TNA Wrestler Asks for His Release?, Backstage News on Dixie Carter and More




– Word is that Homicide recently requested his release from TNA but was denied.

– Dixie Carter held a meeting at the recent iMPACT tapings to announce the new deal with Spike TV and threw a big party later that night. Dixie was praised by many for being more authoritative than ever at the recent tapings but also rubbed some people the wrong way during the meeting. Dixie gave a pep talk about how the in-ring work needed improving and some talents felt she was speaking out of turn because she’s never been in the ring and felt that she should have someone like an agent give that part of the talk. At the same time, some felt her intentions were good and her mission statement was basically that the veterans should work with the younger talents.

There’s a feeling in TNA that Dixie should put someone in charge of the wrestling side of TNA, a job that Jeff Jarrett was doing until he was sent home recently.

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