TNA Impact Wrestling Results – 3/7/13

Before the show starts, a picture shows Paul Bearer with his date of birth and date. In memorial of the great legend in the wrestling business.



Impact starts with a video package about Bully Ray getting a title show for the TNA World Title. Daniels and Kazarian don’t like it and battled Ray and Jeff in a tag team match last week. Jeff and Ray won. The video switches to aces & 8s and Team TNA. Who will survive the war? It switches to Kurt Angle’s explosive attack on Aces & 8s. He found out who the VP is!

Kurt Angle is walking backstage. The camera man follows him. The guy asks Kurt about who he saw under the mask. Kurt said they aren’t save. No one in TNA is safe. It affects the entire company. Kurt will reveal the person tonight.

The camera shows the Impact Zone and fireworks explode from above the ring and on stage. The crowd is on their feet. Music hits and here comes Austin Aries. He comes to the ring. Austin grabs a mic. He says the best way to start Impact live hasn’t been found yet. Greatness surely follows Aries. He goes on to talk about his partner, Bobby Roode, as he still isn’t able to talk to him. That’s okay because Aries got the job done against Hernandez last week. After his victory last week, he found Bully Ray and Jeff Hardy. He gave them words of confidence for their title match in a couple of days. Did anyone wish him luck when he had the title? Nope. They disrespected him. It is a whole new game. Bully Ray told Aries last week that he will never be the TNA World Champion again. Aries will prove him out. He calls Jeff Hardy out to fight him in a match. If he is really champion, he will meet Aries in the ring and prove it. Jeff’s music plays and he comes out. His custom title is around his waist while the TNA World Title is hanging over his shoulder. He brings his face paint with him as he interacts with the fans around the ring. As Hardy goes around to all of the fans, Aries had enough. He jumps from the corner right on Jeff. He rips the titles off of Hardy and rolls him in the ring.

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy
Aries chokes Jeff with his shirt before Jeff can roll away. Jeff goes to the corner and Austin follows him. He whips Jeff into the opposing corner. Austin meets him and takes him down on the mat. He plants his knee right to Jeff’s face. He covers him but Jeff kicks out. Austin stomps on Jeff and then chokes him on the bottom rope. Aries jumps over the ropes and smashes the back of Jeff’s head with his forearms. Austin gets in the ring and quickly covers. Jeff kicks out. Hardy gets up in the corner. Aries punches him, but Jeff kicks back. They go back and forth and Jeff comes back with punches and kicks. He backs Aries up in the corner. Hardy climbs and does 10 punches to the head. Hardy goes to whip Aries to the opposing corner, but Aries reverses it. Jeff pops up, but Aries grabs Jeff’s legs and tosses his body over the ropes. Jeff falls onto the arena floor. He is lying there as Aries mocks Jeff in the ring.


Both slowly get up to their feet. Aries gets up first and goes to Jeff, but Jeff punches back to the gut and face. Aries whips him in the ropes though, but Jeff ducks. Aries tries to go for a cover, but Jeff rolls out. Aries is able to get up and kick Jeff right in the face. Jeff rolls over to the corner. Aries attacks Jeff along the ropes. Aries brings him to the center. He goes for a suplex, but Jeff does an inside cradle. Aries kicks out and is able to knock Jeff down. He covers Hardy, but Jeff kicks out. Aries takes Jeff to the corner and slaps his hands to hurt Jeff’s eardrums. He then does a knife edge chop. Aries continues with a punch to the face, but Jeff kicks him in the gut. Jeff whips Aries in the corner. Jeff runs to him, but Aries moves and Jeff eats the turnbuckle. Aries climbs the corner to the second rope. He mocks Hardy. He jumps and hits a great frog splash. He covers but Jeff kicks out. Aries goes to the referee and starts arguing with him. Jeff crawls over and pulls Aries’ trunks down for a roll-up. Aries kicks out. Jeff fights back with kicks and a chin breaker. Aries goes back to the corner. Jeff jumps and smashes him. Aries tries to come back with a whip into the ropes, but Hardy comes back with a closeline. Aries gets up and goes in the corner. Aries grabs Hardy and whips him, but Jeff kicks Aries as he comes toward him. Jeff continues with his famous offense moves. Aries is losing hope. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a towel to cover his face. Jeff goes to the apron and jumps right on Aries as he stands. Jeff rolls him in the ring. He stands on the apron. Aries gets up and does a shoulder block to Hardy. He brings Jeff in, but Jeff kicks Aries in the gut and hits the Twist of Fate. Aries bounces up. Jeff does the Twist of Fate once more. Jeff takes off his shirt and goes for a Swanton Bomb. He turns around and Matt Morgan slides in the ring. He hits The Carbon Footprint. The bell sounds.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Matt takes Hardy out of the ring and makes him lean against the steel post. Matt goes for another big boot, but Bully Ray runs down and stops him just in time. They look at each other in the eye and start trash talking. Matt slowly walks up the ramp as Ray’s music plays.
Sting is in his locker room with his team. He talks about James Storm at first. He goes to Magnus and say he better get his victory pose ready. Samoa Joe is the submission machine. Finally, Eric Young may be the wild card, but he kissed sharks. He can do this. Sting screams at the top of his lungs and says he is doing this first. He will give the team momentum.

