TNA Impact Wrestling Results – September 27th, 2012

After a video package looking back at last week’s situation involving Joseph Park and Aces & Eights, as well as the controversial finish of the Bully Ray-Austin Aries match, we’re off to the Impact Zone where Hulk Hogan comes out to the ring to open the show. He reminds us that he has a date with Aces & Eights, and asks the fans to watch his back because this week is a turning point for the company. Bound For Glory is just three weeks away, and since Aces & Eights has him a bit distracted, it’s time to get to the business at hand. Devon was a great champion, but the negotiations with him fell apart and Hogan needs to move forward. Samoa Joe, Garett Bischoff, Brutus Magnus, and Mr. Anderson are all backstage, and he guarantees that we’ll have a champion by the end of the night. Next is the Storm-Roode debacle that’s been going on for over a year now, and he’s going to put them in a no DQ street fight at Death Before Glory. I guess he means Bound For Glory. He’s bringing in a special enforcer referee for that match, and it’s going to be King Mo, who will be here live next week on Impact. Finally, if Aces & Eights wants him, they’ve got him, because he’s going to their clubhouse where he’ll see what they’re made of. He took one of them in search of justice, so Aces & Eights took Joseph Park as revenge. But they cornered his daughter, so he’s going to go to the Aces & Eights clubhouse even if it means walking into a fight. Sting’s music hits, and the crazy bastard himself comes out of the back to the apparent shock of even Hogan. He says the Aces & Eights thing started with him, and since he promised he’d watch Hogan’s back when he took back over as GM, so they’re going to go see Aces & Eights together. Hogan tells Sting to go find a bat because they’re going to do it.



Ken Anderson looks back at his favorite Bound For Glory moment, which was in 2010 when he faced Kurt Angle. The fans can expect the same equal opportunity ass-kicking from Anderson that he brings every year.

Kurt Angle vs Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels bails out to the apron to let Angle and Chavo fight each other, but they drag him back into the ring and ping pong him back and forth taking right hands until he goes down. They try to one up each other by taking turns delivering European uppercuts and stomps on Daniels in the corner, but Angle misses a charge and rams his shoulder into the ring post. Chavo quickly nails Daniels with a clothesline, but Kazarian grabs his ankle on the floor. This leads to a situation on the outside with AJ Styles, Hernandez, Chavo, and Angle arguing it out while Daniels & Kazarian hide out in the ring. All four of the other guys come into the ring to go after the champs, and they run for their lives as a standoff takes us to commercial.

We’re back, and the referee ejected all the partners who weren’t wrestling from ringside over the commercial break. Angle starts turning Daniels and Chavo inside out with suplexes and goes for a Hacker Slam on Chavo, but Chavo slips out the back and clotheslines Angle to the floor. Chavo with a flying headscissors on Daniels and a dropkick followed by a rolling senton gets 2 when Angle breaks up the pinfall. Angle with an overhead release suplex on Chavo and then he hits the Hacker Slam on Daniels. The straps come down and he gets Daniels in the anklelock, but Chavo sneaks in and rolls Kurt up for 2. Angle and Chavo go toe-to-toe, Daniels knocks Angle out to the floor, but Chavo steals Eddy’s Three Amigos and goes up top for Eddy’s frogsplash. Angle gets the anklelock on Daniels as Chavo goes to the top, Daniels rolls through and sends Angle crashing into the corner, knocking Chavo off the top. Chavo gets into it with Angle, but Daniels rams both of them into the corner and rolls Chavo up for 3.

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Eddy would never have gotten caught with that one.

Hulk Hogan has the TV Title contenders in his office and says he didn’t want things to go down this way with Devon, but they did and he needs a new champion. Garett says he’s been kicking his ass trying to prove himself around here, and Devon saw something in him. Magnus asks if Garett qualifies because he was Devon’s partner and now Devon’s gone so he qualifies. Joe yells at Magnus, and says none of them belongs in the same ring as him. Magnus puts over his experience in the US, Europe, Japan, and India, and Joe says he could be the champion in Malaysia too, but Magnus says he’s well represented all over the world. Hogan says the choice is easy, and he needs to separate Joe and Magnus, so Magnus is out. Magnus is obviously not happy and slams the door on the way out, and Hogan asks Joe how he dealt with that.

Speaking of Hogan’s, Brooke Hogan comes up to Tara and asks if she remembers when she told her that there would be consequences this week. Tara tells Brooke to hold on for a moment while she takes a phone call from her boyfriend, who she calls Boo, then gets off the phone for about ten seconds before calling Boo 2 back to bitch about Brooke. Brooke takes the phone out of Tara’s hand, tells Boo 2 that Tara’s match is up next, then confiscates the phone and walks off while Tara tries to find out who her opponent will be.

