Top Dolla Sad SmackDown Botch Video Leaks

Top Dolla botched a dive on WWE SmackDown, as seen in a video below. Fortunately, SmackDown will soon see a major return. Some may say it’s ten years too late. Others may say it needs to happen and happen quickly. Whichever side of the fence you may find yourself sitting on, Johnny C, or the Dr. of Thugganomics, or plain old John Cena, the man who spewed “ruthless aggression” in a in-ring sales pitch for WW’E’s early 2000’s slogan, is heading back to WWE. It happens December 30th – the final Smackdown of the year. The question remains, will Johnny C end up showing up in AEW at some time in the near future? Personally, I don’t think he has the “Hulk Hogan” level of bravado in him to jump ship to the rival company. But then again, no one thought Bret Hart would jump ship to WCW either. Who knows. 

As per Ringside News, John Cena is coming back for… one episode of SmackDown on December 30th, the final episode of the long running television series of the year. His appearance has driven much needed ticket sales, and WWE wants to milk Cena’s appearance for all its worth.

Sean Sapp (yes, that’s his name) reported behind Fightful’s paywall that there are “discussions within WWE and even plans to integrate John Cena into upcoming episodes of Smackdown even before he arrives.” It was also noted that, “some of the discussions included a “video presence” of some sort, but the extent of that wasn’t known.”

It has been confirmed by WWE sources that one of several things that are being teased to hype the Smackdown show is that Cena’s appearance is to be promoted heavily over the next two weeks. The December 30 show will be a “must watch.”



John Cena has a busy schedule with his “Hollywood” commitments, and so his big WWE return may only be short-lived. 

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