Top NWA Star seemingly criticizes WWE’s decision to rename NXT Women’s Championship

WWE recently removed the term “Women’s” from the NXT Women’s Championship. Now, the title is just called the “NXT Championship”.



This decision by WWE has received mixed reactions from people all around the Wrestling community.

One of the top faces in NWA right now, Kamille, took to her Twitter handle to seemingly criticize this decision by the WWE. Kamille didn’t name any names but the message she sent was clear as the day.

Here’s what Kamille had to say in her tweet:

“Empowerment” isn’t taking away something. It’s embracing& showing off differences. Being comfortable in who you are and what you have to offer. We are different. It is a good thing. I am a WOMAN. It isn’t a bad word. Stop acting like taking that away gives us equality or power.



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