Tara vs ODB

Eric Young gets into the ring and ties up with Taryn Terrell, then lets her go to do a cartwheel and ties up with her again while she tries to convince him that she’s the referee. ODB slingshots Tara into the ring from the apron and they trade right hands in the corner until ODB gets the advantage and tosses Tara across the ring by the hair. She does it a second time and Tara rolls out to the floor as they start a footrace. They head back inside where ODB runs over Tara with a shoulderblock, then rams shoulders into Tara’s ribs as EY gets on the apron and reaches out for a tag. ODB with a running splash in the corner followed by a Bronco Buster and BAAAAAAAAAM! Tara rolls back out to the floor to take a long nine count, but takes a little too long and ODB comes under the bottom rope with a baseball slide. She slaps Tara on the ass, rams her into the ring apron, and rolls her back inside. Tara begs off and extends her hand, and ODB really should know better. Indeed she does, dragging Tara to her feet by the hair. Tara tries a slap, ODB blocks it and nails her instead, then hits the fallaway slam. ODB kips up, does BAAAAAAAM! and boots Tara out to the floor. Tara pretends to have hurt her knee again and crawls over to EY for sympathy. ODB doesn’t let up, as she goes outside and spears Tara and rollsher back inside. EY shows ODB that her pants are still on as Tara pulls her knee brace off and tries unsuccessfully to get back to her feet. Since the referee is a complete sucker, she backs ODB off long enough for Tara to small package ODB and put her foot on the ropes for the win.

Winner: Tara

I think Taryn Terrell, who has her OMG face on as she raises Tara’s hand, is the only person who didn’t see that coming. Tara is perfectly fine, but then suddenly pretends like her knee is hurt and Terrell falls for it again. Yep, she makes a perfect referee.

The Gut Check judges are backstage, and we’re going to find out their decision later that night.

We go backstage to the Gut Check judges, but instead of talking about Evan Markopoulos, Bruce Prichard chews Al Snow out for being unprofessional and causing the problem with Joey Ryan. Taz comes in and they finally talk Gut Check, and the consensus seems to be that he looked good and has gone to great length by going to Killer Kowalski’s school at a young age, but he’s only 18 and they question whether he can handle this level of the business at his age.

The dumasss with the cameraman catches up with Bully Ray to ask who his partner is going to be tonight, and he says not to bother him while he’s on the Twitter machine, then refuses to say who his partner is but says he looked really good holding that TNA World Title over his head.

Hogan is backstage with the remaining contenders to the TV Title, and he says that it’s time to thin the herd, and even though Garett’s been working hard and has been on a roll, it’s not his time. Garett gives him a really dirty look before walking off, and the TV Title is on the line between Joe and Anderson next!

Bobby Roode comes up to Austin Aries backstage and says that they’ve had their battles, but Roode respects him. He’s going to be watching his match with Jeff Hardy at Bound For Glory, as he has a vested interest since he can’t get another shot at the World Title as long as Aries is the champion. He’s pulling for Hardy because Roode was never able to beat Aries, but Roode beat Hardy twice while champion. He says Aries is the better wrestler of the two, and neither of them want Hardy walking around trying to steal their spotlight. He wishes Aries luck in the tag match tonight, and Aries says to keep his luck because luck is for losers.

TV Title Match: Samoa Joe vs Ken Anderson

They go toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring right from the start, Anderson goes for a quick Mic Check, Joe shoves him off and goes for the Kokina Clutch, and Anderson escapes that. Joe takes Anderson to the corner and opens up with right jabs, then a charging elbow and leaping enziguiri that rings Anderson’s bell. Joe covers for 2, then runs Anderson over with a back elbow and the snapmare/chop to the back, but misses the kick and Anderson rolls Joe up for 2. Anderson with a rolling neckbreaker for 2 and then pummels Joe with right hands as Joe tries to cover up. Anderson whips Joe to the corner, Joe gets his elbow up and goes to the second rope, but Anderson carries him out with a fireman’s carry. Joe slips out and goes for a choke, Anderson with a chin breaker and hits a Finlay Roll, but Joe counters to a crucifix for 2. Anderson with a hard clothesline and goes for the Mic Check, Joe elbows his way out, Anderson with an O’Connor Roll, Joe counters out to the Kokina Clutch, Anderson fights to escape so Joe floats over and gets behind Anderson to put all his body weight on him. Anderson reaches for the ropes again, but Joe hooks his arm and grapevines it to roll Anderson back out to the middle of the ring. Anderson has officially survived longer in this hold than anyone in history, but the referee finally checks the arm and calls for the bell.

Winner and NEW TV Champion: Samoa Joe

Not only is gold once again in the possession of Joe, but he has now won the TNA Grand Slam: World Champion, X Division Champion, World Tag Team Champion, and TV Champion. He is only the third man to do so after AJ Styles and Abyss.

We see a video package looking at Aces & Eights, then we go backstage to Hogan and Sting, with a stagehand coming up to hand Hogan some papers that Bruce Prichard needs signed. Hogan takes the papers, then she sprays something in both their eyes and Aces & Eights runs out and beats the crap out of both of them, then throw them in the back of a van. Wait a minute, THESE ARE THE SAME GUYS WHO KIDNAPPED SAMOA JOE!!!!!

