Tony Khan reacts to AEW Fyter Fest vs. WWE NXT Great American Bash ratings feedback

The CEO and President of All Elite Wrestling, Tony Khan, replaced Chris Jericho as the public figure reacting to the feedback on social media to WWE once again defeating AEW in the weekly “Wednesday Night Wars” ratings battle, as the NXT Great American Bash night two show defeat the second installment of AEW Fyter Fest after coming out on top in week one as well.



Much like “Le Champion” pointed to the coveted key demographic numbers being in AEW’s favor as evidence that they quietly won where it counts in terms of advertisers, the AEW boss-man behind-the-scenes took to the forefront on Twitter with statements defending AEW as the true winner in the ratings battle.

Featured below are the comments that Tony Khan made in response to the feedback he had been reading about NXT Great American Bash out-drawing AEW Fyter Fest once again this week for the “night two” overall viewership on Wednesday, July 8th.

On his initial reaction to the ratings and the wrestling fans interpretation of them:

“If anyone thinks I consider being a top 7 show on cable anything but a huge win, they’re incorrect. A win in the demo is a win in the business, and this is a business. I know the industry wasn’t talking about the demo as much 20 years ago, but it’s what drives our revenue today.”

On the importance of key demos and an explanation of the chart pictured below:

“Here’s the chart the industry uses to analyze performance. The leftmost color-coded column is 18-49 demo. The rightmost color-coded column is total viewers. The chart’s ranked by 18-49 viewers. We love & value all viewers, in or outside that demo, but that’s how we score the game.”

On why he is thrilled with the numbers for AEW FYTER FEST:

“Why tweet about ratings? Because I’m thrilled about these numbers [and] so are TNT. My family drinks A Little Bit of the Bubbly (Chris’s actual brand) on Thursdays when we’re in the top 10, this is the 3rd time in 4 weeks [and] I’m grateful for the great AEW fans that make it possible!”

Check out the trio of tweets below from AEW President Tony Khan reacting to the ratings and the response from the fans to the viewership battle between AEW FYTER FEST and NXT Great American Bash.

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Matt Boone
Matt Boone
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