TNA Impact Wrestling Report – 9/12/13

The show opens with a terrific video package looking at the final four in this year’s Bound For Glory Series and what it took for them to get to this stage of the tournament. It puts over how much tonight means to each man’s quest to become the TNA World Champion, then the video package turns to tonight’s TNA World Title match between Bully Ray and his Vice President, Ken Anderson. We look at the build of the dissension between the two men and the breaking point last week when Anderson refused to save Bubba from Sting’s Scorpion Deathlock.



We then go to the arena where Bully Ray comes out to the ring with Brooke Tessmacher on his arm and the TNA World Title belt over his shoulder. Bubba says that he is in a very bad mood and it’s in everybody’s best interests to not piss him off. Things haven’t been going great in his family lately since he and his Vice President haven’t been on the same page, but he’s willing to forgive Anderson since the cause of all their problems has been “that piece of crap” Hulk Hogan. The fans start chanting for Hogan, and almost as if on cue, Hogan’s music hits and he comes out to make fun of Bubba for whining and crying. Hogan thanks SpikeTV for making tonight’s show free and live in St Louis, Missouri, and he promises that by the end of the night, we’ll have our main event for Bound For Glory. But before we get there, Hogan says Bubba needs to worry about defending his title against one of his brothers, BROTHER. Bubba tells Hogan he’s the reason there’s problems in Aces & Eights and he knows Ken Anderson will do the right thing, but Hogan again says he needs to worry about putting the title on the line against one of his brothers, BROTHER. Bubba says that if he’s here, he wants him to come out and tell him face to face, so the Aces & Eights music hits and Ken Anderson comes strolling out of the back. Hogan extends his hand, but Anderson just walks right past him and gets into the ring to face Bubba. Bubba points out how Anderson turned his back on Hogan, and it’s because their colors are stronger than Hogan will ever be. Bubba tells Anderson that all he has to do is apologize and this is all over, and Anderson says Bubba is absolutely right because he was out of line…and he can’t friggin’ wait to get out of line again tonight! Anderson drills Bubba in the face with a right hand, then yells to Bubba as he runs up the ramp that we’re going to have a new World Champion and his name is MISTER ANDERSON…ANDERSON. Hogan throws one more log on the fire and announces that the match is now a Last Man Standing Match.

Mike and Taz run through tonight’s Bound For Glory Series matches, and then it’s time to start the semifinals!

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Austin Aries vs AJ Styles

Aries and Styles start off trading wristlocks and headlocks, but Aries catches AJ with a dropkick that sends him rolling out to the floor, then follows right up by taking AJ out with a dive. Aries rolls AJ back into the ring and goes for a missile dropkick, but AJ swats him aside and drills Aries with a pinpoint dropkick of his own. Now AJ tries a dive, but Aries slides back into the ring and AJ lands on the floor. Aries waits for AJ to get back to his feet and goes for a heat seeking missile through the ropes, but AJ nails him coming in with a leaping enziguiri. They unload on each other with chops in the corner, then trade forearms and have knocked each other silly as we go to commercial.

We’re back as AJ and Aries are still going toe to toe with forearms shots. Aries goes for a roaring elbow, but AJ clocks him coming in and unloads with a series of strikes. Aries goes for a crucifix bomb, but AJ holds his ground and flips Aries off his back and into an over the knee neckbreaker for 2. AJ goes for the Styles Clash, but Aries gets to the ropes, so AJ dumps him to the apron and drills Aries with an elbow that sends him out to the floor. AJ slingshots over the top rope with a crossbody onto Aries, then rolls him back inside and prepares for a springboard forearm, but Aries sees him coming and shoves him off the ropes, causing AJ to take a nasty spill and basically land on his face on the floor. AJ seems okay as he climbs back up to the ring apron, but Aries knocks AJ back out to the floor and goes for the heat seeking missile again, but AJ springboards off the ropes as Aries charges toward him and drills him with the flying forearm for 2. AJ goes for the Styles Clash again, but Aries counters to a Frankensteiner and goes for the IED, and AJ gets the boot up and catches Aries in the face coming in. Now AJ runs off the ropes and right into a dropkick from Aries, who goes for the brainbuster, AJ escapes, but Aries goes back to the brainbuster and hits it the second time. AJ kicks out at 2, so Aries goes for the Last Chancery. AJ still won’t quit, so Aries goes up for the 450 splash, AJ gets up and goes after Aries, but Aries boxes AJ’s ears to knock him to the mat and goes for the 450. AJ moves, but Aries lands on his feet and goes for the IED again, and AJ moves and causes Aries to impale himself on the corner. Aries is hanging upside down in the corner, so AJ goes to the second rope and steals the finish from their 2005 match in ROH by hitting a Styles Clash off the second rope for the win.