Okay, maybe not.

We go to the Gut Check, and only in professional wrestling can senior management be standing in the ring like nothing’s wrong when the guy running the show just got beaten up by a gang of thugs and kidnapped. Markopoulos says he hasn’t given his best effort because he lost last night, but he really, REALLY wants this. Taz says yes, Prichard says no, and Markopoulos is given one last chance to plead his case with Al Snow, and he says that he was born in 1994 when Snow was trying to get into Smoky Mountain Wrestling and ECW, and Snow wasn’t 18 at that time, but he is and even though he got his ass kicked last week, he’ll keep coming back to get his ass kicked because this is what he wants. Snow says that Markopoulos is the epitome of what the Gut Check is about, because he’s seen big guys and talented guys come down the pike, but they didn’t succeed because they didn’t have passion for the business. Markopoulos has the passion, he has the desire,and he has the talent…but he’s only 18, and now isn’t the right time. So Markopoulos doesn’t get the contract, but he really impressed me with the promo on Snow, and I definitely get the sense that he’s someone they see promise in and are going to keep their eyes on.

We just got some footage from Aces & Eights, and it’s of Hogan and Sting being brought into the A&E clubhouse where the Vice President removes the hoods that were placed over their heads, and says they’d better get comfortable since the boss man is coming.

The President of Aces & Eights comes in and sits down with his back to Hogan and Sting (since they’re tied up and all), and he brings out Joseph Park, who is also tied up to a table as a member of the gang holds a blowtorch on him. The President says if Hogan wants Park back, to pick two of his best guys to face two members of Aces & Eights. If Hogan’s guys win, Aces & Eights will leave forever, but if Aces & Eights wins, they get free access to the Impact Zone. Hogan says he and Sting will fight them, but the President says that for the first time in Hogan’s adult life, it’s not about him because he’ll have to stand to the side and watch. Hogan agrees and says he’ll pick two guys, but only if they let Joseph Park go. The President says that’s not going to happen, he knows what a chess player Hogan is, so he’s going to hold onto Park as insurance and he’ll go free after the match.

We go backstage to James Storm, who says that it’s about time Hogan put him in the ring with Bobby Roode, and it’s great that King Mo wants to make a name for himself in Impact Wrestling, but all he needs to do is stand by and watch him kick Roode’s teeth down his throat.

It’s main event time!

Bully Ray & Bobby Roode vs Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy

Hardy and Bubba start us off, with Bubba overpowering Hardy and pummeling him with right and left hands. Hardy pops Bubba across the ring with a flying headscissors and backs Bubba to the corner. Bubba tags out, and Aries finds himself back in the ring with Roode for the first time since the summer. Aries leapfrogs Roode out of the corner and gets a series of armdrags, a drop toehold for Bubba, then Aries lounges in the corner as Hardy comes out of the corner and takes Roode and Bubba out with a double clothesline. Aries gives Hardy a look like “stealing MY thunder, huh?” as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Hardy is working Bubba over in the corner, he goes for the Whisper In The Wind when Roode runs across the apron and trips Hardy, who lands on the back of his head on the mat. Bubba calls Aries a son of a bitch before beginning the methodical attack on Hardy with crossfaces and elbowdrops. Roode tags in and hits a knee drop for 2 on Hardy, but Hardy hits a Twist of Fate out of nowhere and makes the hot tag to Aries, who comes in and unloads on Bubba, who is also now the legal man. Roode kicks Aries in the back from the apron, and Aries nails Roode but turns his back to Bubba, who runs in from behind with a kneestrike that sends Aries out to the floor where Roode rams him into the ring steps. Bubba yells at Aries that he humbled him as he dishes out more punishment, Roode comes in and gets a side backbreaker, then Bubba comes in and hits a big splash for 2. Aries boxes the ears five or six times to break the bearhug, dropkicks Bubba’s knee out, then looks right at Hardy and decides not to make the hot tag. Instead, he turns his attention back to Roode, who is now the legal man. He gets Aries in the Last Chancery, but Bubba breaks it up and then boots Hardy in the face. Bubba sets Aries up for a clothesline, but Aries ducks and Bubba nails Roode. Aries with an IED to Roode, IED to Bubba, and a heat seeking missile to Roode when Roode rolls out to the floor to catch a break. Aries with a missile dropkick that sends Bubba to the floor, then Roode comes in and goes for a Perfectplex, but Aries slips out and hits a brainbuster on Roode. Hardy suddenly tags himself in, and Bubba drags Aries out to the floor as Hardy comes off the top rope with a Swanton to Roode for the win.

Winners: Austin Aries & Jeff Hardy

Aries gets in the ring and he is not happy. He and Hardy argue and Hardy holds the belt in his face, then we go out to the parking lot where Aces & Eights returns Sting and Hogan to the Impact Zone. Aces & Eights holds a knife on them until they escape, and Hogan tells Sting to relax because they still have “Parks”, but Sting is irate and yells after Aces & Eights that he’s finding someone and he’s coming to Bound For Glory.


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