TNA Impact Wrestling Results – October 4th, 2012

This week’s live TNA Impact opened with a video package recapping Hulk Hogan bringing in King Mo to control Bobby Roode vs. James Storm, tension building between Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy ahead of Bound for Glory, and Sting and Hulk Hogan kidnapped by Aces & Eights.



Impact started with Hogan and Sting in Hogan’s office to discuss Aces & Eights matters. Hogan told Sting he has to put a bullet in A&E at Bound for Glory. Sting said everyone on the roster is coming up to him wanting to be in the tag match at the PPV, so he will be watching everyone in the ring tonight. Hogan told Sting he’s got his back.

Full pyro, then Mike Tenay plugged unhyped title matches tonight, including the X Division Title on the line and Samoa Joe vs. RVD for the TV Title. Might be worth promoting that in advance? Mr. Anderson’s music then played to bring out Anderson on-stage. Anderson cleared his throat before name-dropping Hogan and Sting. Anderson said it sounds like they need some help with Aces & Eights, so they might want to gather around the monitor for this one. Anderson introduced himself to near-silence before stomping to the ring to cheers. After Anderson hit the ring, Gunner’s head-banging music brought out Gunner and Kid Kash for the first match of the show.

MR. ANDERSON vs. GUNNER (w/Kid Kash)
A minute into the action, they cut backstage to show Sting watching the match intently. Taz equated it to a scout watching a pro prospect. After some basic back-and-forth, Anderson hit the Mic Check out of nowhere. Anderson then pinned Gunner for the win. Post-match, Kid Kash tried to beat down Anderson, but Anderson dropped him with the Mic Check. Tenay wondered if Anderson caught Sting’s attention with that performance tonight.

WINNER: Anderson at 2:29.

Tara was on the phone with her boyfriend. She talked about Stacy Keibler and George Clooney reportedly breaking up, then Gail Kim walked in and told Tara to get ready for their match. Tara mocked Gail’s “cable star” husband, to which Gail replied that if she wins the Knockouts Title, she better watch her back. Gail stomped off, then Tara wondered what Torrie (Wilson) and A-Rod are up to.

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Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the second match of the show. Out first was the heel duo of Tara and Gail Kim, leading to a video replay of Tara turning on Tessmacher three weeks ago. The face duo of Tessmacher and ODB was out next.

KO champion MISS TESSMACHER & KO tag champion ODB vs. TARA & GAIL KIM — Taryn Terrell referee

Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce the second match of the show back from break. Out first was the heel duo of Tara and Gail Kim, leading to a video replay of Tara turning on Tessmacher three weeks ago. The face duo of Tessmacher and ODB was out next, leading to the opening bell. ODB got some early offense before Tara cut her off. Tara wanted a standing moonsault, but ODB blocked to bring in Tessmacher. Tessmacher couldn’t put Tara away, though, as the action broke down. Tara then finished off Tessmacher for a clean pin. Afterward, Tara sold extreme confidence.

WINNERS: Tara & Gail at 4:40.

Basic booking to make it seem like Tara is on a roll and the KO Title is in jeopardy leading to BFG.

TNA management reps Bruce Prichard and Al Snow were shown going over some paperwork. They’re in a segment next.

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Video package: Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan feud. TNA documented their months-long feud, including Snow slapping Joey Ryan despite Ryan not being under contract. They replayed Prichard reprimanding Snow, telling him to fix things.

Al Snow walked to the ring trying to force a smile to cover for his concern with his current standing in the company. Once in the ring, Snow took a deep breath and introduced Joey Ryan to boos. Official ring entrance music played to bring out Ryan on-stage doing his 1970s Hollywood movie star heel gimmick. Joey flashed a big smile as he walked to the ring taunting the crowd before entering the ring to taunt Snow. Once in the ring, Joey took a mic to “You Suck” chants. Meanwhile, Snow noted he allowed his emotions to overcome his better judgment. Joey told him he should be ashamed of himself. So, on behalf of TNA, he would like to apologize for his actions. The crowd booed. Joey then told Snow to say he’s sorry. He then called Snow an office stooge and said he doesn’t want to hear an apology on behalf of TNA management, but from Snow himself.