Winner: AJ Styles

Great match, and though they threw in a couple of spots where it looked like Aries would grab this one, AJ goes to the finals as expected.

We go back to the locker room where Sting is telling Brutus Magnus that they made an exception to the former World Champion rule because they knew he was only two wins away from a shot at becoming a World Champion. Magnus tells Sting that with all due respect, he’s tired of being referred to as the future of wrestling. Sting and Joe have taught him so much, and tonight, the future will become now.

We come back from commercial and Bobby Roode is demanding that Magnus come out right now, so it looks like we’re not wasting any time getting to our second semifinal!

Bound For Glory Series Semifinal: Bobby Roode vs Brutus Magnus

They start brawling as soon as Magnus enters the ring, and Magnus dominates the action and forces Roode to roll out to the floor to break the momentum. Magnus gets too close to Roode and gets dragged under the bottom rope and rammed into the ring apron. Roode clotheslines Magnus out on the floor and then rolls him back inside and delivers a pair of knees to the gut and a back suplex for 2. Magnus looks like he’s added even more muscle mass than he already had, but it doesn’t do him much good as he gets choked on the middle rope by Roode. Roode catches Magnus with a flying knee for 2 and then goes to a rear chinlock. Magnus gets out of the chinlock and goes for the Marufuji clothesline, Roode ducks it, but Magnus turns around and rips his head off with another big clothesline. The tide has turned, as Magnus catches Roode coming off the second rope with a crossbody and counters to a Michinoku Driver for 2. Roode goes to the eyes and hits a spinebuster for 2, then he puts Magnus on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Magnus counters to a gourdbuster and comes off the top rope with the elbowdrop, but Roode kicks out at 2. Magnus waits for Roode to get to his feet, Roode rolls him up with a handful of tights, Magnus kicks out at 2 and Roode immediately tries to get him in the Crippler Crossface, but Magnus rolls right out and puts Roode in the Texas Cloverleaf. Roode nearly gets to the ropes, Magnus drags him back out to the middle of the ring and Roode nearly taps, but Roode manages to drag himself back to the ropes to force the break. Roode rolls out to the floor and Magnus goes out after him, but Roode goes right back in and kicks the middle rope into Magnus’ ding ding as he comes back inside. Roode goes for the Perfectplex, but Magnus picks a double leg takedown and catches Roode in a jackknife cradle for 3.

Winner: Brutus Magnus

We go backstage where Roode is trashing the backstage area while Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian try to calm him down. Roode says that since Hogan screwed them, it’s time for them to screw Hogan, and if he’s not going to Bound For Glory, nobody’s going to Bound For Glory.

Speaking of Hogan, we go back to the locker room where Hogan is telling TJ Perkins (minus the Manik mask) what a great job he’s doing, and TJ says that’s why he wants Jeff Hardy in the ring. Hogan starts to tell TJ that Hardy’s no walk in the park, but he’s got it. Dixie Carter comes into Hogan’s locker room and asks TJ to take a hike so she can have a word with Hogan, and says the Bellator attorneys sent TNA a letter to tell them that Rampage Jackson and Tito Ortiz have both been pulled from TNA. Hogan says that’s great, he’s tired of Tito Ortiz and his drama, and the deal with them is done.

Bully Ray is backstage in the Aces & Eights clubhouse saying that he can’t believe how Ken Anderson turned on him, and looking around at the three remaining members of the gang, they look happy over what happened last week and it looks to him like they want Anderson to beat him for the title and become the new President of Aces & Eights. He put the club together for them, and that selfish bastard did nothing. He brought Anderson in and made him one of them, and he asks each of the remaining members if they want Anderson as their new President. None of them answer, so he tells them they don’t, they all make him proud because of the way they wear their colors, and he hopes they all feel the same about him.

We take a quick look back at the semifinal matches in the Bound For Glory Series from earlier tonight, then we go to a video package looking at the history of tonight’s Bully Ray-Ken Anderson match. We see how Anderson failed Bubba when Chris Sabin beat him for the title, the arguments they got into over Tito Ortiz being inducted into the club, and Anderson leaving Bubba to twist in the wind at the end of last week’s show. Now it’s time for President vs Vice President for the TNA World Title!

