TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 2/21/13

Impact Wrestling starts off with a video package about Jeff Hardy. Jeff was attacked about a month ago after his match with Daniels. He suffered a knee injury and we haven’t seen him in three weeks. Last week, there were a series of matches to determine the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title. Bully Ray was suppose to compete, but he is injured. He can’t believe it. Brooke tells Hulk that he should give Bully some thought. As Hogan was going to announce the #1 Contender, Aces & 8s came out and stopped him. Bully Ray and Sting saved the day to help Hogan out.



The video ends and the camera shows the arena. The crowd is on their feet cheering away. As the commentators welcome us, Hulk Hogan’s music hits. Hulkster comes out and the crowd cheers. He makes his way down the ramp and gets in the ring. He grabs a mic and does some taunting. Hogan says he has been thinking about it all day and this place makes him feel like he is at home. He loves it here. He also loves it to have everyone involved in his choice last week. Well, as soon as he was going to announce the contender, Aces & 8s came out. While something could be really bad, it can also be really good. Hogan had all week to decide who will face Jeff. Hogan decided that this man stood out above everyone else. He is the only man for the job. The #1 Contender for the TNA World Title against Jeff Hardy at Lockdown is… Bully Ray! Ray’s music plays and he comes on the stage. He is shocked. Ray asks, “Really?” Ray walks down the ramp. He raises his arm and the crowd cheers. Ray gets in the ring and Hogan hands him the mic. Ray goes to speak, but he is speechless. Ray says that he doesn’t know what to say. He is in shock. He goes to say that he partially tore his quad muscle in the Tables Match a couple weeks ago. Hogan grabs a mic and says he is the toughest SOB in this company. Ray says there are other stars who competed last week that deserve a shot. Ray says all he wanted was the respect from Hogan. The greatest day of his life was when he married his daughter. He loves her. He wants to be World Champion one day, but they have bigger problems at hand. Ray tries to sell a match. Tonight, right here in London, where the fans are the loudest for TNA, will be Aces & 8s (three members) vs. Bully Ray, Sting, and one more guy. Who can that be? Ray thinks that one guy should be “YOU” (Hogan). Ray says that they should kick some Aces & 8s @ss, dad. Hogan shakes the hand of Ray and says he’s got it, brother. Hogan’s music plays and both leave the ring. Hogan shrugs his shoulders and continues to walk as Ray taunts.

Bobby Roode and Austin Aries are backstage. They are talking about Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They are sick of them mocking the tag champions. Just then, Daniels and Kazarian meet up with them. They are glad that they are the tag team champions because they didn’t like Chavo and Hernandez either. They are glad that they are teaming up tonight n the 8 man tag. Daniels and Kaz leave and Austin tells Roode to follow his lead. Roode says that he should follow his lead. Austin makes the point that Kaz and Daniels should follow their lead. Roode agrees.


Music hits and Daniels and Kazarian come out. They get right in the ring. Music hits again and here comes the TNA Tag Team Champions. Bobby Roode has the title around his waist as does Austin Aries. Both make their way down the ramp. They get in the ring and taunt from the corners. Music plays and here comes Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. They make their way to the ring. After they are in the ring, Mr. Parks walks out. The crowd does a huge pop. He gets in the ring and shakes the hands of Chavo and Hernandez. James Storm comes out with his sunglasses, cowboy hat, and trench coat. He gets in the ring.

Daniels, Kazarian, Austin Aries, and Bobby Roode vs. Chavo Guerrero, Hernandez, Mr. Parks, and James Storm
James starts out against Daniels. They are right in the face of each other. Daniels pushes James, but James does a punch to the face. Daniels goes after James, but James whips him in the ropes. Daniels knocks him down with a shoulder block. He gets up and James does a back body drop. He then closelines Daniels out of the ring. A member from his team gets in and goes after Storm. They throw him out of the ring. Just then, all of the members come in from each side. They go after each other. Roode is tossed out and he goes right after Storm, but Storm punches him down. Kaz, Daniels, and Austin slowly follow. James gets back in and the teams are divided up.