Joey egged on Snow, who looked down at the mic before saying he’s sorry and extending his hand. Joey told Snow to get that hand away from him because he’s in control after he manipulated Snow and the 87 percenters. Joey said tonight is not about Snow or them, but about him. Joey then told Snow to get down to the other order of business agreed upon. Snow reluctantly pulled out a TNA contract and handed it over to Joey. Joey then told Snow to turn around so he can sign his contract on his back. Meanwhile, Taz mocked Joey under his breath.

Joey signed the contract and told Snow to announce him as the newest Impact Wrestling star. Snow told Joey he should have looked things over a little more closely because it’s only a one-night contract…to face him at Bound for Glory. The crowd popped. Snow told Joey that he’s going to beat his ass. Snow left the ring as Joey cried over the contract.

Kurt Angle was shown talking to Sting as Daniels and Kaz poked their heads around the corner. Sting shot down Angle’s request to face Aces & Eights because Angle already has a match at the PPV. Sting then changed his mind and said he’ll think about it. Suddenly, Bully Ray was standing behind Angle. Ray walked past Angle, then walked up to Sting to reason with him. He said he should be in the World Title match at Bound for Glory, but he’s not because Aces & Eights screwed things up for him. He asked Sting what he has to do to convince him to be his partner at the PPV. He told Bully to make something happen tonight. Why? Because he’s the biggest, baddest bully he’s ever known. Sting told Ray that he *needs* a bully. “Go prove something tonight!” Sting shouted at Bully. “I’m pissed!”

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Back from break, Tenay announced a TV Title match up next. In the ring, Christy Hemme introduced the challenger first, Rob Van Dam, prompting Taz to briefly mention RVD’s TV Title history. New TV champ Samoa Joe came out next to defend against Rob.

TV champion SAMOA JOE vs. ROB VAN DAM — TNA TV Title match

The two men traded control in the first minute-and-a-half leading to the fourth quarter-hour. [Q4] Joe applied an STF center ring, but RVD shifted his body toward the bottom rope to get a rope break. On the floor, Joe blasted RVD into the ring steps, then glared into the ringside camera. Joe rolled RVD back into the ring, but was slow to follow up, allowing RVD to come back with a thrust kick into Rolling Thunder for a two count.

RVD followed with a cross-body splash from the second rope before landing a kick to the head. RVD did some posing, then went up-top for a Five-Star Frogsplash, but Joe popped to his feet, grabbed RVD, and dropped him with a running Musclebuster. Joe pinned RVD and it was good for the win.

WINNER: Joe at 4:36 to retain the TV Title.

A.J. Styles was shown talking to Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez about Aces & Eights. TNA tag champs Daniels and Kazarian then entered the discussion to try to stir up conflict between the challengers for the Tag Titles at the PPV.

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BFG Memories: TNA president Dixie Carter talked in a video package about her best TNA memories at BFG.

Earlier Today Backstage: King Mo was shown walking down the hallway at 5:33 p.m.

Catering Area?: TNA went to grainy footage of TNA champ Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy having a casual conversation of sorts trying to make sure they’re cool with each other. Hardy ignored Aries’s passive-aggressive digs, then Bully Ray entered the discussion. Ray said he can prove himself to Sting by beating Jeff Hardy tonight, but Aries cut off Ray and told him that he can prove himself by beating the World champ. Ray cut off Aries and said he already beat him. He said Aries is lucky he’s not facing him at Bound for Glory because he could beat him for the title in seconds. Hardy cut off a brewing argument by booking a three-way match. Ray agreed, then quickly ran off. Aries sarcastically thanked Hardy for making his match tonight.

CHAVO GUERRERO (w/Hernandez) vs. KURT ANGLE (w/A.J. Styles)

During ring intros, Angle gave the appearance of having a lot of things on his mind and had to switch into wrestling mode. The bell sounded one minute before the top of the hour. Angle and Chavo locked up and battled center-ring as the crowd picked sides on their rooting interest.

Chavo slowed things down with a side headlock as they hit the top of the hour. Chavo brought Angle to the corner, where he delivered uppercuts before applying another headlock. Angle had enough of this and back-dropped Chavo clear across the ring. Angle then choked Chavo across the middle rope before stomping Chavo in the corner. Styles told Angle to keep it up, but Chavo fired back with forearms, only to eat a clothesline from Angle.

