TNA Impact Wrestling Results for 1/19/17

Here are  last night’s (January 19, 2017) results from TNA Impact Wrestling (courtesy of Wrestling Inc.):



Taped @ The Impact Zone In Orlando, Florida

This week’s show opens with a video chronicling the latest developments in TNA’s World Title picture. Highlights are shown from Eddie Edwards successful title defense against Lashley and EC3 two weeks ago. As well as the conclusion of last week’s #1 contenders Last Man Standing match between Bobby Lashley and EC3. Where Lashley beat the count of 10, when both he and Carter crashed through 2 tables at ringside.

Entrants: “Broken” Matt Hardy, “Brother Nero”, Eli Drake, Tyrus, “The Miracle” Mike Bennett, Crazzy Steve, Trevor Lee, Andrew Everett, Eddie Kingston, Bram, Jessie Godderz & Mahabali Shera

The show kicks off with the first ever “Race for the Case” match. 4 Briefcases are suspended above the ring in separate corners. This is similar to TNA’s old “Feast or Fired” concept, butwith a new twist. Each case is in a different color.

An all out brawl to start this off. Eli Drake and Tyrus are outside the ring plotting their first move. While each competitor individually attempts to climb up and get one of the cases. Tyrus eventually makes his way into the ring and clears house for Eli. Tyrus stands guard while Eli Drake climbs up and pulls down the red briefcase. They depart with it. The reveal of each case will be later on in the show.

The action continues. Josh Mathews and The Pope try hard to sell the concept and rules on commentary. Even The Pope is confused as to what the winners get. In his defense, He’s always confused…… Trevor Lee heads up top and secures the blue briefcase. He leaps off the top rope and onto competitors on the outside after. Lee then heads to the back. The show heads to it’s first commercial break.

Back from the break. 2 cases remain suspended above the ring. Matt Hardy is in the ring battling it out with Crazzy Steve and Mike Bennett. Matt sends Steve to the outside and then hits a neckbreaker on Bennett. Matt gets the fans to chant delete, Bennett recovers and superkicks Matt. They battle to the outside. Back in the ring, Mahabali Shera attempts to take on The DCC by himself. He succeeds and hits a sky high on Bram. Bennett comes into the ring and takes out Shera. Jeff Hardy is in the ring now and he eats a cutter from The Miracle. In comes Jessie G and he connects with a throw suplex on Bennett. Jessie tries to climb up for one of the cases. Crazzy Steve pulls him down and knocks him to the outside. Steve then leaps onto Bennett and Jessie on the ringside floor. Broken Matt is now left alone in the ring. He debates which colored case to go after. He gets a “premoneeetion” from the 7 deities and then heads for the green case. The Miracle attempts to attack Matt as he climbs towards it. Matt disposes of him quickly and then heads back up. In is Crazzy Steve again. He pulls down Matt from the top rope and they battle it out. Steve hits a leaping DDT on Matt and then climbs up the corner to go for one of the cases. Unfortunately it’s one of the corners where a case has already been pulled down.

The DCC are now in the ring. They beat down and double team Steve. Kingston and Bram hit a spike piledriver on him. Jessie G leaps off the ropes and onto The DCC. He slips but still connects. Jessie then gets Kingston in The Adonis Lock. Bennett is in and Jessie slingshots Kingston into him. Jessie heads to the top to climb for the yellow case. Kingston rises up and pushes Jessie while he gets a hold of it. He fumbles it to the outside and it falls into the arms of Bram. Bram is ruled the winner of the case as a result.

Only 1 briefcase remains. The one that Matt had a “premoneeetion” about. The Hardy’s take out Jessie G with some tandem offense. Jessie is still eligible to win a case despite losing his grip on the last one. Nero heads for the green case while Matt and Mike Bennett start exchanging strikes. Matt hits a twist of fate and Jeff secures the last case.

Winners: Eli Drake, Bram, Trevor Lee & Jeff Hardy

The Hardy’s celebrate their victory after the match. The winners of the cases are supposedly allowed to choose anything they want for their respective teams. So Bram’s win is a win for The DCC. Lee’s for The Dynasty and of course Nero for The Broken Hardy’s.

A career moments video package airs of Drew Galloway and Moose.. It shows Galloway and The Moose’s TNA debuts. A promo by Drew Galloway backstage follows this. Drew talks about what TNA has been like since he has been gone. He puts over Moose as a great Grand Champion. Galloway talks about how he defeated Eddie Edwards to qualify for The Grand Championship Final at Bound For Glory. For him only to be pulled from the match by TNA’s doctors. Drew says that he could go for The World Title if he wanted. He states that he could because he beat the current TNA champion Eddie Edwards in his last match, but Drew wants to make due on a promise he made. That he would become The Grand Champion and make that title the #1 championship in the world. Galloway says that if anyone can do it. He can because he is the personification of pro wrestling.