Chavo has Kazarian in the ring and has him on the ropes. He throws him in the opposing side. Kaz comes back and Chavo twirls around and does a hurricanrona. Both get up and Chavo tags Mr. Parks. Parks gets in and Kaz tries to attack him. He runs into the ropes and tries for a flying cross body, but he falls right down after hitting Parks. Parks turns around. Daniels gets in and does a chop block to the knee. Kaz gets up and goes right after him. He brings him in the corner. Roode and Aries get in. They double attack Parks. They go for a double suplex, but they can’t lift Parks. They drop him down and start trash talking. Daniels tags Roode on the back. He gets in and goes right after Parks. He puts him in the corner and works on the leg. He brings Mr. Parks down on the mat and continues to stomp on the knee. He tags Kaz in. Kaz stomps on Parks from his knee to his chest. He tags Daniels. He gets in, stomps more and applies a headlock. He punches the head of Parks and then rubs his boot over the face of Joseph. He punches the head again as Parks sits on the mat. Daniels turns Parks to his knees. Parks punches Daniels right in the gut. Austin tags himself in, but Roode tags himself in. He gets in and Kaz tags himself in. They all yell at each other. Kaz and Daniels meet up and whip Parks in the corner. He comes back and double closelines them down. Daniels and Kaz get up and they go to the corner, but Roode and Austin leave the apron and walk up the ramp. They are done. Parks tags James in. He enters and goes right after Daniels and Kaz. He does a double knee backbreaker and then the double knee face breaker. He tags Chavo. He enters and does a Frog Splash to Daniels. Kaz gets up and Chavo is able to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. James enters. James does the Last Call Superkick. They bring Parks in. He climbs the corner and hits a big splash. Chavo gets the cover on Kaz and wins. They celebrate.

Winners: Chavo Guerrero, Mr. Parks, Hernandez, James Storm

A replay is shown from earlier as Hogan announces Bully Ray as the #1 Contender for the TNA World Title.


A video plays showing footage from British Bootcamp. The winner is Rockstar Spud. He made his debut two weeks ago. Robbie E gave his thoughts about the new-bee. Robbie T let Spud do his thing and knock Robbie E right down.
Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces the next match. Robbie E. and Robbie T. come out. Mr. E is all over Mr. T to pump him up. they get in the ring and Mr. E gets on his knees to taunt. Mr. T raises his arms behind Robbie E. Rockstar Spud comes out next. The crowd cheers. He makes his way to the ring.

Robbie E w/ Robbie T vs. Rockstar Spud
They meet face to face, but Spud pushes Robbie back into the corner with his chest. Robbie punches back and then whips Spud in the ropes. He knocks him right down. Robbie stomps on him and then yells at him. He whips him in the ropes again. Spud slides under the legs of Robbie and then hits a dropkick. Mr. E gets up in the corner. Spud runs to him, but Robbie kicks him right in the face. Spud falls. Robbie climbs the corner and plants his knee right in the throat of Spud. He hits Spud’s back and yells at him some more. Spud tries to fight back, but Robbie knees him in the gut. He whips him in the corner hard. Robbie runs, but Spud moves out of the way. Robbie gets out and Spud closelines him twice. He runs into the ropes and hits a tornado DDT. Spud gets on the apron and climbs the corner. Spud goes for a flying leg drop, but Robbie moves out of the way. Robbie grabs the clipboard from Mr. T, but Mr. T holds onto it. Robbie gives up and turns around. Spud rolls him up and gets the pin. Robbie E is shocked. He is stunned. So is Spud.

Winner: Rockstar Spud

Robbie T gets in the ring. Robbie E starts to yell at him. Mr. T turns away and Mr. E turns his head around. He gives him a push and then slaps him in the face. Mr. T throws the clipboard down and shows the the anger in his face. He walks forward and Mr. E walks back. He flops through the ropes to get to the outside. Robbie E gets away as Mr. T looks on. He gets out and Robbie E runs to the back. Mr. T slowly walks up the ramp.

