TNA Star Calls Wrestler ‘Convicted Pedophile’

The former TNA(now Impact Wrestling) star Allysin Kay recently claimed on her Twitter account that she is pulling out of ‘Thunder or Blunder’ event that is set to take place on July 31 in Indianapolis.



Allysin Kay reveals the reason for her decision

She went on to reveal the reason for withdrawing from the event. She said that the promoter of the event is ‘defending convicted pedophile Joey Venom’. Kay said though an opportunity was given to the promoter, he continued to defend the convicted. Andrade Brings Fired WWE Star To AEW?

Here is what she wrote:

“I hate being put in this position, but I am pulling out of “Thunder or Blunder” on 7/31 in Indianapolis. It’s been brought to my attention that the promoter is defending convicted pedophile Joey Venom. I gave him an opportunity to explain and he continued to defend him.”

Kay further said that it hurts her that she would lose the money that was offered to her for the event but she would be “doing a disservice” if she had pulled out silently.

She urged fellow wrestlers if they feel uncomfortable they should not take the booking for that particular event.

Kay added:

“This is where we have to put our foot down if we want any real change. We can’t go back to how we were before, & that’s said knowing there’s still so much yet to be exposed

There is little justice in our legal system, but we CAN hold our own communities accountable. And we will.”

You can check out the Tweets below:

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