TNA Lockdown: Four-Way Tag Team Match

The British Invasion vs. Ink Inc. vs. Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Scott Steiner & Crimson



We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Ink Inc. – Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal. Magnus and Douglas Williams are out next, followed by the team of Orlando Jordan & Eric Young. Scott Steiner and Crimson are out last and the crowd pops the most for them. It’s going to be Young and Neal starting things out. The bell rings and Young starts climbing the cage. Everyone looks at him because you can’t escape to win in this match. They finally lock up and Neal applies a headlock.

They go at it until Shannon Moore comes in. Moore takes control of Young and works him over. Williams tags himself in and tries to backdrop Young. Young slides out of it and tags in Orlando Jordan. Jordan and Williams lock up and go back to the corner. Magnus tags in and they double team Jordan. Jordan turns it around and fights them both off. He rubs all over Magnus int he corner and clotheslines Williams. Neal tags himself in next and goes at it with Magnus. Magnus hits a big clothesline and takes Neal back to the corner. Williams comes back in and they double team him. 2 count by Williams.

More double teaming by the Brits. The crowd starts chanting for Steiner to come in. Magnus hits an elbow from the top for a 2 count on Neal. The Brits continue the double teaming in their corner. Neal fights them off and tags in Crimson. Crimson goes at it with Magnus. Crimson with knees to the head and a big neckbreaker for a 2 count. Crimson and Magnus collide in mid-air with clotheslines. Crimson tags in Steiner as Williams comes in also. Steiner clotheslines the Brits and drops an elbow on Magnus. Steiner stops to do push-ups and hits a big back drop on Williams. Steiner with a belly-to-belly on Williams after dropping Magnus. Steiner with another suplex to Magnus. Steiner goes over and decks Shannon Moore. Eric Young comes in and Steiner throws him with an overhead suplex also. Steiner takes Magnus up top but Moore tags himself in. Moore mocks Steiner. Steiner with a top rope belly-to-belly on Magnus. Steiner takes Williams up top also. Moore keeps tagging Steiner and antagonizing him. Moore is legal now and goes to work on Williams in the corner.

Eric Young comes in and drops Moore but gets decked by Williams. Moore comes in for a pin but Orlando breaks it up. Neal comes in now and spears Orlando. Neal turns around to a big move from Crimson. Crimson turns around to a slam from Magnus. Magnus turns around to a big overhead from Steiner. Young drops Steiner with a missile dropkick from the top. Young goes to climb the cage again, thinking he can win by escaping. Moore and Magnus go at it now. Moore with a Moore-gasm for the pin and the win as Eric Young hits the floor, thinking he has won.

Winners: Ink Inc.

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