Tony Nese makes his return to 205 Live

On December 26th, Tony Nese returned to 205 Live. After a video package showing the beat down Nese received from the Zo Train, the Premier Athlete said that he seems conflicted. On one hand, he wants to tear into Gullak, Daivari and Amore. On the other, he hasn’t been in the spotlight or had as much money as he’s had since joining Enzo’s group.



Akira Tozawa would appear behind Nese, asking if he’s “on the train or off the train.” Irritated, he would catch Tozawa with a shot to the jaw, laying him out. The two would have a match following their backstage segment. During his entrance, Tony Abs would count his abs, claiming that they are the eight reasons why he’s better than the WWE Universe. Nese would pick up the win after hitting Tozawa with the Running Kneese for the three.

It looks like Tony is back to his winning ways. As far as the Zo Train goes, it seems that he’s buried the hatchet with Enzo and the rest of the group, and has rejoined.

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