Angle continued the attack before the two men started trading bombs from a standing position. Chavo then knocked down Angle and delivered a splash to the mid-section for a two count. Taz then relayed the official word that Aries vs. Hardy vs. Ray is booked for tonight’s show. Angle had enough of Chavo and wanted the Anklelock, but Chavo shoved him away. Chavo then executed the Three Amigos suplexes before climbing to the top turnbuckle.

Chavo wanted a frogsplash to win the match, but Angle moved. Angle followed with the Angle Slam before he dropped the straps to signal the end. This drew interest from Hernandez, who teased entering the ring, but backed off the ring apron. The distraction was enough, though, for Chavo to roll up Angle from behind for a quick three count.

Hernandez and Angle engaged in a shoving match. Styles entered the picture as Daniels and Kaz walked out on-stage to gloat about stirring the pot between the top challengers. After the challengers calmed down, Chavo shouted to Daniels and Kaz that those are their belts.

WINNER: Chavo at 6:42.

Still to come: King Mo makes his TV debut.

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Back live, Tenay plugged an X Division Title match up next. Already in the ring with Christy Hemme was Douglas Williams. X champ Zema Ion then came out to face Williams in a match with no back-story to match the lack of attention given to the X Division as of late.

X Division champion ZEMA ION vs. DOUGLAS WILLIAMS — X Division Title match

Williams knocked Ion to the outside early on, but Ion injured Williams’s arm on the floor. Back in the ring, Ion applied a cross arm-breaker, forcing a submission. Ion kept the hold locked on as the announcers reacted to the damage done. The ref had enough of Ion not adhering to his instructions and decided to reverse his decision. After the decision was reversed, Ion grabbed the mic and said he knows he’s the first choice on Sting and Hogan’s list to face Aces & Eights. He then took his name off that list because he’s not risking his good looks. He said he’s not just pretty good-looking, but pretty dangerous.

WINNER: Ion via submission at 1:17; Williams via reverse decision, but Ion retains X Division Title.

Tenay and Taz introduced a video documenting King Mo’s background. … Backstage: King Mo was shown warming up as he walked down the hallway. He’s next.

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Bruce Prichard was shown talking to D-Lo Brown. Prichard pulled out his tablet and showed Brown some footage of Matt Morgan hitting the ring to kick a referee in the face during a recent house show. Prichard asked Brown why Morgan was allowed to enter the ring like that. Brown said he was trying to run the live event and let things slip. Prichard told him it better not happen again. Brown said he knows.

James Storm was introduced to the live crowd. Storm, dressed in street clothes, said Bound for Glory is the culmination of a year-long issue with Bobby Roode. He said he will prove he is the better man next Sunday. Storm then turned his attention to King Mo, saying the man is a fighter and a king. Suddenly, Bobby Roode’s music interrupted. Roode walked out on-stage and said he doesn’t care about some Bellator fighter who goes by the name of King Mo. Roode shouted that their feud is about to explode in ten days at Bound for Glory.

Roode continued that this isn’t just a match, but a fight. He said he will not stop until he’s standing over Storm’s bloody carcass knowing he’s ended Storm’s career. Roode said there is no one on God’s green earth who can stop him and there’s not a thing King Mo can do to stop him. Roode said if he’s here tonight, then he’ll say it to his face.

New music then played to bring out King Mo on-stage. Mo, dressed in a crown and cape while sporting MMA gloves. walked out on-stage and went face-to-face with Roode. Roode taunted King Mo that he wants nothing to do with him, then he put his hands on Mo. Mo had enough and shoved Roode down to the ground, stunning Roode. Roode remained seated on the ground before Mo marched down to the ring. Mo and Storm went face-to-face before Storm raised his hand in the air. Mo and Storm then celebrated with a beer bath.

Hulk Hogan brought in Sting for more discussions of who Sting should team with at BFG. Sting said he wants to see how Bully Ray looks in the main event tonight. Hogan was skeptical, but Sting was convinced Ray could be his man at the PPV.

