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Tony Khan apparently taking charge of AEW creative

Many things go on in AEW backstage. Since the start of this year, Tony Khan has apparently become more involved with AEW creative.

According to a report by PW Insider, Tony Khan “laid out” the tag team battle royal match on this week’s Dynamite. Fans certainly loved the match, especially the final moments. It was added that the Young Bucks, BJ Whitmer and QT Marshall provided help in making plans for the match.

Khan also apparently came up with the idea of Sammy Guevara holding up cue cards during commercial breaks. Now it has become a staple for the show.

It was also said that Khan wanted the lights to go out during Darby Allin’s return this past week on Dynamite. Allin received a huge pop and the factor of surprise caused by the darkness might have helped with that.

  • Luke

    Of course this won’t be good. Khan has absolutely no experience in running, booking or producing a wrestling show. Cody might have been booking himself as the star but at least he will have learned the basics of booking from his father. Khan is no more qualified to run a wrestling show than any other fan.

  • Dub Blue

    So not only is AEW an Elite vanity project, it has now become a Khan vanity project as well. How long before the Bucks have a rain of terror ala Triple H and anytime ratings slip, they put Khan on TV to pop a rating?

  • CC

    The only problem I foresee is he will still be swayed by the Elite guys due to them still holding positions within the management heirarchy.
    Just look at the winners of said tag team match, and the fact we now have Elite members vs Elite members for the tag belts.

  • Keith Learmonth

    So, he’s going full Dixie, then?

    Seriously, though, this -might- be good. Wrestlers should never be in charge of booking shows they’re wrestling on.