TNA Knockout Calls Sarita The Toughest Female In The History Of Pro Wrestling




In Tara’s latest YouTube video, the TNA Knockout gives her thoughts on Sarita after receiving a fan letter praising the Mexican America member’s ample buttocks.

“I think of her as hands down, the toughest, most disciplined female in the history of professional wrestling,” Tara says. “The girl had facial paralysis—half of her face was paralyzed. If that was me, I’d be in a hospital. She puts on a mask and wrestles. A couple of weeks ago at a match in Mexico, she dove out of the ring and landed on her head on the cement. She was taken off on a stretcher. After that, I would have been at home in bed eating ice cream. Where was she? Competing in a bodybuilding contest—first place.

“So if you’re going to write Sarita a letter, don’t tell her she has a great butt. Tell her she is one of the toughest athletes to ever compete in our business.”

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