on this show.

We look back at what we just saw in the ring, and then go backstage as Big John catches Kurt Angle as he is helped back through the curtain by a couple of referees. Angle says he blew his knee out, he heard it pop, and Big John tells the referees to get him to the ambulance right now.

MVP comes out to the ring to announce the main event of Slammiversary. He says he had no idea what he was in for when he took this job, because the fans can be very demanding, but he hopes everyone won’t be too upset that he canceled the match Eric and Roode made earlier tonight. He says that he believes there should be rules and he’s the one who has to enforce them, but he just got off the phone and is going to make it up to them with an announcement right now. Bobby Roode comes out and asks if this is some kind of joke, because he and Eric shook on the match tonight. MVP says that Roode had his opportunity last week when he lost to EY, and that he knows as well as anyone how rare title matches are and that he can’t count on handouts. Roode is incredulous, and asks where MVP was when he was a World Tag Team Champion and the longest reigning TNA World Champion in history. He calls MVP a son of a bitch and says not to tell him about handouts. MVP says this conversation is over, and Roode grabs him and says that he’ll tell him when the conversation is over. MVP says that if he puts his hands on him again, he’ll skip straight to participate. Roode shoves MVP, so the Director of Wrestling Operations spears Roode and they get into a brawl until a bunch of referees come out and separate them.

We go back to Nashville, where Bully Ray follows someone who beeps into the TNA offices and says hi to Kathryn. Kathryn seems really uneasy and asks if he wants her to take a message for Dixie, and then Spud comes out and tells Bubba that he has to go and that he’s not welcome here. Bubba gives him until the count of three, then picks Spud up and carries him down the hall toward Dixie’s office. Bubba puts him down and tells him to stay, then goes into Dixie’s office as Spud runs after him yelling that he has to take his shoes off. Bubba starts messing around in Dixie’s office, then sits down in her chair, picks up the phone, and tells Kathryn to get everyone in the office together for a big meeting, and to get him a sandwich.

Knux and the firedancing girlfriend are backstage when a forklift pulls up with a giant box. She asks him what this is, and Knux smiles and says “it’s his home.” Oh I can’t wait for this.

We go to the parking lot where Al Snow and a team of security guys are kicking Bobby Roode out under orders from MVP. Snow tries to talk Roode down and offers to have his bags sent to the hotel as security escorts Roode out.

TNA World Tag Team Title Ladder Match: The Wolves vs The Bromans

The Wolves chase DJ Z up the ramp, but the Bromans chase them up the ramp and jump them from behind, then use the ladder to work the Wolves over. They brings the ladder back into the ring to officially start the match, but the Wolves dash down the aisle and take the Bromans out. The Bromans get ahold of another ladder and use it to foil a double dive by the Wolves as Mike tells us that MVP will still announce Eric Young’s challenger at Slammiversary later tonight. Jessie press slams Davey onto the barricade, then they go inside and sandwich Eddie’s head in the first ladder. They set up a third ladder as a platform between the ring and barricade on the floor, but the Wolves head into the ring and start to climb the ladder. The Bromans set up a second ladder and climb up next to the Wolves, and all four men battle it out on top of the ladder. Robbie and Eddie go down, and Davey headbutts Jessie to send both of them tumbling to the mat. Eddie and Jessie both tumble over the top rope on a suplex, and Davey dropkicks Robbie onto the ladder platform from earlier and then KILLS him with the top rope double stomp onto the ladder. The Wolves both get back in the ring and climb the ladders when DJ Z comes zipping back down to the ring. He rushes up the ladder, ut the Wolves grab him and hiptoss him off the ladder, over the top rope, and onto the Bromans at ringside. The Bromans trio is DEAD as the Wolves grab the belts for the win.

Winners: The Wolves

That finish was insane, and this was easily the Bromans’ best match ever, any of them.

Rebel asks Knux if he’s sure about this, but he says of course he is, and asks the guys if they’re ready to come out yet. The two people who come out defy description, but Knux is really excited, so we’ll see what happens with them later on.

Spud is running around the TNA offices going crazy, asking Kathryn where Bully Ray went. I guess he took off with the rest of the office workers.

