TNA Reaction Report – April 12th, 2010

TNA Reaction Report – April 12th, 2010
Report by Rich Twilling,



[Q1] The voice over guy told the audience they would they would see TNA behind the scenes. The questions of Jeff Hardy and RVD coming to TNA and why they did so would be answered…

Footage was shown of Sting’s “turn to the dark side” complete with backstage interview clips from Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett. The Lethal Lockdown teams were focused on. Hogan said Flair was the same old dog on a different day…

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a ladder match was hyped. Not sure if they are going to show it or not. The Pope would give his thoughts on A.J. Styles and we would hear more about Team Hogan vs. Team Flair… [C]

Styles and Flair wondered out loud backstage what business RVD and Jeff Hardy had being in the ring with Styles. Footage of RVD vs. James Storm with RVD reacting to it backstage, NFL Network style, was shown.

Storm cut an old school ECW type promo by his locker and said RVD was not going to become a big star in TNA at his expense. RVD said he came to TNA because “it was the right thing to do for everybody. He said TNA doesn’t even realize what he has yet and he hasn’t been able “to do his stuff.” He said he was the Whole F’N Show and Mr. TNA.

Angle vs. Anderson and the feud between The Pope and Desmond Wolfe were advertised for later in the show… [C]

[Q2] The Pope vs. Desmond Wolfe from last week’s Impact was chronicled. The stipulation was that if Wolfe won, he would take Pope’s place against A.J. Styles at Lockdown for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Of course, Pope scored the win…

Wolfe commented afterward about how great he was during the match and that Pope was lucky to have beaten him. Styles attacked Pope afterward and explained he did so because he “was getting cocky.” Pope reacted and said the Styles Clash hurt more than anything he had taken before.

Abyss got involved and said he could watch Styles do what he was doing because of their history. He took a fire extinguisher to the head for his trouble. Styles and Flair chilled backstage and enjoyed a light conversation. Pope hyped tonight’s go-home show for Lockdown…

The ladder match and more reactions were teased… [C]

[Q3] Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson in a ladder match. Highlights of the match aired as both men commented. Anderson said the match was a preview of what was going to happen at Lockdown and that Angle would never learn.

Angle focused on the troops and the warrior tag that was given to him. Anderson asked if Kurt Angle was tougher than him. Anderson praised Angle’s accomplishments but said, “Any man can be beaten on any given day.”

Angle said he is grateful to be where he is at. He said he is always competing to have the match of the year, be the best in the business, and be the best of all time. He said he has Ric Flair to live up to and is going to enjoy the ride while he is still able to go… [C]

The conclusion of Angle vs. Anderson was shown. That dropkick spot followed by the moonsault was awesome. Angle said he settled for nothing less than perfection. Anderson said being rammed into the post and looking at the warrior medal was the best present he could have ever received.

[Q4] Anderson said Kurt never had the upper hand and if it appeared he did, Anderson was just playing possum. Anderson celebrated as Angle struggled to get his air back. Anderson asked when Angle would realize not to bring the warrior medal to the ring because he always gets hurt by it. Funny.

Angle admitted he got the crap beat out of him and thanked God he was able to walk after a match like that. He revealed he wanted a twenty year career and now he is at ten years, and he is at the end of his rope…

Anderson said he was not in TNA to make friends. He was here to win championships and make boatloads of money. That is why he went after Angle and spit on his medal. Anderson said he did not lack respect for the military, he just did not respect Angle. He repeated his “Thank God I’m an asshole” line… [C]

Abyss said Desmond Wolfe was at the top of his list and he had something special for him on Impact. The narrator asked “Why Sting why?” and Jeff Jarrett had some choice comments for Sting. Pope warned Styles to be ready and Styles said he would be ready. They hyped Impact and finished with Hogan praising Jeff Jarrett, Jeff Hardy, and Rob Van Dam…

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