TNA Live Event Results – August 29th, 2009

TNA Live Event Results
August 29th, 2009 – Abilene, Texas
Report by F4Wonline, Adam Harvey



Here are the results from the TNA house show in Abilene, TX :

Shark Boy beat Kiyoshi

Sarita & Hamada beat Angelina Love & Velvet Sky

Suicide beat Consequences Creed

Bobby Lashley beat Sheik Abdul Bashir

Eric Young beat Jay Leathal

Abyss & Team 3D beat Doug Williams & Brutus Magnus & Kurt Angle. Mick Foley was the Ring Enforcer for this match

There were 3 radio stations doing live remotes out front of the doors.
I did see a local tv ad for the event a few weeks ago, so they are
advertising their house show. And a non-wrestling fan told me they
heard about the show on the country radio station. But the place was
maybe 1/4th full.

Jermey Borash announced to the crowd that there was going to be a
party with TNA wrestlers at Buffalo Wild Wings after the show and we
are all invited.

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