TNA Star Scolded by Officials/Wrestlers, Jeff Jarrett Update and More

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,



– Jeff Jarrett will be back on the road with TNA for live events beginning early 2010.

– People in TNA are still downplaying the importance of the January 4th rating. The hope is that the attention of going up against WWE and the publicity they’ve been getting will help the Thursday ratings at least. The company is expecting WWE to bring out Bret Hart on the 43th.

– TNA wrestler Jesse Neal was scolded by TNA officials and wrestlers for not putting his hands up to absorb the chair shot given to him at the TNA Final Resolution pay-per-view in the eight-man tag match. Some believe that Neal was trying to show how tough he was by taking the unprotected shot but chalk it up to a mistake by a young wrestler.

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