Tony Atlas/WWE Update, More WWE DVD Updates, Pretty Ricky News

Partial source: PW Torch



– SmackDown wrestler R-Truth’s “Pretty Ricky” persona was apparently inspired by a character actor Martin Lawrence played in the 1999 action comedy film Blue Streak.

– The Wrestlemania: 25th Anniversary three-disc DVD set tops this week’s Recreational Sports DVD video sales chart on Billboard. Four weeks into its release, the Macho Madness: The Randy Savage Ultimate Collection DVD set is still hanging on as it finished in second place. In an interesting note, the 2007 release, John Cena: My Life, shot up out of nowhere to No. 3.

– Internally, it is believed that Tony Atlas is on his way out of WWE. Many feel he was solely brought back a year ago as a favor because he was dealing with some financial issues. There is hope that the WWE Hall of Famer saved the money he made during his latest run, not to mention use the television exposure he received over the past year to generate more bookings on the independent circuit.

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