TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 3/21/13

Impact Wrestling starts out with a picture of Bully Ray with the Aces & 8s logo behind him. A video plays showing Bully Ray sitting backstage. He says he will tell us how he pulled everything off. It took 9 months for this plan to come together. There was a Plan A. It didn’t go perfectly as Bully Ray lost to Jeff Hardy to go to Bound for Glory. He then had Plan B. That was marrying Brooke Hogan. He destroyed friendships and trusts. He destroyed a family… the Hogan family. Brooke and Hulk never been so low. As for Sting… he doesn’t care what he had to do to him to get over. Sit back and relax. Enjoy as Bully tells us how he became the most hated man in wrestling and the TNA World Champion.



The camera shows the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago! The crowd is standing on their feet. They are cheering. Music hits and here comes Hulk Hogan! Hulk comes on the stage with one stretcher. He uses it on his left side as he walks down the ramp. He looks around at the fans while he continues to the ring. The crowd chants, “Hogan, Hogan, Hogan.” He grabs a mic and thanks them. He has been around a long time. They have been through hell and back. He never been fooled like this before. Aces & 8s fooled everyone in the crowd, but they also fooled the Hogan family, Sting, and everyone in TNA. When he thinks about the brawl last week… Aces rolled over all of them… they are a monster. It is not just a battle. It is about survival. The crowd continues to chant his name. Out of all of the men left laying… the four guys that lead the charge are the warriors. Hogan loves and respects them. They lead the pack in the back. We wants respect for these four men. First is Samoa Joe! The Impact Wrestling music hits and Samoa Joe comes to the ring. As he does, video showing the huge brawl last week airs. After him is Magnus! Magnus comes out and walks down the ramp. The next person doesn’t have a weak person in his body. That is the cyborg Kurt Angle! Angle walks out and comes to the ring. Finally, this man has been the leader for the last 9 months. He is our champion. He is Jeff Hardy! Jeff comes out and interacts with the fans from the ramp. He gets in the ring.

As Hulk thanks to them, he is talking to the rest of the warriors in the back who helped last week. He called these four stars to take Aces out and he needs the TNA World Title back to TNA. That leads him to Jeff. Jeff took this to new heights. With the shot that Jeff took at Lockdown with the hammer, can he still pull it off? Can he go for a rematch? Jeff gets on the mic and says he is. He is in bad shape as Bully took it to him, but we, the creatures, need it back. These men are ready. Let’s have a Four Way Match. Whoever wins will get a TNA World Title shot. Hulk gets on the mic. He said the last time he picked a #1 Contender… he made the biggest mistake of his life. He likes this idea. Kudos to Jeff. We will have a Fatal Four Way Match tonight. Hulk’s music hits and all four men look at each other.

Bully Ray is back on the screen. He says Plan A was easy. They came for the Bound for Glory Series. Bully says Roode gave them a great idea. Roode blamed James Storm as the leader of Aces & 8s. The group ran with it. They made everything point to Storm. It wasn’t him though. Ray had to win at No Surrender. He did and the group was finished with him. Ray planted it for Roode too. He knew Roode will not have Storm win. Roode helped Ray win. He has to give credit though. Jeff beat him. They had to come up with a new plan. That led right to Hulk.

Austin Aries and Bobby Roode are walking backstage with their dirty heels shirts.

The screen goes to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez as they are walking backstage. The tag team match is next.


Music plays and here comes Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. As they come to the ring, footage shows from last week where the same match was suppose to take place but Aces & 8s ruined it. After they are in the ring, the TNA Tag Team Champions come out on stage. They both have the titles around their waists.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries (Champs) for the TNA Tag Team Titles

Roode and Chavo start out. Chavo goes all over the place while Roode tries to back away. They lock-up and Chavo takes Roode right down with an armlock. Roode gets up and changes it to apply the armlock on Chavo. Chavo goes down but he gets back up. He goes for the arm but Roode punches Chavo in the face. He whips him in the ropes, but Chavo ducks and then does a hurricanrona. He takes Roode to his corner and punches him in the face. Hernandez works on Roode as Chavo backs up. Chavo comes back and he tags Hernandez. Hernandez gets in and body slams Chavo right on Roode. Hernandez runs into the ropes and then does a splash. He covers but Roode kicks out. Both get up and Roode comes back. He kicks him in the gut and then takes Hernandez to his corner. He tags Aries. Aries gets in and works on Hernandez in the corner. He backs up and Roode works on him. Austin walks back and does a huge chop to Hernandez’s chest. He tags Roode back in. Roode kicks him in the gut. He tags Aries back in. They are in and they go for a double suplex, but Hernandez reverses it. He tags Chavo as Aries rolls out. Chavo does a dropkick to Roode and he rolls out of the ring. Aries walks over to regroup with his tag partner as Hernandez and Chavo are both in the ring.


