Tom Cruise Sounds Like Mike Tyson In Plane Video

Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has been witnessed in several daunting stunts. It has been noted that his recent stunt has made fans recall legendary pro boxer Mike Tyson. It is due to Cruise’s disturbing voice in the video.



Fans draw comparison between Tom Cruise and Mike Tyson

A video clip of Tom Cruise standing on a moving biplane and talking to the camera has been surfacing on social media. The video was originally recorded to be played at CinemaCon, an annual event held for the biggest film studios in the industry. The video was shot over a canyon in South Africa while Cruise was filming for the upcoming installment of the ‘Mission Impossible’ franchise.

As the video went viral, fans chimed in with their thoughts on the clip. From comparing his voice to Mike Tyson, to wondering how Tom Cruise is not dead, take a look at some of the fan reactions below:

“The noiiiiiseee, i thought he was Mike Tyson.” “He’s also 60 years old and still doing stuff like this!!”

“I’ve asked once before, and I’ll ask again: How in the hell is Tom Cruise not dead?”

“Lol. He’s 60 years old. What else does he have to be so cautious to live for. He’s done practically all there is to do.”

During a recent interview with NewsMax, ‘Iron Mike’ confirmed that he doesn’t plan on returning to the ring. He said:

“The boys want to fight with me for 100 million dollars, but I think I’ll never do something like that again. I wanted to do it the first time, just for fun, to have fun. Then some people took him to another level and only wanted him for financial reasons, so the fun was over.”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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