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RAW Superstar unhappy with being left out of Survivor Series

Heath Slater has been a regular on WWE TV for years now. The One Man Band has had a career full of highs and lows but he’s entertained his fans in any and all circumstances.

Slater and his tag team partner Rhyno were left out of the 10-Team Survivor Series Elimination match on Sunday. This didn’t sit well with Slater who took to his Instagram account to express his displeasure.

Slater pointed out that he and Rhyno, the first ever SmackDown Tag-Team Champions, were team captains just two years ago and today, they’re not even on the team.


  • CC

    I would not say the majority of them teams are disbanded or injured. Of
    the Raw team, all of those teams are still going (and on this years
    card) with the exception of Enzo and Cass.
    Yes, the Smackdown team only has two teams left currently active. But with every single other person on that team still being with the company, regardless of injury or position, why should Slater be happy? Is he earning any money from not appearing on the PPV where as a team like The Colons (who everyone forgot was even employed) makes it just because they are on the show that has less teams?

    PPVs offer bigger money, and he won’t be getting any of that.

    It amazes me when people have attitudes like this towards wrestlers just because they do not care for them. And these are the same people that get annoyed when their favourites like Rusev do not get a spot on the PPV.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I like Heath Slater, but he’s a midcard jobber, not a top Raw superstar.

  • Rinn13

    While I’ve never been a huge Slater fan, that is the same BS logic people employ to any WWE wrestler that doesn’t get used. “Oh they should just be happy to be employed there at all.”

    People don’t usually get into wrestling to sit around collecting a paycheck and not actually do much. Though there certainly are many wrestlers who are still sticking around WWE rosters over the last decade who do just that, and likely use precisely that lame justification “Hey man, I may not be wrestling much, but at least I’m working for WWE”.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    Top raw star? Clickbait much?

  • #irrelevant #sucks #howdoeshestillhaveajob

  • Sparti Love

    A majority of those teams are either disbanded, terminated or injured… He should just be happy to still be employed so he can feed his kids