The show returns and Aries tosses Chavo right out of the ring. Roode gets off the apron and smashes Chavo face first into the steel steps. Roode holds Chavo as Aries climbs the corner. He flies and elbows Chavo in the head. He brings Chavo in the ring and covers. the count stops. Aries gets Chavo up. Chavo tries to come back. He bounces off the ropes, but Aries knees him in the gut. He tags Roode. Roode enters and takes Chavo down and applies a headlock Chavo tries to come back. He gets to his feet and elbows his way out of it. Chavo reverses the closeline. Chavo runs to him, but Roode picks him up and puts him on the top. Chavo fights back and does a tornado DDT. Chavo crawls over and tags Hernandez. Roode tags Aries. Both enter and Hernandez takes Aries down with his shoulder. He then knocks Roode down as he enters. Hernandez takes Aries up and hits the military press. He goes to Roode in the corner. He attacks him and takes him out of the corner. Hernandez gets out of the ring and walks up the ramp. He turns around and runs. He jumps over the ropes and does a shoulder block to both stars. Aries and Roode are down. Hernandez takes Aries up for the Border Toss, but Roode kicks him in the gut. Roode runs away and then comes back, but Hernandez knocks him down with his shoulder. Hernandez goes back to Aries. He has him set up. He tags Chavo. They are going to do a closeline power bomb from the corner. Hernandez is knocked out of the ring by Aries. Chavo climbs down and hits Aries with the three amigos. He climbs the corner for the frog splash. Daniels and Kazarian enter the area. Daniels pushes Chavo off. Aries gets Chavo and rolls him up.

Winners and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: Bobby Roode and Austin Aries

The celebrate in the ring, but Daniels and Kazarian enter and knock them down. Their music hits as they look over the champions.

A video plays showcasing what the X-Division is all about. It shows some of their biggest moves. Tonight, the X-Divisoin Evolution has arrived.

Kenny King is backstage with the X-Division Title over his shoulder. He points to the screen and says he should be mad about that. He isn’t though. He can take both stars tonight. That is why he is champion. He may need a 5 Hour Energy, but he will show why he is champion.


Music plays and here comes Kenny King! The X-Division Title is around his waist. Sonjay Dutt and Zema Ion are already in the ring.

Sonjay Dutt vs. Zema Ion vs. Kenny King (Champ) for the X-Division Title

They all meet in the middle, but Ion kicks King in the gut and then applies a headlock to Dutt. King comes over and breaks it up. Ion goes after King now. Dutt runs into them, but King kicks him in the gut. They all meet in the corner. Dutt is able to come forward and knock both of them out with a hurricanrona. Both are out of the ring. Sonjay meets them out of the ring. King gets up and goes on the apron. He flies back knocking Ion down. King gets him up and brings him in the ring. He covers but Ion kicks out. King brings Ion in the corner. He hits a big splash. Dutt gets on the apron, but King kicks him off. Kenny continues the attack with a suplex and then head punches to Ion. He rams his head into the mat. King taunts and then goes to Dutt as he gets on the apron. He chokes him off the top rope. King runs to Ion in the corner, but Ion elbows him in the face. He runs to him, but King lifts him up. Ion gets away and runs in the ropes again. King kicks his head off. Dutt does a springboard and knocks King off his feet. Dutt goes to the top rope, but King pushes him. Dutt lands on the ramp. Ion gets up and punches King in the gut. He runs into the ropes, but King does a spin kick right to his face. Ion gets up. He is able to come back and knocks King out of the ring. Dutt gets in and takes Ion right down. Ion rolls out of the ring and meets King. Dutt climbs the corner and does a moonsault to both. Dutt brings Ion in. He has Ion down. Dutt climbs the cover. King meets him, but Dutt pushes him off. Dutt does a moonsault but then plants his feet right to the gut of Ion. King does a springboard neck breaker. He gets the win.Winner and Still X-Division Champion: Kenny King

Video is shown from earlier today. Brooke Hogan enters the arena. The camera guy asks her if she talked to Bully. What about her dad? Brooke is not here to talk about either of them. She is here to do her job. She is the VP of the Knockouts. Brooke turns and walks away.


