TNA Live Event Results – Sept. 11th, 2009

TNA Live Event Results – Augusta, GA
September 11th, 2009
Report by PWInsider, Kenny Gradnick



1. Suicide defeated Shiek Abdul Bashir
2. Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney
3. Hernadez defeated Homicide w/ Shiek Abdul Bashir
4. X-Division Champion Samoa Joe defeated Daniels
5. TNA World Tag Team Champions Booker T and Scott Stiener defeated Beer Money
6. TNA World Champion Kurt Angle defeated AJ Styles

The James Brown arena was only half way filled, but the crowd was hot all night. After the main event match, AJ Stlyes was talking to the crowd and said he is not retiring from wrestling and hype the crowd up by talking about The Georgia Bulldogs college football team. Styles stayed in the ring and pose for pictures for $20, and soon as after you take the picture, they print it out and give it to you as you exit the ring, the line was moving really fast so that was cool. Hernadez, Daniels, Taylor Wilde, and ref Dave Hebner walk around ringside signing autographs and posing for pictures too.

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