TNA World Title/Last Man Standing Match: Bully Ray vs Ken Anderson

They start brawling in the aisle before the bell, with Anderson getting the advantage and dumping Bubba into the ring where he continues the assault. Anderson rams Bubba hard into the corner and then mounts him to rain down punches to the champion’s face. Anderson launches Bubba out to the floor where he lands right in front of Taz, who says he can’t help Bubba but tells him to regroup. Anderson goes right back after Bubba, who pulls Christy Hemme in front of him as a shield, but Anderson goes right back after Bubba as soon as Christy is out of the way. Bubba goes to the eyes to slow Anderson down, then drills him with a big right hand and rams him into the ring steps. Bubba tells Brooke to get him a steel chair, then rams Anderson into the steps again and lays him out with a short clothesline. Brooke comes back with the chair, but Anderson gets ahold of it and wallops Bubba over the back with it before hammering him with more right hands. Bubba rolls into the ring to try and escape Anderson, but Anderson comes back in with the chair, punches Bubba in the ding ding when he goes to the second rope, and carries him out of hte corner to hit a Finlay Roll. Anderson rolls back out to the floor and yells “Anderson…GET THE TABLES!” He pulls a table out from under the ring and slides it inside, but he took too long on the floor and eats a big boot from Bubba as he comes back inside. Now Bubba has the chair, nudges the referee out of the way with it, and smashes the chair over Anderson’s back. Bubba sets the table up in the corner as we take this very inopportune moment to go to commercial.

We’re back, the table is still standing in the corner, and Bubba is smashing the chair over Anderson’s back so hard he almost bends it in half. Bubba backs Earl Hebner to the corner and starts yelling at him, but Earl loses his mind and starts yelling back at Bubba, backing him to the middle of the ring. Bubba calmly shoves Earl headfirst into the corner and knocks him out, but turns around and takes the Mic Check into the chair fro a revived Ken Anderson. Anderson waits around until it becomes clear that Hebner isn’t conscious yet, and he tries to pick Bubba up but finds himself in the receiving end of a Bubba Cutter onto the chair. Knux, Garett Bischoff, and Wes Brisco come out to the ring and appear to be there to help Anderson to his feet, but we see what’s coming a mile away here. Indeed, Brooke comes into the ring and low blows Anderson from behind before making out with Bubba, who orders the gang to finish Anderson off. Anderson tries to fight them off, but the three Aces & Eights members hit a triple powerbomb and lay Anderson out flat. Bubba finally revives Hebner and tells him to count, but Anderson barely makes it up at 9. Bubba is irate and yells at Anderson that he just doesn’t know when to stay down, but Anderson starts firing back on Bubba with right hands. Bubba drills Anderson with a BIG clothesline, then picks up the chain from the corner and wraps it around his fist. He waits for Anderson to get to his feet and then drills him square in the face and knocks him out again. Hebner starts to count as a bloody Anderson struggles to his feet, and Bubba confidently puts the chain back in the corner since he assumes it’s over, but Anderson is up again at 9. Bubba is in shock as Anderson stands on his own two feet and tells Bubba to come again, but Bubba charges and spears Anderson through the table and knocks him out yet a third time. Bubba picks up a jagged piece of the table and holds it ready to nail Anderson if he gets back to his feet again, but Anderson is totally out of gas this time and stays down for the ten count.

Winner: Bully Ray

That was a hell of a brawl and a great match to go out on if this really is it for Anderson. Ringside medics put a hard collar on Anderson and they drag him onto a gurney as Taz says he hopes Anderson learned his lesson. The medics load Anderson onto the stretcher and start to wheel him to the back, but Bubba charges the stretcher and the medics run for their lives. Bubba rolls the stretcher to the top of the ramp, flips it over and sends Anderson crashing to the ramp, then yanks the collar off and tears the Aces & Eights cut off of Anderson before whiping him with it. Bubba picks Anderson back up and piledrives him on the ramp, and then Bubba hovers right over Anderson and asks if he knows who he is. He says he’s Bully Ray, the World Champion, and the man who just took him out. Bubba takes his belt and holds it high as he stands over the fallen Anderson and we go to commercial.

Next week: No Surrender continues as ODB challenges Mickie James for the Knockouts Title, and we go to an interview where ODB says she hasn’t been the Knocked Up Champion for three years, and she almost gave up drinking to prepare for this one, but she’s taking that Knocked Out Title next week, BAAAAAAAAAAAM!

