TNA Wrestler Highly Skeptical Of Sting Joining WWE

One TNA wrestler is ‘highly skeptical’ about the possibility of Sting joining World Wrestling Entertainment since the multi-time wrestling champion has openly expressed mistrust when it comes to working for Vince McMahon. Sting feels he has to be carried through matches, and he’s developed a level of trust with several TNA wrestlers.



Many people within the industry consider Sting to be absent minded in the squared circle. Wrestlers who have worked with him over the years have stated that he often forgets spots and has to be carried by his opponents.

TNA Wrestling officials have been quiet regarding Sting’s status. People often in the know of TNA’s wheelings and dealings say they are unaware of Sting re-signing with the company. However, it’s considered possible that he has re-signed with TNA since company president Dixie Carter is the main reason he has re-signed with the organization in the past. It’s become an annual joke within TNA that creative will be told to work on Sting’s retirement angle only to have Carter inform them that she signed him to a new one-year contract.

source: Pro Wrestling Torch

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