Back from the break, Bobby Lashley makes his way to the ring. He brags about being the new #1 contender and eliminating EC3 from the world title picture. Lashley says that no one will stop him from becoming TNA World Champion again. He calls out the current champ Eddie Edwards. Eddie heads to the ring and confronts Lashley. He tells Bobby that he owes him nothing because he beat Lashley for The World Title, and has already proven himself. Edwards calls himself a true fighting champion and that his goal is to take TNA to the next level. Eddie asks Bobby how he is going to take the title away from him. Lashley mocks Edwards for calling himself a fighting champion. Lashley says that Edwards is a fluke champion who has needed help from his Wolves partner to retain his title. Edwards gets upset and calls the title his life. Lashley calls out Eddie and challenges him to prove that he is a true fighting champion. By defending The TNA World Championship in a 30 minute Iron Man match against him. Eddie accepts the challenge and insults Lashley. Bobby knocks Edwards down with a cheapshot. Lashley beats down Edwards and then sets up for a spear. Davey Richards comes to the ring with a steel chair in hand to save his partner. Lashley leaves the ring and Richards tends to Edwards. They raise hands in the ring together.

Maria is in the back on her cell phone. She is leaving a message on Allie’s phone. Just then, Brooke is walking by. Maria grabs her. Maria tells Brooke that she is the girl who is known for shaking her butt. Maria pretends to forget Brooke’s name and calls her Bobby or Brooklyn. Brooke grabs Maria’s arm and reintroduces herself as the former 3 time Knockouts Champion. Brooke then tells Maria to stay out of her business.

Back from the break, Deonna Purrazzo is in the ring waiting for her opponent.

Brooke vs. Deonna Purrazzo

It goes without saying that Brooke looks good as always. It stands out more now because she just recently gave birth not too long ago. Josh Mathews promotes her upcoming reality show called “Rattled”. Madison Rayne is on commentary for this match. She puts over both women and goes over their history together. Dating back to 2014. Deonna showcases her chain wrestling skills early on. Brooke battles back and sends Deonna to the outside with a clothesline. Brooke chases after Deonna and throws her into the steel barricade. She then rams Purrazzo’s head into the ring apron. Brooke continues to bring the fight to Deonna, now in the ring. Brooke does a roll through on Deonna and applies a reverse bridging chinlock. She then transitions it into a swinging neck breaker. Deonna fights back and hits a stiff knee on Brooke. She then taunts Brooke and grounds and pounds her. Both women are now on their feet, Brooke starts to fire up and spring off the ropes. She hits a series of forearm shots on Purrazzo. Brooke then hits a flurry of moves, nips up and finishes off Deonna with a front face suplex/flatliner type move for the victory. Not sure if I am describing that correctly. However, Josh Mathews calls it a “Oh What a move”. That’s his signature call for almost all moves.

Brooke defeats Deonna Purrazzo by pinfall

After the match, Sienna runs out to the ring and attempts to attack Brooke. She fails initially when Brooke sees her coming down and goes after her. After a brief scuffle, Sienna hits Brooke with the silencer and knocks her down. Sienna stands over Brooke and taunts her. She tells Brooke that “Maria says welcome back”.

Eli Drake is on his Fact of Life set with Tyrus. Drake whispers something to him. Tyrus then tells the crowd that Drake’s briefcase reveal is coming up next after the break….

When the show returns. Maria is backstage and is talking to Braxton Sutter. She tells him that she left him a voicemail. Maria says that she is Allie’s boss and that she is a horrible assistant. Braxton tells Maria that she doesn’t know what type of person Allie is. He calls her a beautiful person, and says that she doesn’t need to be around people like her. Maria mocks Sutter for defending Allie. She instructs Sutter to stop training Allie and break up with her. He refuses to do so. Maria tells Braxton that he must stop training and dating Allie or else. She then reveals what may happen to Allie by whispering it into Sutter’s ear. Maria asks again and a sullen Braxton Sutter agrees to Maria’s request. Maria then tells Sutter to go find Laurel Van Ness.

The Fact of Life

Tyrus is hosting while Drake sticks with his recent vow of silence. On set as guests are the other briefcase winners from tonight’s “Race For The Case” match. Brother Nero, The DCC and Trevor Lee. The numbers of each case are going to be revealed. Eli Drake reveals the number on his case and it is #4. The worst possible scenario. Jeff Hardy and company laugh at the result of the reveal. Drake is upset with this. The DCC is up next. Their case is revealed to be #2. The DCC highfave and leave the set.

Tyrus and Drake mock Trevor Lee before he reveals his case. Tyrus tries to trick Lee into trading his case. Lee asks for Tyrus’s chain and headphones. Tyrus refuses. Trevor then struggles to open his case. Drake hits the Dummy button during this. The case is eventually opened and revealed to be #3. Therefore Jeff Hardy’s case is #1. Brother Nero says that no matter what he chooses for a match. His opponent will be obsolete. He then sings a line from the song. Tyrus and Drake storm off the set to end the segment.

