TNA Knockout Said To Be Unpopular Backstage, Update on iMPACT’s Schedule

Partial source: PW Torch, Wrestling Observer



– Following Hard Justice on 8/16, TNA will go back to taping television every two weeks. They have dates scheduled for 8/17 and 8/18, as well as 8/31 and 9/1.

– As noted earlier, Sharmell recently claimed on the Monday Night Mayhem show that she had not heard any negative feedback regarding her match with Jenna Morasca at Victory Road.

“Actually that’s my first time hearing it, because I hadn’t heard any critique on that,” Sharmell said. “We’ve been working ever since Victory Road, so I hadn’t heard any of the feedback of that, but if they think it was the ‘worst match,’ that’s great. All publicity is good publicity, so at least they are still talking about me. Even though I didn’t get the pin, I was obviously the most experienced, the one who was able to handle herself the best in the ring, and got the better of Jenna throughout the match. So let them keep talking — any news is good news.”

The word in TNA is that almost everyone loves Sharmell and considers her a really sweet person, but “nobody cares much for that Jenna girl.”

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