Tony Khan ‘Cryptic’ Brock Lesnar AEW Remark Leaks

Is Brock Lesnar going to become ‘The Beast’ of AEW? Boston area radio personality JJ Smith attempted to give a little bit of clarification regarding the AEW Brock Lesnar signing rumors and if Lesnar is going to show up at AEW Revolution this Sunday. He made the following remark. “Tony Khan was asked about Brock Lesnar in September & couldn’t comment on negotiations. I still personally think it’s Punk, especially since they changed the ladder match to grabbing a literal brass ring. “Grabbing the brass ring”, popularized by Punk.” AEW reacted to the news of Brock Lesnar potentially going to AEW.



However, a lot of wrestling fans are holding tempered expectations regarding the anticipated signing. On the Squared Circle subreddit, one fan and user by the name of bman_330et talked about the those tempered expectations.

“I feel like alot of people are getting way too hyped up for someone like Punk, Lesnar or Cena when to me it seems obvious they’re hiring a legend who’s going to come in as a coach/manager like Taz or Arn Anderson. Even the fact they have Paul Wight making this big announcement seems that way. Wight is the new announcer for Elevation which sounds like is basically going to be AEW’s development show.”

The fan continued: “You gotta build the show up with some big names and getting someone like RVD, Christian or more than likely Kurt Angle as a reoccurring character will draw some eyeballs to it. To me I think alot of people just went head first into full hype mode with unrealistic expectations. I’m sure people are gonna be upset it won’t be a big full time name but it might end up being a good signing to build some younger talent up in the wrong run.” A WWE star just pitched Brock Lesnar vs. The Miz.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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