James Storm and Gunner are in the ring, and Storm says they were going to just sit around drinking and watching the finals of the Bound For Glory Series, but Gunner wants to fight and Storm says they can do both in one night. Now all they need is opponents, and it doesn’t matter who it is because someone in the back needs to man up. Chavo Guerrero, Jr comes out with Hernandez and reminds us that Bound For Glory was where they first won the TNA World Tag Team Title that Storm and Gunner now hold. Chavo tells Storm that he’s one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time, not THE greatest because the greatest team of all time is whichever team he’s in, then he puts Gunner over for being one of the strongest guys in TNA. Not THE strongest guy, because that’s Hernandez, but he sees that Storm and Gunner have been on a losing streak for a while now, and they think that if they get a shot at the title, that losing streak will continue because they’re the greatest tag team, period. Gunner says that Storm likes to drink and he likes Johnny Cash, but Gunner likes to fight, so they’ll face Chavo and Hernandez next week, and if they win, they get a title shot. Gunner finishes by holding the belt up and telling Chavo and Hernandez that if they stick their nose in his business again, he’ll flatten it with the belt.

AJ Styles is backstage, and he’s…WALKING! And so is Magnus! The finals of the 2013 Bound For Glory Series is up next!

We look back at earlier tonight when Bully Ray destroyed Ken Anderson to retain the World Title, then destroyed him some more after the match and made it seem like he wouldn’t be around for a while. Now that we know who’s walking into Bound For Glory with the TNA World Title, let’s find out who his challenger will be, as it’s time for the finals of the 2013 Bound For Glory Series!

Bound For Glory Series Finals: AJ Styles vs Brutus Magnus

Just for the record, while I don’t believe these men have wrestled since (including in this year’s BFG Series), Magnus did defeat AJ in a regular season match in last year’s BFG Series, so going by that, Magnus actually comes into the match as the favorite. AJ takes Magnus down with a side headlock, but Magnus picks him up and hits a back suplex for 2, then shuts AJ down with a rear chinlock. AJ gets out, but Magnus nearly backdrops AJ into next week and covers for 2. Magnus whips AJ to the corner and charges, but AJ drop toeholds Magnus into the second turnbuckle and snapmares him out to the middle of the ring and hits an indy kick. AJ rams shoulderblocks into Magnus’ ribs in the corner, but Magnus shrugs AJ off and hammers him with big right hands. AJ hits Magnus with a back elbow, snapmares him again, and misses the leaping kneedrop. Magnus slams AJ and goes for an elbowdrop, but AJ rolls out of the way and small packages Magnus for 2. Suddenly, Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Bobby Roode run in and attack both men. Referees run out of the back to try and restore order, and they finally succeed to herd Fortune out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and AJ Styles and Magnus are back on their feet and trading blows in the middle of the ring. Magnus catches AJ with a good shot, but AJ nails him with the Pelle Kick and both men are staggered. They charge each other and hit a double clothesline that puts both men down on the mat as the referee starts the count. AJ gets up first and starts to rally, nailing Magnus with a series of strikes and chargin him in the corner. Magnus backdrops AJ out to the apron and AJ tries to springboard back in with the forearm, but Magnus drills him with a European uppercut on the way down, then immediately follows up with the Michonoku Driver for 2. Magnus goes for the Texas Cloverleaf, but AJ counters to the gogoplata (also known as the Hell’s Gate), Magnus tries to power him up, but AJ rolls through into a sunset flip for 2. AJ tries to go for the Styles Clash, but he can’t hold Magnus up, so he hits the Pelle Kick instead and gets 2. AJ goes for the Calf Killer and has Magnus trapped in the middle of the ring, but Magnus refuses to give it up. Magnus badly wants tp tap, but he fights for his life and makes it to the ropes. Magnus is free, but his leg is in bad shape and he is unable to move as AJ leaps into the corner and nails him with a forearm. Magnus catches AJ on another leaping move and counters to a sidewalk slam for 2, then he puts AJ on the top rope and tries for a superplex. AJ fights him off, Magnus climbs back up and gets knocked off again, but Magnus goes back up a third time and gets knocked off yet a third time. AJ goes to the top rope and hits the Spiral Tap to become the 2013 Bound For Glory Series Champion.

Winner: AJ Styles

Well, it was the guy we all pretty much expected to win the whole thing, but sometimes the obvious choice is the right way to go, and this was a hell of a way to wrap this year’s BFG Series up. Magnus looks like he wants to die as the outcome of the match sinks in, and looks as defeated as defeated can look as AJ Styles gets a microphone and says he told us he would do it, and he did it right here in St Louis. He tells the fans he couldn’t have done it without them, and he got a lot of response from what he said a few weeks ago, but one person he didn’t get a call, text, or tweet from one person in particular, and we all know how much Dixie Carter likes to tweet. AJ tells Dixie to get her secretary to remind her to show up next week because he’s talked about a lot of mistakes that have been made around here, but he’s about to bust the biggest mistake of them all when he sees Dixie next week.


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