TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 13th, 2012

This week’s live TNA Impact following the No Surrender PPV opened with a video package on Jeff Hardy winning the Bound for Glory Series on Sunday. Included were clips of James Storm and Bobby Roode resuming their feud, Austin Aries fighting Aces & Eights, and Hulk Hogan trying to lock down the building.



Mike Tenay said the journey to Phoenix begins tonight. First, they address the fall-out from No Surrender. After fireworks shot off inside the building, Austin Aries’s music played to bring out the TNA World champ in street clothes with the title belt over his shoulder.

In the ring, Aries waited out an “Aries, Aries” chant before noting he holds in his hands the World Title. Aries said his focus is now on Bound for Glory, where he will be facing a man who defeated 11 other men to become his opponent at BFG. Aries then welcomed out Jeff Hardy.

Out came Hardy dressed like a rodeo clown as Tenay recapped Hardy overcoming the odds to win the BFG Series on Sunday. Before entering the ring, Hardy took a victory lap to thank the fans for supporting him. In the ring, Aries congratulated Hardy on winning the BFG Series, saying he showed guts and overcame the odds. Aries said he knows first-hand what it takes to beat Samoa Joe and Bully Ray, but to do that on the same night and on the same night Aces & Eights attacked him, he takes his hat off to Hardy for earning a main event spot at BFG.

Aries noted Hardy is a man of few words, but the fans love him. He said he does a lot of talking, yet the people still cheer him. He said everyone is looking at the BFG PPV like he has something that Hardy wants. Aries said he sees it differently that Hardy has many things that he wants.

Suddenly, Bully Ray’s music interrupted. Ray asked for his music to be shut off and he stormed the ring and began pacing around, interrupting a friendly conversation. Ray pointed at Aries, then Hardy, calling them lucky. He said Aries is lucky because he would have beaten Aries for the TNA World Title at BFG. As for Hardy, he’s lucky because for some reason, he actually felt bad for Hardy. He said he tried to keep the integrity of the BFG Series together and took his eye off the ball for a second. Ray noted he’s been beating Hardy for 15 years all over the world, then proposed they fight.

Aries interrupted and said the person who’s lucky is Bully because the last time they were in the ring together, he made Ray tap out. “You tapped out!” chant from the crowd. And, Hardy beat Ray the last time they were in the ring. Aries suggested Ray fight Hardy now to prove himself. Hardy agreed and said he’s feeling a lot better than on Sunday, so they should do it right now. Ray backed away, then tried to start talking again, but Hardy’s music randomly played to cut off Ray. Tenay played match-maker and announced Hardy vs. Ray in a re-match from the BFG Series finals.

An upset James Storm was shown walking down the hallway.

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Back from break, Mike Tenay announced an X Division Title match. Sonjay Dutt’s music played to bring out Dutt for apparently a re-match from No Surrender. As Dutt made his entrance, Tenay and Taz offered their best wishes to Jerry “the King” Lawler. Taz said he’s a friend of Jerry’s and told Lawler to hang in there. X champ Zema Ion came out next to face Dutt. The big thing missing from Sunday’s title match was TV focus ahead of time to create meaning to the title match and not just be a bunch of spots thrown together, so instead of building a story before they clash again, TNA is simply throwing the match out again.

X Division champion ZEMA ION vs. SONJAY DUTT — X Division Title match

Moves in the ring. Moves on the floor. Back in the ring, Dutt snapped off a huracanrana for a two count. Dutt followed with his new trademark moonsault into a double stomp and pinned Ion, but the champ got his foot on the bottom rope to avoid a three count. Dutt tried again, but Ion crotched him and rolled him up in the corner for a three count.

Ion grabbed his can of hairspray and smashed Dutt in the back of the head with it. Ion then snapped Dutt’s shoulder with an armbar before raising his title belt in the air. Tenay noted Ion has a history of injuring people, which planted seeds for Jesse Sorensen returning for revenge on Ion.

WINNER: Ion at 3:28.

Daniels and Kaz were in Hulk Hogan’s office pretending to talk like Hogan, who then walked in, frightening the tag champs. Hogan took a sip of Daniels’s martini and said that’s disgusting. Hogan then proposed singles matches tonight to determine their next Tag Title defense. Daniels asked why singles matches? Hogan ignored his logical question and said Daniels and Kaz will face A.J. Styles and Chavo Guerrero. If Styles wins, Styles & Angle get a Tag Title re-match. If Chavo wins, then Chavo & Hernandez get a Tag Title re-match. If Daniels and Kaz win their matches, there is no Tag Title re-match. After Hogan left, Daniels and Kaz argued amongst themselves.

