TNA Live Event Results – July 25th, 2009

TNA Live Event Results – Southaven, MS
Report by PWInsider, RCN in MS – July 25th, 2009



I just got back from the Southaven TNA House show and thought I’d give you a brief report.

Match #1 X-Division Title match between Homicide and Sheik Abdul Bashir.
Great in ring action from two great workers. For a moment there I thought Homicide was in trouble, but luckily, he came back to get the win and retain the title.

Match #2 Taylor Wilde vs. Kong.
Kong was suppose to be the heel, but a good part of the crowd was cheering for her. She did not disappoint as she took out Taylor with an Implant Buster.

Match #3 Kip James vs. Rhino.
About 2 minutes into the match a guy screamed “Rhino, you suck!” Rhino stopped the match and grabbed the microphone. He proceeded to tell the guy that Rhino did not suck. That in fact, that guy screaming was the one who sucked. Rhino asked the crowd if they thought he sucked. They said no. Then he got pissed that the guy in the crowd would say such a thing. He was going to take it out on Kip James. Kip then became angry at the crowd. Pretty funny bit. Rhino finally won with a Gore…Gore…Gore!

Match #4 The British Invasion vs. Beer Money Inc.
My favorite match of the night. The British Invasion asked if everyone would rise while they sang their national anthem. Can you believe that the crowd booed them? Weird huh? Then Beer Money comes out and cuts an awesome promo and gets the crowd to chant “Beer Money. ” Then the match starts. Great action throughout. There was a spot where Doug Williams was hanging upside down in the corner and then Beer Money posted Brutus Magnus crotch first into Doug’s face. Then Doug falls and they land in the 69 position. Storm grabs the mic and talks about how “He doesn’t know how they do it in England, but over here, that stuff means you’re gay.” Crowds starts chanting “You Are Gay”. Needless to say, this was not televised. Good match from that point on and Beer Money gets the win.

Match #5 Scott Steiner vs. Abyss.
Not that great of a match but not bad. Scott got into it with several fans. Called a lot of people white trash rednecks. Abyss wins with the Blackhole Slam.

Match #6 Main Event Samoa Joe vs. Hernandez.
Good match. Scott Steiner tried to interfere. Hernandez picked up the win cleanly over Joe and then started to catch a beat down from both Joe and Scott. Hernandez then proceeded to Hulk up or and sent them both packing.

After that, Kurt Angle came to the ring and apologized for not being able to wrestle. Explained about his groin injury and thanked the fans for their support. By the way, Kurt is now clean shaven again. Then JB tells us for $20 we can get in the ring and take our picture with Kurt. Line forms on the other side of the arena. We left.

Overall a good show. No AJ Styles as advertised, but still a good card to see live and lots of fun.

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