Frankie Kazarian vs Knux

Okay, so this is the debut of the Menagerie, and they do have one heck of an elaborate entrance, including Rebel doing a split on the bottom rope. Kazarian jumps Knux from behind, but Knux whips Kazarian to the corner and sends him sailing over the top rope to the floor. Kazarian comes back in with a springboard dropkick and chokes Knux on the middle rope, then boots him square in the face before coming face to face with Crazy Steve. Kazarian backs away from Steve and the Freak, and Knux hiptosses him back into the ring and rolls over him with a pair of clotheslines and hits a backdrop. Knux catches Kazarian with the short crossbody, then hits the Sky High for the win.

Winner: Knux

We go back to the TNA offices where Spud finds the office staff wearing Bully Fears Dixie shirts. Bully comes up behind him and tells him to go out for a case of beer, then asks the staff their motto. They say “Bully Fears Dixie”, so he says they have some work to do.

We look back at last week when James Storm inadvertently cost Ken Anderson a shot at the TNA World Title, and on next week’s show, those two men will face off in the ring. We go back to the locker room when Gunner tells Anderson that he doesn’t like to win that way, then asks what could have made Sam Shaw the way he is and wonders if he went through some kind of trauma. Anderson says he doesn’t know and he’s probably crazy.

Spud comes back to the TNA office as everyone is partying down and making a big ruckus. Spud jumps on the table and tells everyone to calm down because they’re trying to run a business there. Bully tells Spud that he’s a killjoy, then asks everyone if they want him to leave and have Dixie back, and they all say no. Bubba tells Spud he’ll leave if he tells him where Dixie is, and he claims he doesn’t know, but Bubba makes Spud swear he doesn’t know where Dixie is, so he tells Spud that if he has a beer with him, he’ll leave. Spud says he normally doesn’t drink, but he’ll do it if it gets Bubba out of here. Spud takes a sip, and Bubba picks him up and powerbombs him through a table. He grabs Spud’s cell phone out of his pocket and looks through the contacts and goes “So that’s where she lives!” He gets everyone to yell their new company motto, “get the tables,” and then leaves to presumably head to Dixie’s house.

Willow is backstage doing a Willow promo about his match with Magnus as only Willow can.

It’s main event time!

Brutus Magnus vs Willow

Magnus jumps Willow on the floor before the match and then brings him inside and unloads on him. Willow comes back with the classic Jeff Hardy combo, then nails him with an inverted enziguiri. Willow with a handspring slap to the face to drop Magnus in the corner, but Magnus escapes to the floor to try and break Willow’s momentum. It doesn’t work, as Willow baseball slides him and then does another baseball slide intpo a splash on the floor. Willow sends Magnus back into the ring, but Graham comes out of nowhere and rams Willow into the ring steps to cause a DQ.

Winner: Willow by DQ

Magnus stands in the corner watching doubtfully while Graham continues pounding on Willow and handcuffs him to the ropes. He goes and gets a spare turnbuckle bolt from under the ring and uses it to work Willow over while Magnus watches. Willow even sells with that stupid Willow voice.

MVP comes into Eric Young’s locker room and says he promised to tell EY his opponent at Slammiversary tonight, and he’s a man of his word. He’s going out to the ring and will name EY’s opponent after this last commercial break.

We go back to the trainer’s room where he’s examining Kurt Angle. He points out that nothing’s broken, but that it’s all swollen up and the ACL is clearly torn. Angle asks what that means, and the trainer informs him that it means he’ll have to have surgery. Angle again buries his face in his hands.

MVP is in the ring and says he won’t let an altercation with Bobby Roode keep him from announcing Eric Young’s opponent for Slammiversary. He asks Eric to join him in the ring, then again tells Eric how proud he is of overcoming all the obstacles he has. He tells Eric that he’s an inspiration to everyone, including himself, and he wishes everyone had Eric’s heart and tenacity. Eric said he wanted to defend the title against the toughest challengers in the world, and it’s his job to find those challengers for him, and the man who will challenge Eric Young at Slammiversary…nobody comes out. Eric asks MVP what’s going on, and MVP says he must be late, but since his music didn’t play, he’ll break it to him this way: MVP suckerpunches Eric, puts the boots to him, then wraps his chain around his fist and pounds Eric’s skull in. MVP tells Eric that he’ll see him at Slammiversary, gives him one last stomp, and leaves as we call it a week.


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