More career moments are shown of Drew Galloway and Moose. With Drew Galloway’s world title victory over Matt Hardy shown and Moose’s victory over The Miracle at Bound For Glory.

Back from the break. Allie is backstage and meets up with Braxton Sutter. He tells her that he can’t see her anymore. Allie is confused and saddened by this. She thinks that her fast speaking and being socially awkward is the reason for the split. Braxton won’t reveal why he has to end their relationship. He walks off and Allie sobs.

Rockstar Spud is up on the stage and introduces Aron Rex. They make their way to the ring. Robbie E is out next. He gets on the mic and mocks Aron’s new look. He then introduces Swoggle as his backup against Spud in this match.

Aron Rex & Rockstar Spud vs. Robbie E & Swoggle

Silly comedy match here. Which some of the crowd was actually entertained by. Swoggle and Spud start things off. Spud eventually gets the advantage. Arron Rex gets on the mic while he is on the apron. He tags in and says that he is going to interrupt this violence to let the fans see him. When Swoggle starts getting up and touches his leg. Rex screams in a effeminate voice and calls to Spud to get Swoggle off of him. Swoggle eventually battles back and hits The GTS on Spud. Rex is in, Swoggle bites him and tags in Robbie. Robbie hits a flurry of moves on Rex and then Spud. He then uses Swoggle and throws him into Rex and Spud. Who are laid out in opposite corners. Swoggle gives Spud a stinkface. When Spud gets back up, He goes into his tights and puts a ring on his finger. He punches and knocks out Swoggle. Robbie E goes after Spud and takes him to the outside floor. Rex gets up and pins a knocked out Swoggle.

Aron Rex & Rockstar Spud defeat Robbie E & Swoggle

More “career moment” highlights of Galloway and Moose are shown as hype for their main event. Galloway’s turn on Aron Rex is shown. Moose’s Grand Championship victory over Rex is also shown.

Back from the break. A video is shown chronicling the current Rosemary-Jade feud. The video ends with hype for their Monster’s Ball match next week on Impact.

We are now in the parking lot and Laurel Van Ness is with Braxton Sutter. She is tugging on his arm and thanks him for the ride. Sutter sells being upset with having to cater to Laurel.

Another Moose/Drew Galloway video airs. This time it’s a hype video with both men talking about their upcoming Grand Championship match. Moose and Drew both talk about their careers and their thoughts on each other. They each talk of their respect for one another. Moose says that he doubts that Drew will make it out of the 2nd round with him. Drew says that he is better than Moose and is the man meant to be holding The Grand Championship.

Grand Championship Match
Moose vs. Drew Galloway

Round One

Feeling out process early on. Moose ends up showcasing some of his athleticism when Drew tries to show him up. Both men then start trading several chops back and forth. Moose hits a dropkick to end the exchange. The pace picks up, Galloway leaps onto Moose but he catches him and hits a fall a way slam. With under a minute left in the round, Drew evades Moose and hits a hanging pile driver. Drew and Moose exchange strikes back and forth to end the round.

Round One Scorecard

Jeremy Borash announces the scores from round one. Judge 1 scores the round 10-9 for Moose. While Judges 2 and 3 score the round 10-9 in favor of Galloway. Drew wins the round 29-28.

Round Two

Both men brawl on the outside of the ring. They trade several strikes. Drew ends up hitting Moose with a DVD on the ring apron. Moose battles back and hits an apron power bomb on Galloway. Both men beat the count before being counted out. Under a minute left. Action back inside, Moose hits a pop up powerbomb on Drew. He then follows that up with a senton. He then attempts a second rope moonsault but misses. Galloway locks Moose into The Iron Maiden submission hold. Moose teases tapping out but ends up hanging on till the end of round 2.

Round Two Scorecard

Moose surprisingly wins round two 29-28. Judges 1 & 3 score the round 10-9 for him. While only Judge 2 has Drew winning the round 10-9. If this was a shoot, Judges 1 & 3 would never be allowed to judge ever again after this scoring. Maybe the judges are Moose’s former Falcon teammates.

Round Three

Both men go toe to toe at the start of the final round. They both end up blocking each other’s finishers in the opening minute. Drew tries to leap off of the top rope but Moose hits him with a standing dropkick in mid-air. Moose tries to hit him with the game changer. Drew retreats and then hits a low blow on him. The ref calls for a stoppage in the match. Galloway is deducted a point by the referee because of the low blow. Moose is given time to recover, He refuses it and when he does. Galloway charges in full speed and hits him with The Claymore. Galloway then covers and pins Moose.

Drew Galloway defeats Moose in Round 3 by pinfall to become the new TNA Grand Champion

Impact ends with Galloway celebrating with his newly won Grand Championship by shoving it into the faces of the judges at ringside.

TNA has announced that “Genesis” will return next week on Impact. Eddie Edwards will defend The TNA World Championship against Bobby Lashley in a 30 minute Iron-Man match. Also scheduled is Rosemary defending The Knockouts Title versus Jade in a Monsters Ball match.

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