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Top NXT star debuts on SmackDown Live

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  • CC

    I do not know what the reason for bringing most of them up are if they have no idea what to do with them.
    The Shield guys are possibly the only guys to be brought up with a 100% plan and have had huge success both as part of the team and as singles stars.
    In the womens division, only Charlotte has managed to maintain any kind of momentum as well.

  • Mike the Ike

    Agreed. WWE has close to 60 wrestlers on the main roster that have come through NXT and very little to show. Almost every tag team to be brought up WWE has bungled with the slight exception of Harper and Rowan, who dominated during the first run of the Wyatt Family, yet only captured tag gold for the first time four years later. WWE signed Kenta, arguably their biggest signing ever and he’s not even featured most weeks on 205 Live.

  • Soulshroude

    WWE is still struggling and scrambling for idea’s. This is the best they could come up with on short notice, yeah.

  • CC

    Yeah its nice to give her the closest thing she will get to a home town pop on TV, but why did it have to be in a match like this? Surely she could have come out and had a match with one of the other females as all they got was to stand in the ring and have a little squabble.

    NXT wrestlers should be only coming up to the main roster when WWE actually have a proper plan for them. Annoyingly I think there are more NXT failures on the main roster than there are successes. And even some of those who initially had success have had the ball dropped with them since.

  • Soulshroude

    Agreed. Why would they call up a women what with the “evolution” project going on and discredit an Smackdown debut from NXT with a quick submission?

  • CC

    Not 100% sure if this is her actual call up or just an excuse to get her on the card in the UK.
    The minute she came out you knew she was gonna lose as WWE are not gonna have Becky lose coming up to Survivor series.

    Still, with the way Sanity has been treated, is it any surprise she lost as well.