Tara and Jesse are walking backstage. Jesse tells Tara that she will keep the title and she has him as her boyfriend. It will be great.


Velvet Sky comes to the ring first. As she does, footage from 3 weeks ago plays when she pinned Tara. Gail Kim makes her way out next and the crowd boos. She comes to the ring and footage plays from her match last week. She got the pin in it. Ms. Tessmacher comes out and the crowd cheers. As she gets in the ring, footage from two weeks ago plays. She pinned Tara. Finally, Tara comes out with the Knockout Title around her waist. Jesse is at her side. They walk down the ramp together. Music plays and here comes Brook Hogan. She is the executive to the Knockout Division. She will be watching the match from ringside.

Velvet Sky vs. Gail Kim vs. Ms. Tessmacher vs. Tara for the Knockout Title
Tessmacher goes right after Gail and Sky attacks Tara. Sky puts Tara in the corner and does shoulder tackles in the gut. Tessmacher goes for a quick roll-up, but Gail kicks out. The other two turn to them and Tara and Gail team up after Tessmacher is thrown out of the ring. They double team against Sky. Sky fights back, but Gail hits her in the gut. They put Sky in the corner and double whip her in the opposing side. Tara runs to her for a big smash. Gail runs and throws her body right into Sky’s gut. Tara does a spinning side slam to Sky and covers. Gail breaks it up. They meet each other face to face and start trash talking. Gail pushes Tara, but Tara pushes back. She whips Gail in the ropes and hits a back body drop. Tara puts Gail in the corner and punches her. She goes for a splash, but Gail moves and kicks Tara in the head. Gail goes to the outside. She meets Tessmacher. She lifts Tessmacher up on her shoulders to throw her in the steel post, but Tessmacher pushes back and hits a bulldog. Tessmacher gets in the ring and goes after Tara. Tara has Sky down now. Both fight back and forth, but Tara does a drop toe hold and Tessmacher falls on the ropes throat first. Tara does a body slam and then climbs to the top rope. She does a huge moonsault on Tessmacher. Sky gets up and hits the In Yo Face. Gail gets in and throws Tessmacher out of the ring. Gail covers Tara!

Elimination: Tara. Tara leaves the area. Tessmacher gets up and takes Gail down multiple times with closelines. Tessmacher climbs the corner, but Gail gets up and kicks her. She adds a couple punches in and climbs the corner. Tessmacher fights back. Sky gets up and grabs Gail. It turns into a power bomb superplex!!! Sky slowly crawls to Gail. Gail kicks out. Sky goes and covers Tessmacher. She kicks out. Sky kicks Gail in the gut as both are up. She goes for the In Yo Face, but Tessmacher rolls Sky up, but Sky continues in the roll. Tessmacher gets pinned. Elimination: Ms. Tessmacher. Gail and Sky are the ones left and Gail goes right after Sky. She whips her in the corner. Gail runs, but Sky kicks her in the face and hits a couple of closelines. Sky hits a hurricanrona. Both get up and Gail pushes Sky in the corner. Sky comes out and Gail does a dropkick. Sky falls. Gail covers and uses the ropes. Taryn Terrell, the referee, notices. Gail goes right in the face of Taryn. Sky gets up and Gail continues the attack. She puts her in the corner and hits a couple shoulder blocks. Sky slides down and tries for the roll-up. Gail holds onto the ropes. Taryn pushes her back to get a rope break. Both get up and Sky kicks her in the gut and hits the In Yo Face. Gail is down and out.

Winner and New Knockout Champion: Velvet Sky

Sky celebrates with the title.

Video plays from earlier where Bully Ray suggests a six man tag team match. It will be Aces & 8s vs. Bully Ray, Sting, and Hulk Hogan.