Video plays showing last week’s Kurt Angle attack on Aces & 8s. He revealed the VP and was stunned. He got beat up at the end, but he still remembers.
Kurt Angle is walking backstage holding the mask in his hand. He is ready to tell all!


Matt Morgan comes through a doorway. A camera man meets up with him to explain. Matt says he knows what he wants. Bully Ray was hand picked by Hogan to fight for the TNA World Title. Matt attacked the world champion. He said he will take down his roster. He is going to do that. Don’t trust Hogan.
A video package plays hyping the Kurt Angle and Wes Brisco story. Kurt commentates through the video saying Wes never did anything in his life. What has Wes accomplished? Wes lied to Kurt. He will pay. Wes joined Aces & 8s because he was treated unfairly. He is Kurt Angle and he hurts people. Wes doesn’t know what pain is, but he will!

Aces & 8s music hit and here comes Wes Brisco through the crowd. He comes to ringside and walks up the steps. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic. Before Kurt will come out and reveal the VP of Aces & 8s, Wes has to get something off his chest. His dad and grandfather were great wrestlers. They told him that Kurt was the best wrestler they have seen. Wes believed it. He wanted to study Kurt. He wanted to be like him. He then realized how pointless Kurt was. He destroyed Kurt. Kurt is nothing… just like the tin can around Kurt’s neck. He won that medal from a sport that the Olympics won’t support anymore. Sunday will be the day when we know that a Brisco is better than an Angle.

Kurt Angle’s music plays and here comes the Olympic Gold Medalist. He has a mic in his hand. He says he remembers something differently. He says the kid he is talking about, aka Wes, called Kurt every week asking bout the sport that Wes said the Olympics got rid of. Wes looked up to Kurt. Wes will find out what Kurt is all about on Sunday. Before Kurt reveals the VP, he is not waiting for Sunday. Kurt slides in the ring and goes right after Wes. He tackles him on the mat and they roll out of the ring. They continue to fight until agents break them apart. D-Lo Brown, Al Snow and one other agent break them up. They get in the ring to back each person up in a corner. Kurt starts yelling. He wants him. D-Lo has Wes in the corner, but slowly moves forward. D-Lo, suddenly, turns around and kicks Kurt right in the groin. He falls. D-Lo then punches Al and the other agent. Brown takes the mask that Kurt had in his hand. He rolls out of the ring and grabs a mic. Wes is with him. Brown wants to save Kurt the trouble. D-Lo Brown announces that he is the VP of Aces & 8s!


Aces & 8s are in the back. They hand D-Lo his vest. They are all celebrating. D-Lo turns to Devon and tells him to get the advantage for TNA Lockdown. Devon says, “OH my brother, testify!” D-Lo turns to the camera and says since day 1 he trusted these people with his life. He trusts the members of the group. Can Sting say the same with his group? D-Lo isn’t so sure about that.

The camera shows Devon walking to the ring. Music plays and here comes the Icon Sting! He gets in the ring as the crowd roars.

