Tommaso Ciampa gives details on his neck injury



Shortly after giving a bleak update on his condition, Tommaso Ciampa opened up about his neck injury in a new video from WWE Performance Center’s YouTube channel.

If you are unaware, Ciampa had to undergo surgery due to his neck injury which put him on the sidelines. He even had to relinquish the NXT title.

In the video, which details Ciampa’s injury, mentions how he started feeling a stinging pain in his neck and he didn’t know if it would be serious initially.

As the pain continued to intensify, Ciampa was also unable to use his fingers properly, experiencing numbness and pain. Two fingers of his left hand were not opening up properly and his entire arm would get shaky if he tried to open them.

Ciampa reveals that he was unable to pass the physical exam after his Raw and SmackDown debut. And this was the time he realized he has to get surgery and cannot keep tolerating the pain, because a bad bump would mean game over. He was told that he is on borrowed time.

This meant he had to give up his championship and plans of him going against Johnny Gargano at NXT TakeOver: New York were called off, as a choked-up Triple H revealed.

The second half of the video shows Ciampa’s real-life journey, with his wife and their baby daughter, this is where Ciampa completely opens up and shows a softer side. He even reacted to that portion of the video, saying “Welp, there goes all my heat. It was a hell of a run.”

The video is pretty touching and shows a different side of Ciampa, it’s worth checking out. On that note, we wish Ciampa a speedy recovery.

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