TNA Slammiversary: TNA Tag Team Title Match

TNA Tag Team Title Match: The British Invasion vs. James Storm & Alex Shelley



We go to the ring and out first comes Magnus and Douglas Williams. Robert Roode escorts the team of James Storm and Alex Shelley out to defend the tag team titles. Roode brings a six pack of beer over to Tenay and Taz, and joins commentary.

Storm and Williams start things out and lock up. They trade holds back and forth. Storm tags in Shelley and he takes over working on Williams’ arm. They go to the mat and Magnus gets tagged in. He shoulders Shelly to the mat but gets tripped. Shelley misses a low dropkick and Magnus drops him with a right. Storm tags himself in and they double team Magnus, knock Williams off the mat, then hit Magnus again. Shelley goes to work on Williams and tags back in Storm. They double team again and hit a bulldog. More double teaming and Storm puts his fingers in Williams’ eye. Shelley with right hands on Douglas in the corner now.

Magnus gets involved and kicks Shelley to the mat, allowing Williams to take control. Williams drops a knee on Shelley for a 2 count. More double teaming from the British Invasion on Shelley as Storm protests. Shelley fights out of the corner but gets caught in the air by Magnus. Magnus with a big suplex. Shelley wants to tag but Magnus tags in Williams for more double teaming. 2 count for the Brits as Storm breaks the pin. Williams with a big overhead suplex on Shelley. Williams goes for Rolling Chaos but Shelley counters. Shelley drops Williams’ face in the corner.

Storm finally comes in and goes to work on Williams and takes out Magnus. Storm sends Williams out and DDT’s Magnus for a 2 count. Storm and Williams go at it in the ring after Magnus gets dumped to the floor. Storm backdrops Williams onto Magnus and the floor. Shelley runs the ropes and dives through Storm’s legs and the ropes, landing on the Brits on the floor. Storm and Williams come back in the ring. Magnus goes to attack from behind but Storm and Shelley double suplex him on top of Williams. Storm and Shelley do the Beer Money taunt. Magnus comes from behind and dumps Storm to the floor. Shelley fights Magnus coming in the ring. Storm comes back in and hits Eye of the Storm on Williams but Williams slides out. Storm goes for the superkick but gets blocked. Storm and Shelley hit Williams in the corner. Magnus comes in but he’s taken out. Shelley hits a foot stomp from the top on Williams and Storm covers for a 2 count.

Storm gets taken out and the Brits take control for a minute. Storm takes a sip of beer and comes back in to take out Williams. Shelley gets hit in the face and can’t see. Storm checks on Shelley but Shelley superkicks him. The Brits hit their finisher on Storm but he kicks out at 2. Shelley is outside of the ring as the Brits go at it. The hit each other and allow Shelley and Storm to hit a pair of superkicks. Shelley hits his move out of the corner for the pin and the win.

Winners: James Storm and Alex Shelley

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