Devon vs. Sting
Sting is on the corner taunting, but Devon runs to him. Sting falls back and elbows him in the face. Both get up but Devon is able to come back and knock Sting down. Sting gets up and Devon punches him in the face. Sting goes in the corner. Devon continues with punches. Sting falls down in the corner. He slowly gets up and walks to the middle, but Devon closeline him down. Devon sits Sting up and works on the head as he wrenches it sideways. Sting gets to his feet and Devon continues to stay on the offensive side. He takes Sting down with a neck breaker and then covers him. Sting kicks out. Devon chokes Sting on the second rope. He then hits him with a body slam. Devon climbs the corner and goes for a diving head but, but Sting moves out of the way. Both get up and Sting comes back with multiple closelines. Devon gets up in the corner. Sting smashes him and then closelines him out of the ring. Sting gets out and smashes Devon’s head into the steel guard rail and then steel steps. He smashes the side of Devon’s side into the guard rail and then apron. All of a sudden, a member from the crowd smashes Sting’s head with a beer bottle. He starts to get wild and guards quickly escort him away. Devon brings Sting in the ring and covers him for the win. Sting is bleeding like crazy from his head. It’s all over his face and mat. Winner: Devon

Gut Check contestants Ivelisse Velez and Lei’D Tapa are waiting backstage.


Velvet Sky is backstage. The camera guy asks her out she feels about being champion once again. Sky is thrilled. She can’t believe she won it in the United Kingdom. Gail Kim jumps into the shot and says Sky is keeping it shiny for her. Gail beat Tara in the UK and is also undefeated at Lockdown. What about that Sky? Sky punches Gail right in the gut and asks how that is.

Video plays showing Bruce Prichard and Al Snow backstage. Taz won’ be part of the judges anymore because Hulk Hogan won’t allow an Aces & 8s member be deciding things. In steps Danny Davis. They all talk about the three participants. They like both of them. Velez showed why she is so passionate and Tapa is related to the legendary The Barbarian.

Video ends and the three judges meet the Gut Check participants. Bruce tells them that they can’t take both of them. They need to decide one for later. It’s their toughest choice to date, but they decided it will be Lei’D Tapa. Velez is pretty annoyed. Some fans boo. Velez shakes the hands of the judges and leaves. The judges tell Tapa she is not in the clear yet.

Christy Hemme is shown in the ring. Music plays and here comes Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez. Velvet Sky walks to the ring with them. 6 team tag action is next!


Kazarian starts out against Hernandez. They lock-up and Hernandez throws Kaz down. Hernandez laughs. Kaz meets up with him again and they go in the corner. Kaz is able to get away and put Hernandez in their corner. Kaz kicks him in the gut and then tags Daniels. Daniels enters and puts Hernandez in the corner and continues to kick him in the gut. Hernandez is able to take Daniels down and kick him in the face. He tags Chavo. Chavo enters and continues the offense. He quickly tags Hernadnez again. He enters and goes for a suplex, but Kazarian enters. Hernandez does a big boot to his face. Daniels fights back though as well as Kaz. Hernandez takes Kaz out and tags Chavo. Hernandez lies on his back with Daniels resting on his knees. Chavo bounces off the ropes and does a summersault onto Daniels’ gut. Chavo continues to work on Daniels. Hernandez tags in and goes on Daniels. He tags Chavo back in again. Chavo goes into the ropes and Gail Kim trips Chavo. Daniels goes into the ropes a little later and Sky trips him. Chavo is able to work on Daniels, but Daniels comes back and tags Kaz. Kaz enters. He works on Chavo and tags Daniels in. They keep with the offense. Daniels leaves Chavo in the corner where Kaz and Gail choke Chavo. Daniels tags Kaz. He jumps over the ropes and lands on Chavo with a leg drop. Kaz applies a headlock and then tags Daniels. Daniels taunts away. Chavo gets up and is able to hit a dropkick. Both are down. Both go to their corner and tag the knockouts. Sky takes Gail down with closelines and a head scissor. She hits Gail with a spear and covers. Gail kicks out. Sky gets up and Daniels meets her in the ring. Sky slaps him. Hernandez runs in and does a battering ram. Daniels enters as well as Chavo. Kazarian goes over the ropes as well as Chavo. Kaz holds Chavo’s arms behind him. Daniels gets on the apron. He jumps on the top rope and moonsaults back. Chavo moves out of the way and Daniels lands on Kaz. Both get up. Hernandez flies over the top rope from the ring with a great suicide dive. Gail and Sky get up. Gail hits the Eat The Feet and gets the win.

Winners: Daniels, Kazarian, and Gail Kim

Video replays showing the D-Lo turn and his promo shortly after of how he can trust Aces & 8s members with his lives. It then shows Devon’s match with Sting where Devon gets the win.

