TNA Impact Wrestling Results – July 14th

We open with a recap of the events of the last few weeks of Impact as Sting and Ken Anderson built to their World Title rematch on tonight’s show. We then head out to the Impact Zone as Immortal comes out dressed in tuxes and surrounded by what appear to be local strippers they threw classy dresses on. Eric Bischoff says that Ken Anderson is now part of the Immortal family, and then introduces the World Champion as he makes his way to the ring in a tux that looks like something the Nasty Boys would have worn if they lost a hundred pounds or so. A card table is in the ring, and Bischoff says they’re going to gamble with people’s careers tonight. Hogan says Anderson’s had a rocky road for the short time he’s been in the business, but now he wants to formally welcome him into the Immortal family. Anderson says it was a gamble joining Immortal, but it’s one he’s willing to take as long as he stays the top card in the deck. The lights go out and come back up, and Sting is sitting at the card table. Bischoff loses his mind over Sting’s insanity, and tonight Ken Anderson is going to take him out once and for all. Sting sees things coming out a whole lot different, and he sees himself becoming the World Champion once again and kicking off his crusade to bring the company back to its rightful owner, Dixie Carter. Hogan threatens to strip and teach Sting a lesson, but he guarantees that Sting’s going all the way down and out of the building on a stretcher. Sting goes NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO because Hogan and Bischoff are on very thin ice with the Network, and he’s going to leave here tonight with the World Title. Sting shows that he has a bunch of Aces on the poker table and tells Hogan not to blink tonight, and then points up to the rafters where a bunch of guys in black trenchcoats are wearing really lame scary clown masks. Sting says he’s all in, flips the poker table over, and the lights go out. When they come back up…STING IS GONE.



The Bound For Glory resumes…right now!

Bound For Glory Series: The Pope vs Samoa Joe vs Robert Roode

Joe goes right after Roode and beats him into oblivion in the corner with right hands, and Pope tries to sneak in and get a quick rollup on Roode, but only gets 2. Joe dumps Pope to the floor and wipes Roode out with a leaping enziguiri, Roode fires back with right hands but comes off the ropes right into Joe’s snap powerslam for 2, and Joe goes right into a cross armbreaker. Pope comes in and gets a cheap right hand on Joe, then runs for his life out to the floor as Roode tries again to mount some kind of offense against Joe. Roode plants Joe with a spinebuster, but hurts his arm and Pope slips in with an STO on Roode for 2. Pope dumps Joe to the floor and goes to work on Roode’s arm, then lays Roode out with an uppercut and covers for 2. Joe climbs back up to the apron, but Pope dropkicks him back off and hits a sweet DDT with the leg grapevined for 2, then comes off the second rope with a fistdrop for 2. Pope goes for the DDE, but Roode moves out of the way and mounts a comeback with clotheslines using his good arm. Roode with an inverted atomic drop and Russian legsweep, then he knocks Joe off the apron when he tries to climb back up. Roode comes off the second rope with a Blockbuster on Pope, but only gets 2. Roode puts Pope on the top rope, but Joe headbutts Roode into the ring, hits a leaping enziguiri on Pope from the apron, then tries to give Pope a Muscle Buster, but Roode kicks him in the gut coming out of the corner and hit a Perfectplex that Pope breaks up at 2. Pope gets backdropped to the apron and Joe gets the choke on Roode, but Roode kicks off the corner and over Joe’s shoulders for 3.

Winner: Robert Roode

Joe is losing his mind over losing yet again and gets into a shouting match with referee Earl Hebner until the other referees come out of the back to get between them and escort Hebner to the back.

Jeff and Karen Jarrett are back from Mexico, and they’ve…GOT SOMBREROS!

Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are in their office vaguely alluding to how cool it would be if Sting got laid out, as long as it didn’t get back to Immortal. Bischoff yells at Abyss for failing to kill the X Division, and then the Jarretts come back in wearing sombreros and going “Arriba, arriba!” Immortal looks nonplussed, but then Jarrett reveals his “Dos J Championship” and brings out some margarita mix to celebrate.

