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TNA Makes Another Play for Alberto Del Rio, Rumor on What Money They Offered Him, More

– TNA recently made another play for former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio (El Patron). Apparently they made a very serious money offer – a rumored one-year deal for $400,000.

TNA is reportedly asking for exclusivity, which could be a problem as Del Rio is planning to work with El Rey and AAA’s Lucha Underground in 2015. TNA may have to drop the request for exclusivity or up the money to get Del Rio. TNA is trying to sell Del Rio on the idea that he will have more US TV exposure with TNA than with anyone else.

TNA is trying hard to get Del Rio due to John Gaburick working closely with Del Rio in WWE.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Schizo_Frog

    Yeah it’s a joke. Their viewership is going to be split in half. SpikeTV is a household name. Destination channel is a little known channel that many providers don’t even carry. It may sound a little harsh but on Destination channel they will be lucky to average 750k viewers a week.

  • sharkattack

    They not that sorry

  • sharkattack

    It’s great to see that wrestlers have a choice now as to far as where that compete and have some negotiation power again competition is a good thing makes folks up their game.

  • TheFizPop

    TnA should just allow him to do the mexico thing, as he will have more eyes on him that way, which could lead to fans of that viewing TnA (if that destination channel is obscure like people say). This next year is a telling one for them and they should just look to get through it, whilst re-structuring happens and go from there

  • CC

    Considering their new tv deal, I doubt TNA could claim he would get more US tv exposure as my understanding is that the new network is hardly even heard of my most people in the US, and is not even carried by many providers.