Sting is backstage with blood all over his face. He has his baseball bat in his hand. He swings it on the floor and against a steel chair. Samoa Joe and Magnus are around him. Sting says they can’t trust anyone. Can they trust each other? He asks Joe. Joe says he can trust them. Well, he can trust him to get the job done. Can we trust Magnus? Magnus doesn’t even trust himself sometimes, but he is there to be on their side.


Video plays that has a camera in a car. They are driving in Georgia and spot AJ Styles at a local place. They get out and call, “AJ.” AJ looks down and then runs right toward someone who got out of the car. He pushes the guy into the car and says something to him very softly. He then throws the guy into the car and closes the door. The video quickly ends.

Aces & 8s music plays. They come out through the crowd. It is Doc and Garett Bischoff. They get in the ring. Samoa Joe and Magnus come out on the stage. They walk down to the ring.

Aces & 8s (Doc and Garett Bischoff) vs. Magnus and Samoa Joe
Joe and Garett start the match. They lock-up but Joe twists Garett’s arm around. Bischoff is able to turn it around but Joe quickly counters with another arm hold. Bischoff makes it to the ropes to break. Garett gets in the corner. Joe goes to him, but Garett tries to fight with a hit in the face. Joe knocks Garett down and sends him across the mat. He tags Magnus. Magnus gets in and they start talking to each other. It doesn’t look well. Magnus works on Garett. He whips him in the ropes, but Garett slides out. Magnus slides out and follows Bischoff, but Doc, from behind, takes Magnus down. Garett brings Magnus in the ring and works on him with kicks and punches. Magnus gets up and Garett chokes Magnus on the top rope. The crowd chants, “You can’t wrestle.” Garett takes Magnus to the corner and tags Doc. Garett does a shoulder block. Doc whips Garett into Magnus. Doc then runs and smashes Magnus. He does heavy punches to the gut and then covers him. Magnus kicks out. Doc applies a headlock from behind. Magnus gets up and elbows his way out. Magnus runs into the ropes, but Doc grabs his throat for a chokeslam. Magnus slides away and closelines Doc down. Magnus tags Joe. Joe enters and takes Doc down. Garett enters and Joe does a northern light suplex to him. Doc goes into the ropes. He comes back and Magnus slides in. Doc has to jump over him. Joe catches him and hits the atomic drop. Magnus runs into the ropes and comes back with a big boot. Joe jumps up and slams right down on Doc. He covers but Garett breaks it. Garett is taken out of the equation by Joe. He tags Magnus. Magnus climbs the corner and plants his elbow into Doc’s heart. He covers and wins. They are all tied up. Team TNA 1 and Aces & 8s 1.

Winners: Magnus and Samoa Joe

Lei’D Tapa is walking backstage as her fate will soon be revealed.


Kenny King is backstage talking about what his dad told him when he was young. Kenny King is king. He is X-Division Champion. He showed what he is all about to Rob Van Dam. He doesn’t care who they bring. If you see how much it took him to get the win… imagine how hard he will fight to keep it.
Eric Young is backstage talking to ODB and James Storm. They are laughing and having a good time. Sting walks up to him. Eric cuts an excellent promo. Eric says he knows he has to pick either James Storm or Eric Young. Eric may be the funny guy, but Aces & 8s took what he loved away. He wants revenge. He will do anything to get payback. Eric wants this. That is all. Sting thanks Eric but he will go with Storm. Eric is his wild card.

Gut Check judges Danny Davis, Bruce Prichard and Al Snow are in the ring. Jeremy Borash introduces them and the Gut Check contestant. Lei’D Tapa comes out on the stage. She walks down the ramp and gets in the ring. Borash asks if the judges saw her best performance in the ring. Tapa looks around at the crowd as they say, “No.” Tapa came to show everyone in TNA and everyone else what she is like. She didn’t win but she came in when she is 2 years in. Imagine what she will be like later. Danny Davis gets on the mic. He says the crowd is saying no but he knows what he sees. He sees a future. He says Yes. Bruce grabs the mic and wants to take a moment to remember Paul Bearer/William Moody. He loves him and will miss him. “Rest in piece,” says the crowd. Bruce, getting back to business, says she looked natural in the ring, but it wasn’t good enough. The crowd agrees with him. No. Tapa now guts a promo to convince Al Snow. She states she only been wrestling of 2 years, but she knows what she has to offer. She knows that she can help the division. Al gets the mic and first gives a shoutout to Paul Bearer. He will certainly be missed. Now, Al says she gets a reaction from the crowd. He sees it and says Yes. Tapa celebrates as she now gets a TNA contract.


