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Toni Storm’ deletes social media accounts following private photos leaked, Paige and others offer support

After a leak of her private photos online, WWE women’s star Toni Storm has received an outpouring of support from fans and colleagues.

Following the leak, the 23-year-old Kiwi deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts leading to fans creating the hashtag #WeSupportToni.

Numerous came out in support of Storm, including Paige, who was victim of a similar hacking in 2017. She said the following:

“It’s gonna be hard and people are gonna be mean because they don’t understand. But you’re a strong, talented woman. You’ll get through this.”

A number of other wrestlers lent their support including Tyler Bate, Alexa Bliss and Mia Yim. NXT announcer Mauro Ranallo also expressed his anger at the situation:

Toni Storm is an amazing performer and more importantly, a good person. I am sickened by what she has had to endure. The harassment and invasion of privacy in our society needs to stop.”

  • Keith Learmonth

    She probably has a boyfriend (or girlfriend) in Australia, or England, and sends these to him or her while she’s overseas for weeks at a time. It’s pretty typical behaviour for people who can’t always be in the same place.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Given that Apple has access to your credit card information if you’ve ever bought something off their store, it should be concerning to everyone that the company’s servers are hacked so regularly and easily.

  • Keith Learmonth

    The only real problem here is that those videos were made with the intention of likely only ever being seen by herself and probably her partner. They were stolen and distributed without consent. That’s why it’s a big deal.

    Outside of that though, I do agree with your points, and I feel like this should not hurt her career in any way.

  • Mizzledizzle

    Why is everyone making such aa big deal about this? So she masturbates…who doesn’t? Oh yeah nobody!

    If HBK could do his playgirl spread and still be considered the GOAT (there’s no doubt about that), then Toni is going to be just fine, she’s like a breath of fresh air to women’s wrestling…

  • Dirt McGirt

    It never fails to astonish me that people go to such lengths to protect their identity, passwords, credit card information, but take private pics, leave them on their phone, upload it to a cloud, send it to people they shouldn’t trust, what have you, and then freak out when they get leaked. You can change passwords, you can recover credit scores, but once your kooch is out on the net, it’s there to stay.

  • Rinn13

    People should not be harassing or hacking accounts.

    But it’s also pretty damn stupid to keep trashy lewd/nude photos on your phone.

    Such is the gross era we live in.

  • AmishPatel

    Just one of those things. It was initially picked up by outlets on January 3 and we’ve reported it a few days later. It’s been feedback.

    The comments around writer feedback and ‘news’ as opposed to rumors/speculation have also been passed on. Some of that I will take the blame for though as I do encourage those types of post from time to time if they are from the F4W radio show for example or decent sources are making claims.

    Have to remember wrestling is a work, not everything we always report will be pure ‘news’ otherwise there wouldn’t be that much on the site.

    In terms of ‘rudeness’ – would appreciate if you can let me know whom and when as that shouldn’t be happening.

  • CC

    Yes but how could anyone miss this story? As I say, this was reported on pretty much all the big news outlets yet a story goes up on here saying pretty much the same thing that has been said before with regards to who has signed with AEW for instance.

    As I say, I understand your issues with time and money, but some of the stories on here do not need posting and if they were not posted, maybe we could actually get the proper news stories.

    I have been coming to this site for god knows how many years, and for the most part it has been great, but it seems that certain contributors here offer a lot less than others.

    Greg Bush for instance always remains professional, and will be the first to admit his mistakes if he makes them, and usually puts out decent articles.
    Other people are outright rude or put out articles full of errors or articles with absolutely nothing new in them seemingly to just post something.

  • AmishPatel

    The speed of delivery is a fair challenge tbh and I’ll try my best to answer. First, we are still coming out of the holiday period so news has been slow and writers have therefore been on breaks so the coverage isn’t as vast as it would normally be, not to mention we have writers in different areas of the world so sometimes things can slip under the cracks. On average, I’d say we do a brilliant job of covering a whole raft of news and get to it pretty quickly – noted that things like this occasionally will be a bit slower but they will get added. Another challenge, which I have relayed to you guys before, is budget. The site makes a certain amount of month and I have around 6-7 writers who contribute as-and-when they can and will be paid. Frankly, I can’t afford to have anymore and what I can pay will get me a certain quality of writer also.

    A bit detailed but I think it’s fair for people to know the circumstances we operate in. I’ve kept this site going for 19 years now and it’s at a point where I barely see a penny from it, however I want to keep it going as we have a loyal fan base, including yourself I’d hope, and I appreciate that more than words can say.

    I’m always open to constructive criticism but do think that sometimes people need to be aware of the limitations. If people would like to contribute with writing on a contributory basis I’d always be open to that but I doubt I’d have many takers 🙂

  • CC

    This story is what, 3 days old and you are finally reporting it.
    No offense to you Amish as it is your site and you are not a main contributor, but contributors like Harrison are posting non stories with no actual new info in them instead of stories like this.
    What is weird about them totally missing this is that this story is not just being covered by wrestling media, it is being covered by mainstream media outlets all over the world, so how did they miss it?