It’s time for another Bully Ray video. When Bully lost to Jeff, they needed a Plan B. You have to applaud Jeff for winning. He saw the perfect opportunity. Brooke! Joseph Parks was the bait. They needed him. They set everything up for Bound for Glory. It was Devon. Hulk turned his back on Devon. Ray knew what he was doing. He was going to be the saving grace. He needed to save TNA. Sting was behind him. Ray needed Hulk to shake his hand. Ray knew he had him. Since then, he signed Impact’s fate. He let Sting use the table… the table that made them lose at Bound for Glory. It then cost him. They attacked one by one. He went after the next one… Brooke. He got caught. He wanted to. He knew what he was doing. No one wants someone like Bully dating their daughter. The more Hulk said, “No,” the more Brooke said, “Yes.” He bought it.

Sting is standing outside of Hulk Hogan’s office. He walks toward the door and stares at it. He is about to open it.


Hulk Hogan is in his office talking to someone. He hands the person a paper and says it is timed right. The guy leaves and bumps into Sting. Sting gets in the office and says this is not about the title. He likes the Fatal Four Way Match. He wants Bully Ray. Hogan has had enough. He tells Sting to leave. Every time Sting is around, it goes bad. Sting needs to hide up in the rafters for a couple of years. He needs to go away. Sting says this is about revenge! He wants Bully. Sting leaves. Hogan mutters, “You’re not the only one.”

A video package plays showcasing the Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell story. Taryn attacked Gail. She is a referee though. She is on probation. Velvet Sky says she is calling it down the middle. Taryn doesn’t care if she loses her job.

Music hits and here comes Taryn Terrell. She gets in the ring. She grabs a mic. She says she knows she is on probation. She is a referee. She suppose to control the situation. She put her hands on Gail. She guesses she should get the consequences. Music hits and here comes Gail Kim. She gets in the ring and grabs the mic from her. Gail says Gail is the best woman wrestler that ever lived. Gail is the best Knockout. She created this division. Taryn wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Gail. Gail is going to call out Brooke so she can do something she should have done for awhile and that is to fire Taryn! Music hits and here comes Brooke. She walks down the ramp. She stands at the end with a mic. Brooke says this is a very tough decision to make. She thought long and hard. She loves Taryn. She has to be fair. Brooke sighs and then says she has to terminate her as a referee for the Knockouts. Gail starts laughing and smiling. Gail is happy. Brooke says she has some good news that might make everyone happy. She has decided to sign Taryn Terrell to the Knockout roster. She can get physical with anyone she wants. That includes Gail. Gail turns and Taryn runs and spears her to the mat. Gail rolls out of the ring. Taryn followers her. Brooke watches them as they go past the ramp. Bully Ray runs through the crowd. He gets in the ring and then gets on the stage. He meets with Brooke. Brooke turns and sees Bully. Bully raises his hand with the ring on it. He says something and she starts yelling and running away. She says she hates him. He says he loves her.


A Bully Ray video plays again. Ray says they have people that they felt like they were wronged. That’s Doc and Knux. Devon came there to help you… just like Garett Bischoff. They came to Hogan to ask them for help, but Hogan didn’t need them. Garett was on his side when he got rid of his old man. Hulk didn’t even help him to the next level. Hulk says it is not Garett’s time. Even Wes Brisco! His father and uncle helped train Hogan. Hulk made Wes beg. What about Anderson when he got taken out? Did Hulk check on him in anyway? No. Anderson joined because he has it out for Hulk. They formed a gang. They turned to one of his best friends… Taz. Who was that guy who hit Jeff in the leg with a ball peen hammer? It was Bully. As for D-Lo… he has access to the office. He had access to the big names. He wanted to embarrass Kurt Angle. He was the first guy who was picked. Wes Brisco used Kurt. He beat Garett. D-Lo came in to be a judge for Wes’ Gut Check Match. That’s how he came into the company. Once Ray’s title match was signed and done with… he made sure everyone would be unmasked. Except for one… and that was the final part of the plan that no one saw it coming.

