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Top Female Superstar turns heel at Monday Night RAW

After defeating Ember Moon on RAW, Nia Jax was celebrating her victory in the ring when the music hit and out came Tamina. The two Samoan Superstars faced off in the ring before Tamina attacked the already beat-up Ember Moon.

Soon after this, Nia Jax ordered Tamina to turn Ember over and landed a vicious elbow drop on the helpless Moon. This basically confirmed that Jax has joined forces with her fellow Samoan Power-house Tamina and is officially a heel.

  • D_Ohm

    I was expecting her to turn on Ronda at Survivor Series. Becky would get a win over Ronda without Ronda looking weak, and it would set up Nia vs Ronda better.

  • Wicka Steve

    Guess that means I won, since you can’t defend your position. For the record, I’m not saying you can’t like her, I’m just asking what there is to like.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Eff off

  • Wicka Steve

    One person liking her does not mean she’s over. There are some people that boo Becky, but the majority cheer her, which means she’s over as a face. Also, what’s there to like? Her extremely limited move set? Her poor mic skills? Her severely limited mobility? Her ugly ring attire?

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Speak for yourself I love Nia

  • Wicka Steve

    A turn only works if people care and it makes sense. No one cares about Nia, she is not over as a face and the turn made no sense. Tamina switches brands with no explanation and then just starts getting in Nia’s face? That’s a story? Maybe if the announcers had mentioned again and again how they were cousins, but that didn’t happen. Nia started the year as a heel, turned face, was heel against Ronda the first time, then face, now heel again. Nia is officially the female Big Show.

  • CC

    She never should have been turned face in the first place.
    The main problem with her face turn is it was all based around bullying and how she was a victim etc, and guess what, she is now a bully.