Pope is backstage hanging out with Devon’s kids, who say that they support the Pope and he’s still pimpin’. Devon comes in and reminds his kids that he said to stay away from Pope, and tells Pope again to stay away from his boys. Devon tells Pope to get it through his head that those are his boys, and he’ll be damned if Pope does to the boys what he’s done to everyone else because he doesn’t trust Pope. Pope says he gave Devon seven points last week, and Devon says he doesn’t give a damn because that was Pope’s own stupidity. Pope says to have it his way, but not to blame him when Devon’s sons turn their backs on him because of his paranoia.

After a video package recapping the events of Destination X, we head back to the ring for our next match…

Shannon Moore vs Austin Aries

Moore gets a series of armdrags to start the match, but Aries backs off and gets a boot to the gut, then takes Moore to the mat and outwrestles him. Moore loses his composure, but comes back to the middle of the ring and trips Aries, then hits an inverted atomiuc drop and a leg lariat for 1. Moore chases Aries from corner to corner and Aries dodges him with a pair of leapfrogs, but Moore dodges a third and gets a crossbody out of the corner for 2. They fight over a backslide and Aries gets the advantage and goes for a brainbuster, Moore blocks and dumps Aries to the floor, Aries tries to skin the cat back in, and Moore baseball slides him right out to the floor. Moore wipes Aries out with a somersault dive, then rolls him back in and hits a twisting moonsault off the top for 2. Aries tries to grab at the Book of DILLEGAF, Moore takes it away, but Aries grabs Moore’s chain and knocks him out with it, then hits a slingshot senton and gets the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Alex Shelley comes out to the ring and grabs the chain, and he confronts Aries about using the chain to get the win, but Aries denies everything and heads up the ramp.

Abyss is backstage saying Hogan and Bischoff are disgruntled with him, and Kendrick has something that belongs to him. One of the clown guys comes up behind Abyss as he’s talking, and when Abyss turns to leave, the clown guy cracks him in the ribs with a baseball bat and leaves him laying.

Shannon Moore is backstage whining about getting beat, and Alex Shelley says Aries isn’t so great if he has to cheat. Austin Aries is somewhere else backstage and says that this is a show and he’s here to entertain, and nobody here’s going to beat him.

We see a video package of the Tara-Madison Rayne feud, then we get backstage comments from both ladies. Tara got Madison a present, and wants to be friends with her, but Madison will have to wait until after the match to get it.

We get a video package hyping Bound For Glory on October 16th, then we go backstage where Scott Steiner is trying to get So Cal Val to come to his hotel room until another clown guy comes out of nowhere and beats the crap out of him with a baseball bat.

Madison Rayne vs Tara

Madison wants Tara to lay down so Madison can cover her and be done with it, but Tara refuses to lay down so Madison slaps her in the face. Tara responds by taking Madison off her feet with a pair of slaps, a shoulder tackle, then the standing moonsault. She passes up going for the pin, and that leaves an opening so Madison can hit a chinbreaker and start shrieking at Tara. Madison goes for the cutthroat neckbreaker, but Tara slips out and hits a spinning side suplex. Tara passes up the cover again and goes for a piledriver, but Madison backdrops her and hits a running pung to the chest. Madison whips Tara to the corner, Tara tries getting the boots up but Madison catches the boots and dumps Tara to the floor where she whips her into the ring steps. Madison comes back into the ring and grabs Tara’s box, but when she opens it she finds Poison, Tara’s tarantula. She gives the usual girly response to those sortjs of things, and Tara is able to sneak up from behind and hit the Widow’s Peak for the win.

Tara takes Poison out of the cage and chases Madison out of the ring with it and all the way to the back. IT’s like a modern day chick version of Jake Roberts.

Kurt Angle is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!

The British Invasion are backstage making me question their sanity by talking about what a great idea it was to bring Rob Terry back on board, then get back to the matters of regaining the World Tag Team Title and snazzy ring jackets.

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring to announce that he’ll get his shot at the World Title at Hardcore Justice, and says that who he challenges will be based on the outcome of tonight’s Sting-Anderson match. Angle says he’d prefer to face Anderson due to their history, and whether he wins or loses, Angle’s coming after Anderson and will hurt him. He also has a lot of history with Sting going back to the Main Event Mafia days, and reminds everyone that he’s never beaten Sting, which pisses him off and makes him want to beat Sting more. He’s going to be an innocent bystander tonight, but he’s walking out of Hardcore Justice with the World Title.