Kurt Angle is backstage. He says this is the most important match for him in a year and a half. He hasn’t had the title since then. He wants to take down Aces. He needs to get that title.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this next match. Matt Morgan comes out. He gets in the ring. Joseph Parks’ music plays and he comes to the ring.

Matt Morgan vs. Joseph Parks

The bell sounds. Matt walks forward and tells Parks to come close. They lock-up and Matt just pushes Parks right down. Parks gets back up. They go to lock-up again but Matt pushes Parks into the ropes. Parks comes back for a punch but Matt moves out of the way. Parks backs up in the corner as Matt walks toward him. Matt makes Parks flinch. He tries to embarrass him. Matt pushes Parks back. Parks comes back and pushes Matt. Matt stands right to Parks and punches him right in the gut. Parks falls. Matt gets him up and smashes his back with his forearm. Joseph falls. He crawls to the corner to get up. Morgan keeps him in the corner and elbows him in the face. He whips him in the corner sternum first and then closelines him in the back. Parks falls forward. Parks gets up in the corner. Matt goes to the opposite side. He runs but Parks moves. Matt eats the corner. Parks punches him multiple times. He runs into the ropes, but Matt hits him with the discus closeline. Matt brings Parks to the ropes and chokes him, rakes his face, and then stretches his arms back. Parks gets up. He turns and Matt goes for The Carbon Footprint, but Parks moves. Matt lands right on the top rope. Parks moves the top rope. Matt, in pain, gets off. Parks comes back with punches ad punches. Matt swings but misses. Parks goes into the ropes and knocks Matt right down. Parks climbs the corner. He jumps but Matt moves out of the way. Parks slowly gets up. He turns and Matt hits him with The Carbon Footprint.Winner: Matt Morgan

Video plays showing AJ Styles returning to the ring as he attacked Daniels and Kazarian. He then attacked James Storm. We need answers.


Jeff Hardy is walking backstage. The cameraman asks Jeff about getting the title back and his hands on Bully. Jeff wants this. If he can’t do it, then he knows the three other men can. That is why he made this match. Don’t out count the creatures though.

Mike Tenay is in the ring with a mic. Let’s get to the point. Let’s find out why. AJ Styles! AJ’s music plays and he comes in the ring. He meets Mike right in the face. Mike says he known AJ for 10 years. He called everyone of his matches in TNA. He considers him a friend. He needs to ask about his recent actions. AJ, what is going on? What about the rumors about drug abuse and alcohol abuse? AJ just stares. Taz stands up with a mic. He says Mike knows how to conduct an interview. Let a real guy do this though. Taz takes over. Taz says he sees AJ riding his mo-ped. He takes out an Aces & 8s vest. He says AJ can work at the bottom to get the group beers and such, as AJ is a drinker now, and he can work his way up. James Storm’s music plays and he comes out. He gets in the ring. He grabs a mic. He asks if this is the new AJ. AJ can’t even turn around and look at the guy who he punched in the face last week. AJ looks cool with his hood and leather jacket. The old AJ used to care what other people thought about it. You can be the new AJ, but he is the same old Storm. Storm gets right in AJ’s face. AJ can punch him again, but Storm can knock his teeth down his throat and say, “Sorry about your damn luck.” James gets in AJ’s face. He takes his hat off. AJ backs away. He goes through the ropes, turns around, and walks up the ramp. James gets on the mic and asks why… everyone wants to know. AJ’s music plays as James stares at him.


