TNA Live Event Results – January 23rd

TNA Live Event Results – Glasgow, Scotland
January 23rd, 2010 – Report by Chris L., PWInsider



The attendance looked to be the same or a little less than last year, with the very top section curtained off and a number of empty seats in the stands. There was a ton of lighting and a big screen and it was the six sided ring as has been previously reported. There was a small “We want 4 sides” chant at the beginning. The same guy from last year came out to warm up the crowd and introduced Jeremy Borash who gave his speech about giving out backstage passes to the loudest fans. The crowd was really loud all night. The first guy ran back out and said British Invasion had said they didn’t want anyone backstage which received loud boos, and JB said we didn’t care what British Invasion thought and that he would be giving out backstage passes.

It should be noted that the majority of people I spoke to hadn’t seen Genesis or Impact, as Genesis was only shown to a minority of people in the UK and Impact was airing while the show was going on.

The first match was a number one contenders match for the X-Division Championship with The Amazing Red against Chris Sabin. It wasn’t explained how Red didn’t have the title so there was some confusion amongst the people around me. Doug Williams didn’t have the belt later either. This was a typical X-Division match and Red won with the Code Red.

The next match was Suicide against Eric Young for the Global Championship. This was a good match, Suicide was really over and there were a lot of cardboard Suicide masks in the crowd that they were selling at the merchandise table. Eric Young won after a piledriver, but Suicide beat him down after the match.

JB then got a fan from the front row in to introduce Earl Hebner who was roundly booed and who came out to what sounded like a version of Tommy Dreamers ECW song, then done the Bret Hart pose when he got in the ring.

Hernandez beat Rhino with a big splash from the top in a decent match when it got going. Hernandez kept looking out to the crowd in the first couple of minutes as there were lots of “SuperMex” chants.

The next match was Daniels vs. Desmond Wolfe vs. Kurt Angle. Great stuff as you would expect, Desmond and Daniels tried to work over Angle until Daniels turned on Wolfe with a clothesline. Throughout the match Wolfe kept throwing up the two fingered salute and shouting stuff like “Shut up, Jocks”. Angle won after an Angle Slam on Wolfe.

There was then a 15 minute intermission and the people with backstage passes went backstage. Borash said that if you didn’t have a backstage pass, don’t worry, as they would be giving out more throughout the night.

Hamada against Sarita was next, Hamada had her tag title belt and Taylor Wilde was with Sarita. There was a lot of “We want Kong” being shouted. This match was strange, with a lot of missed cues early on. The last few minutes were good as they seemed to be finding their rhythm, but that is when Hamada won with the AP Cross.

The next match was a triple threat tag team match between British Invasion, Beer Money and Team 3D.

British Invasion came out next to a lot of heat and started to cut a promo about how they were concerned that they were not as liked in Scotland as they had expected. They began to sing God Save The Queen which was booed and then they were cut off by Beer Money who received one of the loudest pops of the night. James Storm took the mic and said that he and Roode had been in a bar called the Cathouse the night before and could see that we love to drink. Roode took the mic as Storm got another beer and got one half of the arena to shout “Beer” when he pointed and the other to shout “Money”. This went on during the whole match when Beer Money were on the apron or being beaten down. Team 3D then came out and said that we loved Beer Money because we love to drink and we love to fight. Bubba said “D-Von, Robert Roode just whispered something in my ear” and there were loud “oooooh”s from the crowd to which Bubba said “Ladies, calm down”. He then said that they thought this should be a tables match and got the crowd to chant for tables, so it was now a tables match. This was a really fun promo exchange and the match that followed was also really fun with a lot of chants throughout, 3D won after a 3D through the table.

After the match, Beer Money were leaving disappointed that they hadn’t won when Bubba called them back into the ring. They got a kid from the crowd and all four signed a piece of table and gave it to him. Bubba asked him why he looked so scared and said they weren’t going to hurt him. D-Von then grabbed the kid and started to lift him and Bubba said “D-Von, let the small white child go!”. Bubba then asked how many Celtic fans were in the house, which got a loud mixed reaction. He asked how many Rangers fans there were which got the same reaction. He then asked “Is it possible, that just for tonight, in the interest of TNA and world peace, can the Celtic fans and the Rangers fans just get along?” which was roundly booed and Bubba said “Damn, you guys really do hate each other!”. D-Von then done his “Testify” bit and everyone left together with half the crowd shouting “Beer” and the other half shouting “Money”.

JB then got in the ring with a camera and said he was recording the crowd just now to put on the website. He then said the next time they are here they should tape something for Impact. Well, it was more believeable than Dixie Carter in the ring last year saying they would do a PPV here, but still. He then said it was main event time…

AJ Styles against Samoa Joe for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. This was interesting as next to no one had seen Genesis or Impact so they were treating AJ as an out and out babyface, while AJ was doing Flair “Wooo”s so some people may have been confused. The match was a little disappointing, though still decent. The finish came when Hebner was squashed in the corner, AJ went to hit Joe with the belt, Joe ducked and got AJ in the choke. AJ tapped but the ref was down. Joe tried to get him up but AJ hit a low blow and then the Styles Clash for the win.

AJ got the mic and said that when you’re with the dirtiest player in the game, you have to act like it, and that you can’t trust anybody. He then said “Ladies, I’ll be in my hotel room”. Joe got the mic and said that AJ was right and he shouldn’t trust anybody. He then said “Ladies… AJ won’t be in his hotel room tonight, he’ll be in the hospital” and chased him to the back to end the show.

Despite a lot of the matches being swapped around with Kong not being there and Dinero being sick, this was a really fun show and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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