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Tony Khan on if AEW is looking for direct competition with WWE

Tony Khan AEW President

Saturday night’s Double or Nothing event by All Elite Wrestling was a massive success that took the wrestling world by storm. AEW’s president Tony Khan spoke about a number of topics in a press conference held after the event.

Below are some highlights from the conference, transcribed by

Khan gave his thoughts if AEW is looking for direct competition with WWE. He said that all they’re looking to do is to give the best show that anyone’s ever given, and that’s their only concern.

“You know what’s funny is seeing people say that there’s a party line, like we need to have a ‘company line’. We don’t. Everybody’s trying to get something out of this. We all just want to do the best show. If any of us – if the competition feuds our fire, that’s great. For me, I’m just trying to do the best show possible. I’m not really thinking about their shows. I hope their shows are great, because the best time for wrestling, everybody was doing great stuff. There was a time 20 years ago where all the shows were great. Well, maybe 21 years ago more so than 20 years ago. 1998 was a great year. I think we can get there again. I’m so excited for when we get to weekly. We’ve done a show that we can hang our hat on. We’ve done one of the great wrestling PPVs. But I’m really excited for getting to weekly because it’s going to be a better quality of life. The work is going to be better than it’s ever been. You’re going to be able to watch a lot of wrestling, and it’s not going to be a chore either. It’s going to be fun, so I’m excited.”

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He also talked about his love of wrestling and how it will help him manage the company. He says that by understanding what a fan wants, (because he is one himself) he will be able to work with the wrestlers and bring a product that their audience wants to see.

“By loving wrestling and watching a lot of wrestling, I think it is going to help. By understanding what a fan wants to see, from top to bottom – I feel like today I was able to go sit with the guys, and everyone had great opinions on what was going to make this a great show. That’s what makes this such a . great collaborate process with the group we have, for booking, because we communicate really well. I think I offer a different perspective, not just as a fan but as a businessman too. It’s a little bit different from what the guys’ experience is. There’s great synergy. As a group, not just the top executives, but the whole roster and everybody together – the whole is great than the sum of its parts. We all bring something different.”

What happened after the cameras went off on Double or Nothing?

  • Rinn13

    I get what he thinks he’s referring to. But frankly, no, during the Attitude Era, the “Big Two” were not both putting on great shows. WWF during that era was not as great as people seem to want to remember: rife with BS “Bra & Panties” and “Hardcore” matches, and overlong comedy skits, and in-ring promos that could literally take 15 to 20 minutes, literal 2-3 minute matches being the norm, non-stop idiotic character gimmicks like Beaver Cleavage, Val Venis, Sable, etc.

    And during that same span, WCW was an outright mess, with no real leadership or direction, the inmates running the asylum, storylines changing every other show, etc.

    Looking back with an actual, clear and critical eye, no, the so-called “Attitude Era” was not the greatest wrestling era ever. Frankly, it wasn’t even all that good, wrestling-wise. And that’s coming from someone who watched religiously back then.

    The 80s “Golden Age” and early 90s “New Generation” eras were much better, IMO, even though they had their own problems.