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A.J. Styles was shown talking to Kurt Angle. Styles wanted a piece of Kazarian, but Angle reasoned that Styles is too emotional and may not be focused on winning. Angle said he wants to face Kaz, but if Styles can guarantee him a win, then he’ll let him take the match. Angle said he wants the Tag Titles and Styles guaranteed victory. Styles walked off, then Wes Brisco randomly re-appeared a few months after debuting. Angle told Wes to come watch Styles’s match with him.

James Storm vs. Bully Ray and Storm vs. Bobby Roode feud re-visited from No Surrender.

Bobby Roode’s music played to bring out the former TNA champ. Roode slowly marched to the ring soaking in the crowd before arriving in the ring to discuss his return from a brief absence at No Surrender to cost Storm his BFG Series semi-final match.

In the ring, Roode declared, “I’mmmmmm back.” Roode offered a recap and history lesson. Two months ago, he was screwed in his match with Austin Aries. So, per the stipulation, he wasn’t to receive another title shot as long as Aries is World champ. Roode took his ball and left. At home, he had a chance to sit back and watch. “Go back home!” the crowd chanted. Roode said he got an opportunity to watch his former tag partner, James Storm, pour his sweat and blood in the BFG Series, finish first in the Series, and inch closer to the main event at Bound for Glory. So, he thought to himself why a guy who rode his coattails should get a title shot over him. At No Surrender, he took it upon himself to change Storm’s destiny and help eliminate him from the BFG Series.

Suddenly, Storm’s music played to interrupt Roode’s history lesson. Storm, dressed to fight, stomped out to the ring as Roode removed his jacket in the ring. Storm hit the ring and the fight was on. Storm got the upper hand, bumping Roode, before clotheslining him over the top rope to the outside. On the floor, Storm ran Roode into the guardrail before trying to choke him with his tie. Storm continued the assault before dragging him to the floor below the stage and driving him shoulder-first into the staging. Storm followed with more right hand blows that took Roode near a side door. Impact suddenly cut to break with the fight about to spill into the backstage area.

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BFG Series Memories: 2009 when A.J. Styles retained the TNA World Title over Sting.

Christy Hemme was standing by to introduce TNA tag champion Kazarian for the first of two singles matches to determine if the tag champs defend the belts at a future date. As Kaz came out, Tenay and Taz noted it took about a dozen security guards to break up the fight between Storm and Roode backstage during the break. A.J. Styles then came out to face Kaz.

TNA tag champion KAZARIAN vs. A.J. STYLES

As Styles and Kaz started things off, Tenay backed off on his match-making in the opening segment by noting they are awaiting word from Hulk Hogan on whether Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy will occur tonight. The match moved to the floor as Tenay noted Styles is looking for revenge on Kaz for contributing to making his life miserable for months. Impact cut to break.

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Back from break, Kaz was in control of the action. Tenay recapped Styles needing to win to ensure a Tag Title re-match for he and Kurt Angle, then Styles caught Kaz out of the corner with a backbreaker. Styles tried to suplex over the top rope to the floor, then changed gears to kind of whip him over the ropes face-first onto the ring apron. Upon further review, it looked like a lift-up DDT across the apron. Styles tried to follow with a flying forearm off the ring steps, but Kaz moved, then proceeded to monkey flip Styles off the guardrail onto the ringside padding.

Kaz scampered back into the ring, then demanded the ref administer a ten count. Styles recovered, then re-entered the ring at 7, and avoided multiple pinfall attempts. Styles then made a comeback and delivered a springboard forearm smash. Styles kipped up Shawn Michaels-style, fired up the crowd, and went for a pin, but Kaz countered with a roll-up and nearly scored a three count with his feet on the ropes. However, Styles came back with a Pele Kick into the Styles Clash. Styles scored the pin to guarantee a future Tag Title shot.

WINNER: Styles at 10:11 to earn a future Tag Title shot. Strong TV match between two familiar opponents. Styles picking up the win keeps the strong dynamic between Styles, Kaz, and Daniels going while Styles waits for another main event opportunity after BFG.

Hulk Hogan was shown talking to her daughter, Brooke Hogan, warning her to be careful with Aces & Eights looming. He ordered her around before Joseph Park walked into the Hogan Family office. Park said he has made some inroads on his investigation and is waiting on one key piece of evidence, which he said will be here next week. He said he thinks it will blow this case wide open. Hogan asked Park to run the evidence by him first, though, then asked Park to bodyguard Brooke. Hogan walked off, then Park tried to buddy up to Brooke, who acted freaked out. Awww-k-ward.