Bully Ray’s video plays again. Jeff Hardy was rolling as a wrestler. He was Wrestler of the Year last year. As for Bully, Hulk didn’t trust him. He suspended him. It just drove Brooke deeper into Ray’s arms. He used Sting to pull Hogan in. His daughter’s wedding is the perfect opportunity to get Hulk. Why didn’t he just reveal himself then? He didn’t want it to take it away from Taz. Ray took a pillar to the face. He had to take bumps to get somewhere. If Hulk saw that, then he would know Ray is on their side. Devon took his bumps when the time came. Ray manipulated the plan more. Brooke had all week to convince Hulk to make Ray #1 Contender. She did it. Ray played his biggest weakness. He played his ego. He wanted him in that match so bad. Sting was in the match though. Ray helped his “family.” For 9 months, Ray pulled off the biggest con in professional wrestling history. No one can stop them. No one will take his TNA World Title.

Christy Hemme is in the ring as she introduces this main event. Samoa Joe comes out first. He makes his way to the ring. Magnus comes out next. He walks down the ramp to the ring. Next, Kurt Angle comes through the curtain. He walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Finally, Jeff Hardy’s music plays and he makes his way out. He interacts with the fans by the ramp. He then enters the ring.

Samoa Joe vs. Magnus vs. Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Hardy in a Fatal Four Way Match to be #1 Contender for the TNA World Title

All four move forward but Joe goes after Kurt. He puts him in the corner and Magnus goes after Jeff. He has Jeff in the corner and stomps away. Joe takes Kurt out but puts him back in the corner and stomps on him until he is lying on the mat. Jeff comes back as he has Magnus in another corner. He fights with punches. Magnus turns it around and throws Jeff and Joe closelines him and then knocks Magnus down. Joe whips Kurt in the corner. He smashes him and then hits the enzuigiri. He does a snapmare and then kicks him in the back and chest. He drops the knee and covers. Kurt kicks out. Magnus is working on Jeff on the outside, but Jeff comes back as he pushes Magnus in the apron and then face first into the guard rail. Joe tosses Kurt outside. Magnus and Jeff both work on Kurt. All three are there. Joe runs and does a suicide dive. All three men fall. Joe is on his knees as he looks around. The crowd chants, “TNA, TNA, TNA.”



Joe and Magnus are fighting back and forth with punches. Kurt enters and punches back and forth with Magnus. Joe gets in and Magnus teams wit him to go against Kurt. Joe does an atomic drop and then Matt does a big boot. Joe does a sexton. Kurt is down. Magnus and Joe meet in the ring. Matt takes care of Joe this time. Kurt gets up and fights Magnus, but Magnus takes him down. Jeff climbs the corner and jumps. Magnus catches him. He drops Jeff right down. He elbows him a few times and then covers. Jeff kicks out. Joe exits the ring and goes after Kurt. Magnus applies a headlock. Jeff elbows his way-out. Magnus pulls the hair and Jeff falls back. Joe and Kurt punch back and forth. Kurt rakes the eyes of Joe and he falls to his knees. Magnus has Jeff on the middle rope. He jumps on him to choke him. Joe goes to enter the ring but Magnus kicks him. Kurt tries but Magnus kicks him away. Magnus continues to fight Jeff. Magnus goes after Joe again as he trie to come in. Joe gets in but gets beat up by Magnus. Magnus runs into the ropes. Joe elbows him down. Joe looks around as the crowd pops. Joe gets Magnus up and headbutts him. He runs into the ropes. Magnus picks him up and hits the MDD. Magnus gets up and points to the sky. He gets Jeff now. He rams him back first into the corner. He punches him in the face. Magnus goes to whip him, but Jeff pops himself up in the corner and hits a hurricanrona. He has Magnus down as he drops his legs to the chest and then the low drop-kick. Kurt enters and Jeff does the Twist of Fate. He then does it to Joe as he stands. Magnus gets up and Jeff does a Twist of Fate. Jeff takes off his shirt and climbs to the top. Kurt pops up and runs, but Jeff knocks him down. Magnus gets up and pushes Jeff off the corner. Kurt gets up and does a belly to belly on Magnus and then a german suplex on Joe. He takes the straps down and applies the Ankle Lock. Is he going to tap? Joe twists around and pushes Kurt away. Kurt flies back and knocks Magnus down. Jeff is set on the top rope and hits the Swanton Bomb. He covers Joe. He wins before Kurt can break it.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Video plays recapping the main highlights of this match. Samoa Joe meets Jeff and shakes his hand. Joe takes his towel and points at Jeff. He tells him something and then leaves. Jeff celebrates in the ring. The show fades.

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld

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