Hulk Hogan and Sting are in the room. They are preparing for the match. Hogan says that he wants Sting to watch his back. He is not like what he use to be. Sting leaves and goes to the other room where Bully Ray is. Bully asks if Hogan is fine with it. He is! Ray says it is an honor to team with Sting and Hogan. Sting wants to rip the heads off of Aces & 8s!


Footage is shown about AJ Styles. We haven’t seen him in 2 months. Cameras are being sent to his home to get footage of him. That will be shown next week. After the footage, video plays showing the great city of London.
Footage plays showing the whole Garett Bischoff and Samoa Joe rivalry. Kurt Angle took Wes and Garett in to mentor them. At the end of the day, Garett and Wes were part of Aces & 8s. They attack Kurt Angle. Aces & 8s will send them to the top of the ladder.

Christy Hemme is in the ring to introduce the next match. Music plays and here comes Garett Bischoff. Garett walks through the crowd to get in the ring. Samoa Joe’s music plays and he makes his way through the curtain. He walks to the ring with the target being on Garett’s back.

Garett Bischoff vs. Samoa Joe
Both walk around the ring slowly. They turn to each other and go to lock-up, but Joe backs him in the corner and Garett hides in the ropes. Joe backs up and Garett gets out. Joe goes for a roundhouse kick, but Garett ducks. He runs in the other direction and gets right out of the ring. Garett applies a huge smirk on his face. Joe goes to attack as soon as Garett gets close to the apron. Joe finally gets out of the ring. Garett gets in and Joe follows. Garett hits Joe on the back. He continues to try to get the upper hand, but Joe punches back. Garett pokes the eyes of Joe and then chops the back of the knee. Garett stomps on him and then works on the knee. He gets up. Joe gets in the corner. Garett punches him, but Joe doesn’t fell it. He punches back. Garett goes into the opposing corner. Garett kicks him in the knee and then knocks Joe down. He chokes him and then kicks him in the leg. Joe gets up and goes in the corner. Garett continues with kicks, but Joe fights back with punches and headbutts. Garett scrapes the head and then takes Joe down. He covers but Joe kicks out. Garett applies a side headlock. Joe elbows his way out. Garett rakes Joe’s eyes though. Joe comes back with strikes and closelines. He hits the atomic drop and then the big boot and drops right on Garett with a sexton. He puts Garett in the corner. Joe chokes him with his boot. He puts him in another corner and lifts him up to the top. He does a knife edge chop and then pushes him down. Wes Brisco comes in but Joe attacks him with strikes and headbutts. The bell sounds. Garett chokes Joe’s knee and he falls. Garett and Wes double team Joe on the mat. Music plays and here comes Kurt Angle. Wes and Garett run through the crowd as Kurt gets in the ring.
Kurt grabs a mic. He asks if they forgot about him. Kurt says he gave Wes the contract to this company. He is glad. The pain he will give Wes will be legal. Kurt will face Wes at Lockdown in a Steel Cage. It is Wes vs. the best wrestler in the world. Kurt’s music plays again.


Christy Hemme is in the ring to introduces the stars in this match. Kenny King comes out and dances his way to the ring. Rob Van Dam comes out and has the X-Division Title over his shoulder.