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The show returned with the camera focused on Bully Ray’s back. Ray approached Jeff Hardy and said they should make their fight tonight mean something by having Hardy put his BFG PPV title shot on the line. Hardy remained silent, so Bully asked Hardy if his balls aren’t big enough. Ray got in Hardy’s ear and told him he is nothing more than a coward and he sees right through him. Hardy turned to Ray and said he was ready in the first segment, so if Ray beats him, he can have his title shot at Bound for Glory. Hardy, with make-up on his eyelids to mask his real eyes, looked around the room, prompting Ray to quietly peer around Hardy’s face to try to look into his eyes before walking off.

Video package: Austin Aries’s recent run-ins with Aces & Eights. … Impact Zone: Just before the top of the hour, Hulk Hogan’s music played.

Hollywood Hogan emerged on-stage at the top of the hour and played to the crowd before gingerly making his way into the ring to address Aces & Eights. Once in the ring, Hogan waited out some pro-Hogan chants before saying this Bound for Glory Series really put TNA in high gear. He said when he thinks back to the three grueling months of the tournament and the 12 superheroes who put everything on the line, it just blows his mind how intense the Series was. But, you have to understand that the Creatures of the Night came out on top. He said Hardy isn’t from this planet, man, but from a whole ‘nother universe. He said he doesn’t understand where Hardy is going or where he’s been, but when Hardy put it all on the line to win the Series and now could throw it all away but wants to prove that he earned, he’s not going to stand in Hardy’s way. Because, it will be Hardy vs. Ray tonight and the winner will face Aries at Bound for Glory.

Hogan shifted gears to Aces & Eights. He said the Impact Zone is going to be locked down forever. Suddenly, the bikers appeared on-screen from their usual hideout. The spokesman said Hogan is a better chess player than they originally thought, but the key question is whether Hogan locked the group out or locked them in. The spokesman said anyone in the building could be one of them, so Hogan needs to be careful. Back live, a library-quiet Impact Zone waited for Hogan to react. Hogan tensed up and got in fighting position before Impact went to break.

Moments Ago: TNA replayed Aces & Eights warning Hulk Hogan not to trust anyone.

Backstage: Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez discussed who should face Daniels tonight to potentially get another Tag Title shot. Chavo stepped up to the plate and said he will beat Daniels, not if. Chavo fired himself up before they hugged it out.

Christy Hemme introduced TNA tag champion Daniels for the next bout. After Daniels danced and gyrated his way to the ring, some quirky techno-sounding music played to bring out Chavo as Daniels’s opponent.


The two men traded control early on.

Chavo delivered a backbreaker for a nearfall as the announcers second-guessed Hardy putting up his PPV main event title shot against Bully Ray tonight. Chavo worked a headlock to wear down the Tag Champ before missing with a clothesline. Daniels rolled to the floor for a breather, but then turned around to take a somersault dive from Chavo. On the outside, Chavo delivered an uppercut before rolling him back into the ring. Chavo was too slow re-entering the ring, though, allowing Daniels to shove him off the ring apron into the guardrail.

Back in the ring, Daniels worked on Chavo as Taz found a few different ways to describe Daniels acting like a desperate rat in a corner. Chavo made a comeback with a head scissors into a dropkick for a two count, then hip-tossed Daniels over the top rope to the floor. On the outside, Daniels grabbed his tag title belt from So Cal Val. Daniels, Chavo, and the ref went through a complicates sequence that resulted in Chavo ducking a belt shot before delivering Three Amigos. Chavo then went up top and hit a frogsplash for the pin to also earn a future Tag Title shot.

WINNER: Chavo at 6:35. The basic booking here is Styles and Chavo pick up redemption wins to stand tall on television before the better-as-a-unit Daniels & Kaz tandem presumably retains the Tag Titles so that it ends up even-steven.

Gut Check: The next contestant is 18-year-old Evan Markopoulos. A video package focused on Evan’s independent wrestling background and life story. Evan’s father talked on-camera about his son’s journey to becoming a wrestler. Next week, Evan auditions for a TNA roster spot.

Tara was shown walking down the hallway. She will talk next about losing her Knockouts Title match against Miss Tessmacher at No Surrender.

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Earlier tonight: James Storm and Bobby Roode fought all over the arena before Storm blasted Roode to the backstage area.

Storm yelled at the roving cameraman about not getting enough of Roode tonight. He said he’s about to make Roode’s life a living hell. He said next Thursday is Open Fight Night, which is good for him and bad for Roode.

