Tom Cruise & Taylor Swift Show Bombshell Revealed

Popular actor Tom Cruise was seemingly engaged in some risky business on Saturday as he was seen hitting up Taylor Swift’s London show. It has come to light that he attended the show after skipping his daughter’s high school graduation via TMZ.



Taylor Swift fans captured TC walking into Wembley Stadium for Night 2 of the show and checked out the clip, ’cause he’s got time for just about every fan he passes slowing down to say hello and take pics with excited fans. It is noted that he’s clearly the life of the party with big grin gleaming as he made his way toward what we imagine’s a swanky, private area to watch Taylor perform.

Meanwhile, Travis Kelce also pulled up to the show so, Tom’s in pretty impressive A-List company. While Tom’s listening to Taylor belt in London, he’s missed another major milestone for his daughter as Suri graduated from high school Friday.

Suri graduated from Laguardia High School on Friday and her mom Katie Holmes was in attendance to cheer her daughter their daughter on as she picked her diploma. Page Six also reported that Suri dropped the last name Cruise from the graduation program and went with Suri Noelle instead of her given name.

It is not surprising that Cruise didn’t make it to Suri’s big day the two have been estranged for a long time now and, he recently missed her 18th birthday too, also ’cause he was across the pond. Suri’s headed off to college in the fall she’s expected to attend the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

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