TNA Live Event Results – Oct. 31st, 2009

TNA Live Event Results
October 31st, 2009 – Loveland, Colorado
Report by John Hedgepeth,



A few people were in costumes, including a guy dressed as Randy Savage and a guy at ringside in a suit and Vince McMahon mask.

Jeremy Borash was introduced and he hyped the crowd. He also invited everyone to the Hooters down the road for an aftershow party. He was getting the crowd to “be as loud as you can” to win backstage passes. Borash then introduced “the most controversial referee of all time, Earl Hebner” who was escorted to the ring by four Hooters girls. The girls then sat at the the announce table with Borash.

1. Eric Young vs. Suicide: Young ran down the crowd and the town and mentioned it was a non title match as he won’t defend the Global belt on US soil. It was a decent match. Suicide won with a toprope dropkick.

2. Hamada vs. Awesome Kong: Basically a squash. Hamada got in a little offense but Kong killed her dead with the sitdown powerbomb for the win. After the match Kong kept beating on Hamada and then went after the referees before heading to the back.

3. Hernandez vs. Kip James: The guys sitting behind me who were hyped up like crazy for the show basically had no idea who anyone was. When Kip came out they asked me, “Who’s that clown?” When I told them it was Billy Gunn they went crazy. “BILLY GUNN! HE WAS IN DX! BILLY RULES!”
The match itself was ok, Kip can work a crowd. Hernandez won with a flapjack like border toss. He had Kip up and Kip basically flipped over and took the face front bump and got pinned. Afterwards Kip was arguing with the Ref and then did the DX crotch chop and popped the crowd.

Next Borash hand picked various groups of folks to get backstage passes that were handed out by the Hooters girls. The guys behind me I mentioned before got one for being the loudest row.

4. Monster’s Ball No Rules Match, Rhino vs. Abyss: Rhino got on the mic, insulted the crowd, insulted Abyss, Complained about TNA management and had the place hating him, as he got a face reaction at first. They had a fun little brawl, Abyss was throwing weapons in the ring and tried to grab a Hooters Girl to use as a weapon and Borash stopped him. Typical garbage brawl that ended with Rhino going for the Gore and Abyss catching him by the throat for a chokeslam onto a garbage can for the pinfall.

Next was intermission, and all the people who got backstage passes went backstage.

5. Homicide and Kiyoshi vs. Beer Money Inc. : Eric Young was in the World Elite corner and some local DJ who wasn’t announced was in Beer Money’s corner. Beer Money hyped the crowd with the dueling “BEER!” “MONEY” chant, and then added in “GREAT BIG HOOTERS!” Storm also pointed at the guy dressed as Vince and said, “Hey get Vince McMahon out of here, this is a TNA show!” The two teams had a really great match. The crowd was eating it up and they stole the show up to that point. Beer Money pinned Kiyoshi with their finisher.

Borash then hyped the signing of Hulk Hogan, and no one really cared. He then told us to stick around after the main Event for a big surprise.

6. TNA Heavyweight Championship
AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe: The crowd was split as far as cheers went. They had a great match. Nothing out of the ordinary, as they each hit all their signature moves but it was all really smooth and a ton of fun, the crowd was going nuts and for only 200 people making a lot of noise. The finish came as Joe got AJ up for the Muscle Buster, AJ reverses it into the Styles Clash, Joe escapes and then gets nailed with the Pele’ kick and AJ gets the pin. This was a great match.

Afterwards, Borash says that they want more people to win backstage passes by getting loud. AJ cuts him saying, “It sounds to me like there’s a BILLION TNA fans out there, so how can we fit them all backstage? I’m the Champ and that means I’ve got some stroke around here, so let’s bring the backstage out here for a TNA Autograph party!” Borash says ok, everyone come down to ringside and that for only 20 dollars, your group can get a picture with AJ in the ring. Earl Hebner, Abyss, Hernandez, and James Storm also came out to ringside and signed autographs.

All in all it was a fun show.

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