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Tomasso Ciampa suffers legit injury during NXT Live Event, NXT Takeover: Chicago status in question?

Tomosso Ciampa

According to some reports, a tag team match was stopped abruptly during a recent NXT Live Event after Tomasso Ciampa, one-half of the former NXT Tag Team Champions DIY suffered a legit injury.

The Live Event was held just outside of Cincinnati, OH, and the news of the injury is being reported by many people who were in attendance for the event via Twitter. Though we are still awaiting an official confirmation from WWE.

Ciampa apparently suffered the damage during a tag team match against SAnitY members Eric Young and Alexander Wolfe, where he was wrestling with his partner, Johnny Gargano.

The injury spot is said to be a suicide dive Ciampa did on Young and Wolfe, during which he allegedly hurt his leg and then was taken backstage for medical assistance.

No further details on the injury is known yet but it’s been reported that the referee threw an “X” sign after the injury, which is the standard way for WWE Officials to tell about a legit injury to backstage persons.

It’s worth noticing that DIY is currently scheduled to challenge the Authors of Pain in a ladder match for the NXT Tag Team Championships this Saturday during NXT Takeover: Chicago.

So if his injury turns out to be even a bit serious, it’s highly likely that he may not be able to compete at the upcoming Takeover event. We’ll keep you posted on the situation as new details come to light.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I second this idea. It could be a good way to give them both something to do for a while until their tag partners heal up. Could even go long term into a 4 man stable when everyone’s healthy, too… with the inevitable breakup leading to one more epic match between the teams.

  • David Wells

    Have Gargano team with the healthy Revival member!

  • MrDr3w

    I thought Nigel McGuinness had retired from in-ring competition…?

  • M

    That isn’t Desmond Wolfe, it’s Alexander Wolfe.