Up next: Aries vs. Hardy vs. Ray in a three-way main event with Hogan and Sting watching.

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TNA recapped the Aces & Eights vs. Hogan & Sting issue from the past several weeks.

Aces & Eights footage: Joseph Park was shown still trapped in the A&E Clubhouse. A modulated-voice representative indicated that Park is doing just fine. He said they’re curious to see who Mr. Hogan selects to face them at Bound for Glory. The man said they won’t reveal their two reps until the PPV. They proceeded to tease shocking Park before the feed cut out.

Announcers: Tenay announced Joe vs. Magnus for the TV Title at Bound for Glory before Tenay and Taz broke down the full PPV line-up.

Back in the ring, Christy Hemme introduced Bully Ray as the first participant in tonight’s main event. Ray taunted the crowd before marching to the ring, where he continued his trash-talk. The crowd then shrieked when Jeff Hardy’s music played to bring out the #1 contender to the TNA World Title. Before they cut to break, TNA World champ Austin Aries came out as the final participant in the main event.

[Commercial Break]

TNA World Hvt. champion AUSTIN ARIES vs. BULLY RAY vs. JEFF HARDY — non-title three-way match

The match was joined in progress back from break with Bully and Hardy battling in the ring. Aries then re-entered the ring and pulled Hardy to the floor after Hardy built offense on Ray. Aries tried to capitalize with the Last Chancery on Ray, but Hardy yanked Aries off the submission hold. Aries screamed in Hardy’s face, so Ray proceeded to clothesline both men to the mat.

Aries came back with a top-rope missile dropkick, though. Aries then landed a corner dropkick, but Ray eye-gouged Aries to blind him. Ray proceeded to grab his chain from the outside before re-entering the ring. Ray then saw Hardy re-entering the ring and shoved Hardy into Aries. Ray followed with a Bubba Bomb to Hardy for the pin and the win. Afterward, Ray shouted into the camera that he just proved himself to Sting and Hogan.

Post-match: Aries shouted in Hardy’s face some more as the crowd chanted, “Hardy, Hardy.” Aries then posed to the crowd and the crowd booed. Hardy proceeded to do his Hardy dance to cheers as Aries watched with anger written on his face.

WINNER: Ray at 4:04.

Hogan and Sting were shown leaving Hogan’s office in preparation for announcing their BFG PPV pick in the final segment.

[Commercial Break]

Six minutes before the top of the hour, Sting’s music played back from break. Tenay went for hyperbole that said Sting and Hogan are set to make one of the most important decisions they could ever make with their pick here. Once Hogan and Sting hit the ring, Hogan took the mic and waited out “Hogan, Hogan” chants. Hogan said things have gotten too personal with Aces & Eights, and now he’s entrusting things to Sting at Bound for Glory to keep A&E out of TNA forever.

Hogan proceeded to list the performances from top stars, including Samoa Joe and Bully Ray. He said they need someone who can get the job done. He said the person who impressed them the most is the man who delivered two Mic Checks tonight. Hogan called out Mr. Anderson to come on down and let them know he’s on the team.

As Anderson’s music played, TNA cut backstage to show Aces & Eights beating down Anderson. Back in the ring, Hogan demanded some help. They cut backstage again to show Anderson out cold. Samoa Joe then hit the scene to check on Anderson. Back in the ring, Bully Ray stormed the ring to tell Hogan and Sting that they picked the wrong guy. Ray told Sting that if he’s going to war, then he goes to war with him. Ray tried to state his case for being a warrior and told Sting to convince Hogan. Sting thought things over, then Ray told Hogan that he’s their guy.

Ray held out his hand, Hogan thought it over, and eventually shook hands with Ray. The crowd booed, not buying Ray’s act. Hogan told Ray that he fights for them and everyone here. Ray told Sting and Hogan that he has their back at Bound for Glory. Sting and Ray maintained a handshake center-ring as Impact faded out one minute past the top of the hour.

And, the plot is set for Ray to be revealed as the inside guy for Aces & Eights at BFG…unless it’s a red herring, of course, or if they go with the “misunderstanding” or “accidental loss” angle where Ray & Sting lose to A&E at the PPV before it’s eventually revealed that Ray is in the inside-guy.


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