Tom Prichard Talks About The Shield, Seth Rollins’ Future And Dean Ambrose Being A Star

Dr. Tom Prichard appeared on The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast recently and spoke about who he thought would the breakout star of The Shield as well as Seth Rollins. Down below are the highlights.



Who did he see as the breakout star of The Shield:

When Ambrose got there he was the most unique of the three in my opinion. He had a mix of Terry Funk and Roddy Piper. He was the real deal, he never let you in on what he was thinking in the dressing room or in class he kept that mystery about him even though you knew he was working he didn’t tell you he was working.

Seth Rollins getting the spot of “The Future of the WWE”:

Rollins had that cocksure attitude because he knew he was good. He and Ambrose had their angle in FCW that was our top angle up until they went to the Performance Center. You knew that Roman Reigns was going to be great because he had the stock, he came from the stock they wanted. Now, the way it turned out from the business end of things how does Seth Rollins get in that position? Seth is a smart guy, Ambrose is a smart guy but I don’t know if he is as good a politician as Seth Rollins is and that is not taking anything away from Seth but you have to know how to play the game and you have to know who is running the game up there. Seth got in with the right people and he has talent and he has everything going for him. Ambrose I thought was very talented but there were some in FCW that didn’t think he had the look but all had the talent to be a top guy. They were high on Reigns from the start, Ambrose and Rollins were going to be bit players in FCW that was the take on them but as time went on and other factors came into play and The Shield came about.

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