BFG Memories: 2005. Gail Kim talked about becoming the first Knockouts champion. Don West’s voice was heard calling Gail the first-ever TNA women’s champion.

Impact Zone: Tara came out as Tenay plugged Gut Check and Open Fight next week. In the ring, Tara took the mic and said she would like to congratulate her friend, KO champion Miss Tessmacher, who beat her on Sunday. Tessmacher came out to discuss matters with Tara, who said she was torn about what happened on Sunday because she wanted to win, but it also proved she did her job teaching Tessmacher well. She said Tess will always be her best friend and boo. She said she wants to take this moment to properly present her the title belt. Taz asked under her breath if they’re watching Oprah here. Tara took the title belt, raised it in the air, and placed it around Tess’s waist. Tara then formally introduced her best friend and Knockouts champion, Miss Tessmacher.

Tenay noted Tess heads to Bound for Glory as Knockouts champion as Tessmacher celebrated in the ring. And, suddenly, Tara blindsided Tessmacher with a big clothesline, which popped the vocal males waiting for the heel turn. Tara then big-booted Tessmacher before delivering Widow’s Peak. The vocal portion of the audience cheered and applauded as the announcers asked where this came from from Tara.

Video package: More recaps of the Aces & Eights business affecting the BFG Series finals at No Surrender.

Jeff Hardy and Bully Ray were shown on a split-screen walking down the hallway ahead of their high-stakes match up next.

[Commercial Break]

TNA president Dixie Carter randomly re-appeared on television addressing on-air authority figures Hulk Hogan, Bruce Prichard, D-Lo Brown, Al Snow, and Brooke Hogan about letting things get out of control with Aces & Eights. Hulk brought up a personal story about his brother before everyone debated whether someone on the inside has allowed things to get out of control. Dixie said this is her investment and asked how they’re going to protect this. Prichard said Aces & Eights has already succeeded by forcing them to have this conversation, then started the finger-pointing that maybe someone in this room being part of the group. Prichard asked Hogan if it’s him. Dixie cut off the finger-pointing and said it could be someone upset with them. Brooke wanted to know what their end goal is with this. D-Lo said they just need to look the group in the eye and have it out.

Bully Ray came out first for the main event, then Jeff Hardy made his way out and took a victory lap before entering the ring.

JEFF HARDY vs. BULLY RAY — default #1 contender match to the TNA World Title

As Hardy completed his ring entrance, Ray attacked him from behind. So, this being TNA, the bell sounded despite the unfair start. Ray blasted Hardy, but Hardy came back with clubbing fists into a dropkick. Hardy followed with seven of ten corner punches, Ray tried to block, but Hardy escaped Ray with a one-foot kick for a two count. Ray called Hardy an s.o.b. before bailing to the outside. Hardy then took him out with a big splash on the floor leading to break at 1:20.

[Commercial Break]

We’re back and Bubba charges into Hardy’s boot in the corner and Hardy comes off the second rope with a howling splash for 2. Hardy hits the ropes again but runs right into Bubba’s boot, and Bubba covers for 2. Bubba with an elbowdrop for 2 and then nearly backdrops Hardy into the lights and hits him with a splash for 2. Bubba with a clothesline and another elbowdrop for 2, then fires crossfaces across Hardy’s nose. Bubba sets Hardy up for another big boot, but Hardy dodges and tries a Twist of Fate. Bubba blocks and rams Hardy’s injured shoulder into the ringpost, and Hardy tumbles out to the floor clutching his shoulder. The referee starts counting, Hardy rolls in to break the count and goes right back out, but Bubba goes after Hardy and nails him before throwing him back inside. Bubba with a hard chop in the corner followed by a running splash, but Hardy dodges a second try at the charging corner splash and hits the Whisper In The Wind. They’er on their knees trading right hands, then Hardy shoots a double leg, drops the double legdrop to the uprights, then the basement dropkick for 2. Bubba countersa Twist of Fate attempt to the Bubba Bomb for 2, he tries another Bubba Bomb but Hardy blocks and hits a leaping DDT for 2. Hardy goes to the top rope but Bubba shakes the ropes, crotching Hardy on the top rope. Bubba hits a superplex for 2, then he drags Hardy to the corner for the Vader Bomb, but Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy quickly goes up for a Swanton,but Bubba dodges and hits a Bubba Bomb for 2. Bubba can’t believe Hardy kicked out again, he tries another big boot but Hardy dodgesand hits a pair of Twists of Fate and goes up top for the Swanton. Hardy hits it and covers for the win.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Hardy’s still going to Bound For Glory to face Austin Aries for the title, and that’s it for this week!


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