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Tommy Dreamer reveals WWE offered him big money to shut down House Of Hardcore

Tommy Dreamer

While WWE doesn’t really need to, they still try to end their competition and the latest example of it is Tommy Dreamer revealing that the company offered him a good amount of money for closing his promotion.

Dreamer had a run with WWE back in 2015 where he along with some other hardcore legends originally known for their ECW stint teamed up for a feud against the Wyatt Family.

And according to the wrestling legend, after the feud, the Officials offered him a longer contract and a lot of money to shut down his indie promotion:

WWE asked me to sign a contract when I went back with the Wyatts, They offered me a lot of money to close House of Hardcore and I refused.

This is not the only case where WWE is seen trying to do everything they can to take care of their competition as recently it was reported that they have been trying to stop ROH from running their planed MSG show. Though fortunately for the indie promotion, it doesn’t look like they succeeded in their quest.

  • Fredrick

    I bet they offered him way more than any one else would offer him… But Vince is evil lol

  • Batman Barry

    And this is why wrestling is in the states it’s in wwe has to much power and aren’t challenged enough their shows been stale since 2003. When wcw ended Vince’s ego got out of control and it all went downhill