Tommy Dreamer on House Of Hardcore’s popularity

The House of Hardcore is a rising sensation in pro wrestling. Tommy Dreamer’s incarnation has seemed to catch fire and at this point, the promotion is putting on shows all over the world.



Still Real To Us recently spoke to The Innovator of Violence where he opened up about why he thinks his project has taken off in such an amazing way.

“For me, I want to show wrestling fans a variety. Something different. When you think about wrestling–there really is only one wrestling organization as opposed to baseball where there’s 30. The same goes for football, hockey or basketball. But you know what? They are all still playing the same game.” He elaborated, “I just want to show people my crazy vision of professional wrestling. We are coming up on House of Hardcore 34, 35 and 36. I’m enjoying this. I have now dedicated my life to doing it because I love it. The fans have been really, really appreciative of it. Now it’s also a business. I’m building a brand for it.”

Thanks to Still Real To Us for the quotes in this article

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