TNA Live Event Results – July 18th, 2009

TNA Live Event Results
Winston Salem, NC – July 18th, 2009
Report by, Brian Moore



Jeremy Borash came out and hyped the crowd up some.

1. Chris Sabin defeated Jay Lethal and Suicide. The crowd really loved Suicide, and popped big for all his offense. Chris Sabin hit the Cradle Shock on Suicide for the win, but the crowd applauded Suicide all the way back up the ramp.

2. Daffney pinned Rhaka Khan. Daffney was calling the spots during the match, and Khan’s timing was just off. At one point, I saw Daffney point at the corner, and heard her tell Khan to stay down! Daffney won with some sort of interesting roll-up.

3. Matt Morgan defeated Kip James. Morgan got on the mic and insulted the crowd, put the mic down, and started insulting Kip. The crowd was really hot! Pretty good match, but short. Morgan won after hitting a brutal Carbon Footprint on James. By the way, Matt Morgan is a really big dude.

4. Beer Money Inc. defeated Booker T and Scott Steiner. Steiner got in the mic, and was jawing with a fat guy in the first row ringside. I couldn’t understand what the hell either of them was saying. Booker got on the mic, and talked about how fat the fans in Winston-Salem, N.C. are. He said he’d buy us all a doughnut, which started a WE WANT DOUGHNUTS chant. Booker cracked a smile by accident, lol! Anyway, good match, with plenty of time. James Storm spit beer in the face of Big Poppa Pump, and Beer Money hit the DUI for the win.

Intermission. Borash came out after the stretch and asked everybody to text some numbers to some TNA site for a chance to win backstage passes right now. My buddy did, and it signed him up for the TNA messaging service automatically, hope its free! About 10 minutes later, about 40 members of the audience went backstage.

5. Taylor Wilde beat Madison Rayne. Rayne was going to vault over the top rope and into the ring where Taylor was waiting, but caught her foot on the top rope and tumbled down in a heap. Taylor did a good job of not busting out laughing, but the audience did!! Taylor won with a DDT and roll-up.

JB says there will be a surprise after the main event.

6. AJ Styles defeated Samoa Joe to retain the TNA Legends Title. These two never have a bad match. Great back and forth action, with lots of chops thrown in to get WOOOs from the North Carolina crowd. AJ tried to put Joe into the Styles Clash, but Joe slipped out. AJ reversed the next move and hit the Pele for a sudden win.

JB comes out to tell us about the surprise. The security guards are in front of our section (we are in the fourth ringside row) moving the ring steps. Then they open the barricade for some reason? I tune back in to JB to hear him introducing wrestling’s only Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle!!!!!

Kurt is limping badly, and taking very tiny steps, but is not showing it on his face. He gets on the mic, out of character, and starts shooting. He apologizes profusely for not being able to wrestle in the main event, but he did want to come out to see us, and thank us for making TNA the company that it is today. He says he was unable to wrestle because he pulled his groin last night (TN house event?). He said with the way the guys in the back support him and each other, and the way they bust their asses night after night, he had to come out, and he had to explain.

JB announced that we were going to be allowed in the ring, to have a picture taken with Kurt! A 4×6 printed out at the announcer’s table, and we got a card with instructions on how to download and email more copies from a website.

Notes: Overall great show! The matches all were given good time, and I made sure to thank Kurt, when I finally made it through the line, for coming out and saying what he said. I hope he makes a quick and full recovery. This was my first time being inside a wrestling ring. I was stunned at how tight the ropes are, when I tried to push the second rope down to haul my long skinny body between the second and top ropes. I was stunned even harder when I felt how not-springy the mat is. Put it this way, I would not want to land flat on my back on it more than a few times.

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