Robbie E is backstage with is poster that he smashed Robbie T’s head in with. Robbie says Robbie T is not the biggest bro. Mr. E had to teach him a lesson and will teach him again at Lockdown. OH bro!

Music plays and here comes Aces & 8s member Mr. Anderson. Anderson comes through the crowd with a cocky strut. He gets in the ring. James Storm’s music plays and here comes the cowboy. He walks down the ramp and fireworks explode behind him. He continues to the ring.

Mr. Anderson vs. James Storm
The bell sounds and here they go. They walk around the ring and lock-up. James applies a headlock but Anderson throws him in the ropes. James knocks him down with his shoulder. James runs into the ropes again. Anderson gets up but James does a hip toss. Anderson gets up and James meets him, but Anderson turns the tides. He puts James in the corner and punches him in the gut and face. Anderson whips him hard into a corner. James falls right down as his back is in pain. Anderson covers him but James kicks out. Ken continues to work on the back with forearm shots. He then works on the arm, but James rolls forward. Both get up and Ken takes James down with his arm. He covers but James kicks out. Anderson continues to twist the arm. James comes back and punches the face of Ken. Ken fights back. They go back and forth. Ken whips James in the ropes, but James takes Ken down. Anderson gets up and James hits a bulldog. Ken gets up in the corner. James runs to him, but Ken lifts him up. James lands on the apron and kicks Ken in the back of the head. James gets in but Ken pushes him over the ropes. Ken holds on and brings himself back i. James grabs Ken and hits the double knee face breaker. Just then, Aces & 8s come through the crowd. They watch from across the railing. Team TNA run down the ramp and stay at ringside to stop Aces & 8s. James looks on from the ring. He turns and Mr. Anderson grabs him for the Mic Check. A victory.

Winner: Mr. Anderson

Anderson quickly slides out of the ring and meets with the group. They celebrate in front of Team TNA.

Bully Ray and Brooke Hogan are walking backstage as they are heading to the ring next.

Jeff Hardy is shown walking backstage. The two stars will be in a face-off.


Bully Ray’s music plays and here comes Ray with his wife, Brooke Hogan. They walk down the ramp together with their hands held tight. After Ray helps her in the ring, Jeff Hardy’s music plays. He walks down the ramp with his actual face and with only the TNA World Championship. He gets in the ring.
Ray has a mic and tells Jeff they have 3 days till their match. 3 days till their Steel Cage Match. Word on the street is that this will be the biggest TNA PPV of all-time. Jeff and Ray will do what stye do best. It will make history. Ray looks Jeff in the eyes. Ray tells him that holding the title is a big deal, but overcoming his demons are a bigger deal. Ray speaks on behalf of everyone. He is proud of Jeff Hardy. The crowd roars. They chant, “Hardy, Hardy, Hardy.” Jeff grabs the mic. He thanks him. Since he became champion, stars like Daniels and Angle beat him down. He knows Ray will beat him down on Sunday, but will it be enough? Whoever wins at Lockdown… whatever happens… Jeff wants Ray to know that he is proud of him too. Ray starts to get emotional. Ray grabs the mic. He is proud of his accomplishments and what they did in the past. Ray never felt proud of himself. He knew he would be part of the best tag team in wrestling history, but he can’t say he is proud of himself until he beats Jeff Hardy. He will hit Jeff with his best move. He will raise the title and declare himself as the TNA World Champion. Jeff claps at his speech. Suddenly, Hulk Hogan’s music plays. He comes out on crutches. Fireworks explode on the stage. He has a mic in hand. He stops and starts to speak. Okay, Impact Zone, there are people in the back who want where Jeff and Ray are at. Ray and Jeff are the best at it though. Hogan says this was a small company, but they are ready to go onto bigger things. They are looking for a leader. Hogan will crawl to Lockdown to find the leader. Jeff has been a great champion since he won it. Everyone respects Ray in the back. Now it is, “May the best man win.”

Just then, Ray rushes Brooke out of the ring. He takes off his chain from his pants and gets ready. Jeff holds his title as he is ready. Here comes Aces & 8s! They slide in the ring and it is chaos! Team TNA runs out and slides in the ring. It’s a huge brawl! Team TNA vs. Aces & 8s! The show fades.

Source: WrestlingNewsWorld

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