We head out to the parking lot where the Jarretts are trying to get out of Dodge because of what’s happening to the rest of Immortal, and one of the clown guys is waiting for the Jarretts in their SUV so he can lay Jarrett out with a bat and drag him off into the darkness as a screaming Karen Jarrett runs for her life.

Back to the ring…

#1 Contenders’ Match: Mexican America vs The British Invasion

The Brits rush the ring and go right after Mexican America, with Williams clotheslining Hernandez to the floor and following him out with a dive. Williams comes back in and goes after Anarquia, but Hernandez nails him from the floor and hits a slingshot shoulderblock. Hernandez hoists Williams over his shoulder and drops down in a Shock Treatment type move for 2. Hernandez dumps Williams onto the ring ropes and Anarquia boots him to the floor where Hernandez is able to attack him behind the referee’s back. Williams makes it back into the ring where Anarquia rams him hard into the corner and then he and Hernandez give Williams a Beverly Drop. Williams fights his way out of the corner and takes Hernandez out with a European uppercut off the second rope and makes the hot tag to Brutus Magnus. Magnus comes in with a big boot and flying back elbow to Anarquia and then nearly decapitates Hernandez with a running clothesline, then hits a Michinoku Driver on Anarquia for 2. Williams with a high knee and Magnus with a second rope elbowdrop gets 2, then Williams dumps Hernandez back to the floor as the Invasion hit the assisted leaping European uppercut. Magnus goes for the cover, but Rosita comes up on the apron and distracts the referee as Hernandez nails Magnus and puts Anarquia on top for the win.

Winners: Mexican America

Eric Bischoff is backstage telling Gunner and Bully Ray that they’re his last line of defense, and Gunner says screw it, let’s go find these guys. Ray tells him to go ahead and he’ll be right behind him, then stays in the room and lets Gunner go out by himself.

We see a video package hyping next week’s X Division Title match between Alex Shelley and new champion Brian Kendrick, and Kendrick says losing the title would draw him away from his purpose, while Shelley asserted that Detroit needs heroes right now and he plans to bring the X Division Title home.

Gunner is in the parking lot with a metal bat calling Sting out. The four clowns come out and Gunner tells them all to bring it on, and predictably gets beaten down. The clowns take their masks off, and underneath are AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, James Storm, and Frankie Kazarian of Fortune. Kazarian says only Bully Ray is left, and AJ says that he’s being taken care of.

It’s main event time!

Impact Wrestling World Title Match: Ken Anderson vs Sting

Anderson tees off with some right hands, but Sting no-sells and tells Anderson to hit him again. Anderson bails out to the floor as Sting smiles at him like a maniac. Anderson comes back in and Sting gets him in the corner and just clubs him down with overhand chops. Sting gets an inverted atomic drop and a standing dropkick, and Anderson rolls out to the floor to catch a break. Anderson tries coming back in with a sunset flip, but Sting holds the ropes and nails him. Sting hits a Stinger Splash in the corner, but Anderson dodges a second one and kicks Sting’s leg out from under him, then goes after the knee of Sting like a shark. Anderson gets the Scorpion Deathlock on Sting, but Sting makes the ropes, so Anderson starts dropping all his weight off the ropes across Sting’s knee. Anderson tries going for the Deathlock again, but Sting kicks him off and starts firing at Anderson with right hands and chops, then takes him down with a series of hobbling clotheslines. Sting tries what looked like it was supposed to be a Hot Shot, but blew the spot, so he hit a Mic Check on Anderson instead and got 2. Anderson picks Sting up as the referee blatantly stood way too close to them, and Anderson swing’s Sting’s feet into the referee and bumps him to the floor. Sting gets Anderson in the Scorpion Deathlock and Anderson taps, but no referee. Bully Ray comes out to the ring and nails Sting from behind, then takes the chain off his belt while trash talking Sting. Ray tells Anderson to hold Sting for him as he wraps the chain around his fist, but the lights go out and when they come back up, there’s another clown in the ring who lays Ray out with a bat. The lights go out again, and when they come back up, Anderson is alone in the ring while the last clown is at the top of the ramp. Anderson turns to look at him as Sting sneaks up and hits the Scorpion Deathdrop from behind, and the referee makes it back into the ring just in time to count the fall and award Sting the win.

Winner and NEW Impact Wrestling World Champion: Sting

Sting celebrates as the last clown removes his mask and reveals himself to be Kurt Angle.

Source: PWInsider

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