Kenny King vs. Rob Van Dam (Champ) for the X-Division Title
Rob goes to get in the ring, but King dropkicks RVD and he sails in the air on the outside. King gets out and does a body slam. He chokes Rob on the guard rail on the outside. He rolls RVD in the ring. He covers but RVD kicks out. King gets him up and does another body slam. King bounces off the bottom rope for a flying leg drop, but Rob misses. Both get up and RVD punches King. He goes in the corner. Rob hits his shoulder into King three times. He whips King in the opposing corner, but King reverses it. King runs to him, but Rob elbows him. RVD climbs the corner, but King pulls the leg out from under him. RVD falls on the back of his neck. King shoves his backside into RVD’s face. He covers but RVD kicks out. He gets Rob up and whips him in the ropes. King does a huge kick to the face. He covers again, but Rob kicks out. King applies a chin lock from behind. RVD gets up and elbows his way out. King pulls Rob’s head down to the mat. King does some taunting and then covers again. RVD kicks out. King does a suplex and then flips around and punches RVD in the face. He covers twice but RVD kicked out twice. King applies a headlock from behind and then releases it. King applies an abdominal stretch on the mat. RVD gets out of it. King hits the back of RVD and whips him in the corner. King runs to him, but RVD does a spinning heel kick. Both get up and RVD punches and kicks. He throws King face first into the corner. He does it again. RVD does his three finger pointing to him and kicks King in the face. Kenny gets up and closelines him down a number of times. King does another kick. King gets in the corner. RVD goes for the monkey flip, but King lands on his feet and then hits the dropkick. RVD sails back into the corner. King goes for the Royal Flush. He couldn’t hit all of it but covers. RVD kicks out. King puts RVD in the corner. King goes for the shotgun knee to the gut, but RVD moves out of the way. He keeps Kenny down and hits the Five Star Frog Splash. He keeps the title.

Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Rob Van Dam

Hulk Hogan is walking backstage. Brooke is with him. Hogan says it is a done deal and it is happening. Brooke is worried. Hogan says they attacked the family. The best wrestler, Sting is there, so they have to do this. Brooke tells him to be save and have fun.


Video plays showing the attack on Jeff Hardy a month ago. It has commentary from Jeff. He said his knee is healed and the doctor says he will be ready to go next week. He says Bully Ray will be tough at Lockdown. It could be the best Steel Cage Match of all-time. The creatures return next week.

Christy Hemme is shown to introduces this main event. Devon leads the team as Aces & 8s music plays. He has the Television Title around his waist. Mr. Anderson is next and finally Doc. They come through the crowd. They get on the apron and taunt at the same time as they raise their arms. Sting’s music plays and here comes The Icon. The crowd roars. Bully Ray comes out next and the crowd does another big pop. He meets Sting on the ramp. Both get in the ring now. Hulk Hogan’s music plays and the crowd waits. There’s no sign of Hogan though. They wait for him. His music stops. Ray doesn’t know where he is. The music plays again and Ray is pumped. No sign of Hulk and his music stops.

Aces & 8s (Devon, Mr. Anderson, and Doc) vs. Sting and Bully Ray
Aces & 8s get in the ring and they go after Sting and Ray. Doc attacks Sting while Devon and Anderson fight Ray. They have them in the corner. Doc chokes Sting with his boot. Anderson and Devon leave the corner. Ray comes out and closelines both of them. Sting fights back and whips Doc in the corner. Sting runs and smashes him in the corner. Doc comes out and Ray does a big boot. Aces & 8s are down.


We’re back, and Bubba is in trouble as he takes a 3-on-1 beating from Aces & Eights. Devon gives Bubba a tongue lashing as he puts the boots to his former partner, and Bubba fights valiantly, but is caught in the Aces & Eights corner. Devon gets a rear chinlock on Bubba, Bubba fights free but winds up back in trouble when Anderson comes in and nails him. Bubba finally spears Devon to create an opening and makes the hot tag to Sting. Sting cleans house on all three opponents and hits the Deathdrop on Doc, but Anderson breaks the cover at 2. Sting and Bubba set up for WHAZZUP on Anderson, but then Garett Bischoff, Wes Brisco, Mike Knox, and the Vice President drag Hulk and Brooke Hogan out of the back, and it looks like Hulk has taken a bit of a beating. Bubba chases Aces & Eights to the back, leaving Sting completely alone. Sting has Devon in the Scorpion Deathlock, but Doc comes in and drills Sting with a big boot for the win.

Winners: Aces & Eights

The entire Aces & Eights gang beat Sting down in the ring as Bubba comes back out to the ramp to check on Hulk and Brooke, and Aces & Eights is standing tall as we call it a week.

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld

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